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Archive: June 30th, 2009

June 30, 2009: Severe thunderstorm in Murray

  I took these photographs of the storm near Murray, Kentucky.  Time was approximate 8:15 pm.  The storm produced damaging winds in Murray.  Hail was also reported.

Severe thunderstorm near Murray, KY.  8:15 PM
Click image for larger view.




Click image for large size photograph


Radar image of the severe thunderstorm as it moved through Murray.
Click image for larger version.



June 30, 2009: Another dusty day :) Nice outside, though!

  Well, we went from muddy to dusty.  Another nice day, though.  Temperatures were a little bit warmer – still not bad!  We ran a few wires today.  Picked out the tile for the countertop on the third floor (counter/bar area).  Also changed the color of the tile around the fireplace. 

  The deer is back 🙂  Checked this afternoon and I see she has returned.  Must be a good feeding spot.

  Otherwise, Rodney and the guys are working on the decks.  Heating and air was there today.  Everything is moving along.

  Glad midterms are over.  Waiting on my grade in one of the classes.  Hoping for an A.  We shall see.


Instrument shelter – nice blue sky this afternoon 🙂

Observatory deck on the top of the house 🙂  Should be great for watching
meteor showers – storms – sunsets!


Weather camera wires


Looking north on the third floor.


Heating and air on the third floor.  Coming along.


Third floor – looking east.


Wires wires wires wires 🙂


The weather room – waiting for the next stage of the building process


The decks are coming along.


Looking southwest – nice day 🙂


Looking southeast – few clouds today


We discovered an old cistern behind where my grandmothers house
used to be.




Another old cistern that used to be on the farm. 


The deer is back 🙂


Deer on the trail cam 🙂