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Archive: June 4th, 2009

June 6, 2009: And god said let there be internet (okay well Tony said)

  We have internet.  I have been wondering how this would all work out.  I mean we are in the middle of nowhere out there on the farm!!!!  We had a T-line put in a few weeks ago.  Today was the day to start it up and see how it would work.  Great speed – everything works fine.  Looks like it is almost as fast as Comcast – not quite – but close.  I am glad to get this out of the way.  It has been a concern all along.  As much as we use the internet for emergency management, school, and everything in between.

  Tony helped bring it all together today.  He has been working with Shaun from qwest (recommended by Jason) to get the internet going.  So, great job!!!! 

  Otherwise – VERY WET.  We picked up almost 1" of rain overnight.  It is one HUGE muddy mess at the farm.  Mud everywhere.  Terrible!  MAYBE it will dry out in July or August????  Who knows.  Looks active in the next two weeks.

  Everyone was at the farm today.  Plumbing, heating and air, electrical, Bobby – Rodney – Don, Tony, South Fork Lighting – and on and on and on!!!!  Lot of decisions made today.  Some changes.  All good, though.

  The house is coming along at lightning speed.  Let’s hope we continue at this pace.

  Rodney is heading to Chicago with Don.  His mother is sick.  So, a few days off for the guys. 

  Had lunch with Tony and Joey – then Danielle joined us with Deena and her friend Denise who seems like a very nice person!  Fun lunch!

  Some photos from today


T line going in


Tony putting in the t-line


Tony helping with the t-line


UP and running!  🙂




Trying to figure out lights






Just about everyone was up there today