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Archive: January 22nd, 2009

January 22, 2009: Digging the hole for the tower – foundation work

  Today they dug the hole for the big tower.  The hole had to be seven feet deep!  That is a pretty big hole.  I believe they are going to pour the concrete for the tower on Saturday.  Not sure when they will actually put the tower up.  The concrete needs to dry.  That might take a week or so?  Not 100% sure on that!

  They continued to work on the foundation today.  Looks like everything is coming along nicely.

  Satellite was hooked up – so at least I have The Weather Channel and news to watch!

  Everyone should pay attention to the forecast.  A major winter storm could hit the region next week.

  This mornings email that I sent out to state and local agencies:


January 22, 2009

Wintry precipitation – medium confidence

Time Period:
Monday night into Wednesday

An extended period of precipitation is possible starting Monday night and continuing on and off through Wednesday.  Not all of the precipitation will be frozen, however,

The main threat for winter precipitation will come on Monday night into Wednesday morning.  A mixture of freezing rain, sleet, and snow will be possible across the four state area.  At this time the rain/snow line appears to cross portions of Tennessee and Kentucky.  If this is indeed the case then it could be a situation where Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois receive more frozen precipitation and portions of Kentucky and Tennessee will be more rain.  This storm is still four days way – so it is way to early to make a call on where the 32 degree line will be located.

At this time it does appear that precipitation amounts will likely be greater than 0.25".  Some of the latest data actually shows melted totals greater than 1/2" (even 1" in Tennessee).  That is melted precipitation (1" of melted equals 10 inches of snow – normally – 1/2" of ice is considered a major ice storm).  If this precipitation is all frozen then that would be a significant winter storm for our area.

Latest guidance shows temperatures falling on Wednesday.  This is in front of another storm system that will develop later next week.  At this time that appears to be rain.  A bit early to be making that call, though.

Beau Dodson





Starting to dig the tower hole


Tower hole digging 🙂


Starting to dig the hole for the tower.




Tower will go here!


Starting to put down the forms for the concrete – foundation work.


It is coming along.  The garage will go here along with the tornado shelter and laundry room.


That would be the first floor of the house – eventually.  🙂  Guest room – library – kitchen – living room – dining