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Archive: June 21st, 2009


June 21, 2009: Happy Father’s Day – Happy First Day Of Summer!

  Well, summer is here!  It feels like summer, as well.  Temperatures the last few days have risen into the 90s.  No different today – it was 99 earlier at Cairo, Illinois.  95+ in Paducah.  Heat index values are above 100 degrees.  Not nice!  I would rather have snow.  I am not supposed to say that, though.  lol

  Life is brilliant right now.  It is difficult at times to see the forest.  I think that has something to do with being in the middle of building a house and trying to finish college.  🙂 

  We had a wonderful father’s day – also celebrated Tony’s birthday and Joey’s.  Everyone went to eat at Willow Pond Restaurant.  There wasn’t a pond, but they did have good catfish.  🙂

  I did not go up to the farm today.  Yesterday my dad mowed and I ran the weed eater.  The grass was getting pretty high.  Lot of spiders and insects.  lol  Julie said I must have forgotten what it was like to live on a farm.  🙂  Speaking of Julie – we went out to the movies last night.  Saw the new movie "Proposal".  It was a funny.  Betty White plays one of the main roles.  I don’t think I have seen her in very many movies lately.

  Otherwise – we are moving forward with the house.  The sunroom has been built.  Windows are in.  Tommy is wiring – ADS is running their alarm system wires – Precision Audio is also running their wires.  Drowning in wires.  🙂

  Tony is working hard to keep everything moving along.  There seems to be an endless stream of items that need attention.  Everything is going well, though. 

  Met with Dale the other day.  It appears the cabinets are coming along nicely.

  TON of tests this week.  Quarterly tests and mid-terms.  Not looking forward to the Ocean Mid-term.  The class is hard.

  I did capture a raccoon on my trail cam (up at the farm).  The latest critter mugshot.









Cabinets and shelves


Dale who is building the kitchen cabinets – shelves – bathroom vanities



The world watches and waits



May freedom win!