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Archive: January 27th, 2009

January 27, 2009: Ice Storm 3 PM Catastrophic damage

  Most ice I have ever witnessed here.  Trees and tree limbs are falling all over the county.  Large branches are hitting our house.  We can hear crashes every minute now – branches breaking and falling over the neighborhood.









January 27, 2009: Starting to have damage here

  We lost one window.  Tree branch.  Power is going on and off.  Comcast internet is gone.  We have aircard only.  Freezing rain continues.  We can hearing popping noises everywhere.  We can hear loud humming and transformer explosions.  It is getting bad.

  The precip should end on Wednesday afternoon – snow by then.  Freezing rain and ice from now and through the night tonight (Tuesday night).  This is going to get nasty unless we warm up a degree or two).




January 27, 2009: 7 AM – Update from Lone Oak, KY

  Ice storm continues.  I am expecting the ice accumulation to double in the next 18 hours.  Our temperature is falling.  We expect major major damage in our county and others.  Looking bad for this neighborhood.  We are already getting tree limbs falling and transformers blowing.  So far we have power.  It has gone on and off.

  We have recorded 1.55" melted precip and around 1/2" of ice.



Some pics I just took






January 27, 2009: 3 AM – Ice Storm

  We are starting to get limbs breaking here in Lone Oak.  We can hear them outside.  Power outages across the region.  Freezing rain continues.  We have one tree leaning over the house.  Don’t see this ending well for us.  Freezing rain is forecast to continue into tonight.   We have at least another 12-18 hours to go.

This photo is from 1 AM



4 AM


5 AM

January 26, 2009: Ice storm.

  A major ice storm is going to hit the region.  it appears that some counties will have major damage to trees and power lines.  I believe Paducah will see 1/2" of freezing rain – 1-3 inches of sleet and 1-3 inches of snow.  Looks like a bad one.  Some counties could see more than 1" of freezing rain.  Hoping that the temperature will rise just enough to change everything to plain rain along the KY/TN border.  If not then they will see major damage.

  Time will tell.

  I didn’t make it up to the farm today.  Had to work on weather stuff.  Tony went up there and met with the plumber and Kelly.  Looks like they are pouring the concrete foundation for the garage and porches.

  Tony took a few photos…


Pouring foundation support for the porches.