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Archive: April 7th, 2009

April 7, 2009: Storm survey – instrument shelter – roof going up on house

  Here is some information on photographs from the storm that hit our region on Sunday.  I don’t believe an official survey will be released.  I pulled together these radar images and photographs (sent from two of our storm spotters and rescue members).  


  Some decent damage from that storm.  Twelve injuries, as well.

  I put the instrument shelter up today.  My friend David Brown, from Canada, is giving me some tips on how to place the thermometers and other.  What is funny is that when I was a little kid I built a little weather shelter out of some broken plywood – nailed together – four pieces or so lol – it didn’t have a door or anything like that.  It was just a little wooden box!  I stuck one of those cheap Wal-Mart thermometers in the back of it.  Who would have thought that I would eventually have some real weather instruments up on my old family farm.  For that matter who would have thought I would get the family farm back!!!

  Hoping to get the shelter legs in concrete soon – I have it tied down with some wire and trailer "tie downs" – pretty deep into the ground.  Unfortunately, the weather is going downhill, again.  It appears that supercells and/or severe thunderstorms will be possible late Thursday night and Friday morning.  Some of the latest data indicates high CAPE values (instability) betwee 6 AM and 4 PM on Friday.  There could be tornadoes.  Stay tuned.

  More heavy weather is possible on Easter Sunday into Monday.  Heavy rain could be the biggest threat.  The rivers are starting to rise.  That is becoming a bigger concern with each passing storm system.  The wild weather continues.

  It looks like they have the roof going up on the second floor of the house – over the garage today.  They will likely start on the rest in the coming days.  Hopefully they can get everything in the dry fairly soon.  The wet weather is not going to help anyone. 

  Some photos from today…


Digging the hold for the instrument shelter.  It needs to go one foot down – then it is about 48 inches from the ground
to the base.  🙂 


Instrument shelter – WINDY today up on the farm.  Gusts over 30 mph.  Nothing new there!  It is always
windy up on the hill.


Working on getting it level.  Easier said than done!!!


Instrument shelter and tower.  I am going to put dirt over the concrete pad area – that way it shouldn’t
interfere with the thermometers in the shelter.


The guys are hard at work today!!!!  Taking advantage of the nice weather.


Lots of nice puffy clouds floating around – 🙂



Roof is going up on the garage


Joe took this photo from on top of the lift.  🙂  I will try to take a few more
from above in the coming days.