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Archive: April 2nd, 2009

April 2, 2009: KABOOOM – Thunderstorms

  Well, today was a very long day.  I didn’t fall asleep until around 4 am.  Guess my mind was on the house and storms.  I woke up around 8 am and put together the morning forecast.  Had updates through the day.  Can’t say the forecast didn’t pan out exactly as was expected.  I knew instability would be a concern and I figured the most severe weather would be south and east of the area.  However, I also went with some severe weather in our counties.  In the end golfball size hail fell in South IL and hail with tornado warnings were issued in Kentucky and Tennessee.  Thankfully I have not seen or heard of any major damage in our forecast area.


Brian Brush took this video of the storm – wall cloud as it passed near Joey’s house in Calloway County, Kentucky

Brian Brush video – screen capture – April 2, 2009 – Calloway County, Kentucky


  Areas south and east of us were not so lucky.  Nashville had tornado damage.  Many other towns did, as well.  Several tornadoes were reported by the NWS.  A wall cloud went over Joey’s house.  We watched it on radar and he called his dad.  Reports that the trees were bending hard.  So, winds were probably greater than 50 mph.

  The severe weather threat did not end until 9 PM.  So it was a very very very long day of covering radar and the radios.  It is more consuming that anything.  You have to watch a whole lot of data in a short amount of time.  Spotter reports, real data from weather stations, warnings, watches, OEM locations, concern over school districts and when they let out.  Lot riding on the forecast. 

  It is always hard to forecast severe weather, as well, because one county can have an EF4 tornado and then one county away will have no damage at all.  So, it makes it hard to convey the threat to everyone.  Especially when there are so many storm system.

  On that note…

  The next storm will approach the region on Sunday.  I am expecting thunderstorms to form near the region.  Once again there are questions remaining on how much moisture develops.  Can we get a good return flow off the Gulf of Mexico?  If so can we get a bit of CAPE or intability to work with?  Those are the questions.  I expect a slight risk for severe weather to be issued, once again, by the Storm Prediction Center.  Stay tuned – as always

  More severe weather is possible on Thursday.  Busy busy busy!

  Going to the farm tomorrow.  Jason is also working on my radios in the car – OEM radios – and computer equipment.

  I am tired…so that is it for me.  Time to go to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  We do it all over again on Sunday and next week.


Todays severe weather map



Also, good new from Kristy and Lucy down in Florida!!!!

Lucy received honorable mention in a doggy contest (I know she knows she isn’t a dog – but she plays the part well).