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Archive: April 22nd, 2009

April 22, 2009: Putting up swing – chain sawing – thermometers

  Well, today  has been a long day.  Spent it up at the farm – cut a bunch of brush – then installed the thermometers into the instruments shelter – then we hung a swing.  Rodney, Bobby, and Don built a house.  🙂  Looks like the rafters are coming along.  They also delivered the posts today for the decks/porches. 

  I had a great lunch with Caesar and Geri yesterday.  We all went to CC Cohen (downtown Paducah).  We had to fight off the quilters, though.  Okay, well it wasn’t THAT bad.  But, there were a lot of quilters around!

  BEAUTIFUL sunny day today.  Perfect temperatures – 70s!!!!  One of the rare 70+ days this year so far.  We could use a few more.  It looks like great weather through Sunday.  Might get some rain after that, though.  Hopefully the good weather will continue.  It is spring, though.  So, it won’t last forever. 

  Some photos from yesterday and today.


I won this on ebay today – one of the first weather radios I ever owned!  I
saw one in Oklahoma at the Severe Wx Conference and it gave me the
idea to do a search for one.  I was about 12 when I got my first weather
radio and it came from Sears!


Looking at the new house from where my grandmothers house used to be – this is the old well


Beautiful cumulus and cirrus clouds yesterday – going up I24 in Massac County, Illinois


Puffy clouds over the Ohio River


Looking towards Metropolis yesterday.  Windy windy – white caps.


Looking down towards the neighbors farm – west/northwest






Rodney and Bobby







Putting the swing together




That would be me – getting ready to hang the swing


That would be me – climbing the ladder and getting ready to hang the swing



And the final product 🙂 – Now I just need some bolt cutters to cut the extra chain.  🙂  Perhaps tomorrow!!!



The neighbors dog sound asleep – helping with the swing


We got the door to close and lock today – tornado shelter


On the third floor – top of the house.




Looking southwest from the top of the house (well almost the top)


Some spring flowers up on the farm


Time to put the thermometer together 🙂  –  This is the device the holds them in place


The minimum thermometer is on the left and the maximum one is on the right



Then they are placed inside the shelter


Now if I can just figure out how to read the maximum thermo – hard to read
(will need to ask my friend David Brown) from Canada.