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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » February 7, 2009: Life is getting back to normal – for some
Sunday, February 8th, 2009

February 7, 2009: Life is getting back to normal – for some

  Well, this is day 10 or 11 for some people to be without power.  Pretty amazing.  It looks like some areas are still 2-4 weeks away from getting power restored.

  We are thankful that we have power here in Lone Oak.  Most people at least have power.  We have seen a number of houses with signs in their front yard that say "NO POWER".  I guess they are trying to alert electric crews.

  We are getting some backup internet here at our place.  Hughes Internet is supposed to be here Monday to install a backup satellite receiver.  This will ensure that we will at least stay up during any spring severe weather outbreaks.  We are also installing DSL through Bell South.  So, we will have two backup systems.

  Once we get the farm built we will have two or three backup internet services.  That and a large Guardian Generator should keep us going for days on end.  No down time would be expected.  Unless we take some sort of direct hit from a tornado.  We are building a FEMA shelter for that potential.  So, I think we will be safe on all sides!

  Speaking of the farm – it looks like we have been shut down for at least a few weeks.  We are going on week two – it looks like it will at least be another week.  It also appears we are about to enter a VERY active weather pattern.  There will be rain chances every two or three days from now until the forseeable future.  We could also face some winter precipitation threats after this week.  Stay tuned.

  So far we are out about $10,000 from this ice storm.  Not sure of the total costs – we are still figuring that out.  All of our properties – insured and uninsured – our damage and our tenants damage would be a MUCH higher number.  Thankfully not all of the damage is our responsibility.  Tentants are supposed to have insurance on their cars and other.  It has been an expensive disaster for a lot of people.  Billions.

  Tens of thousands remain without power tonight across Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky.  So far 30 people in the State of Kentucky have been killed because of the ice storm.  Hundreds injured.

  Our next weather maker will bring high winds on Monday (we had 40 mph winds today).  Rain chances will enter the region on Monday night and Tuesday morning.  Thunderstorms will be possible on Wednesday and rain chances will return next Friday and Saturday.  Another storm is expected by the following Tuesday or Wednesday.  Uncertain as to whether that will be rain-snow or ice.  Too far out.

  Some more photos that I took during the ice storm


Paducah, KY


Paducah, KY


Paducah, KY


Paducah, KY


Mayfield, KY


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