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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » August 7, 2009: Well – this is it
Friday, August 7th, 2009

August 7, 2009: Well – this is it

  Well, this is it.  The day before I leave for Mississippi.  One more goal about to be fulfilled.  I have to say that I had doubts about going back to school.  My friend David C. from Canada made me – literally – write down my goals back in 2003.  Just about every goal that we wrote down on paper has been fulfilled.  I am sure there are a few that have been forgotten or overlooked.  There have been a few that we failed at.  But, for the most part – we succeeded.

  Truly unbelievable.  I mean really – the starting point of all this was that I was not even free to be in America.  Let alone accomplish what we have – with much help, support, cheers, and tears – over the last six years. 

  I am fortunate to have had a support group like I have had.  An amazing set of friends – a supportive family – a lot of work – and a determination to do the impossible.  All of that mixture adds up to goals being met.

  If you don’t have goals then you will never know where you are going.  That is just the way life is.  A day will turn into weeks – a week will turn into months and months will quickly turn into years.  Then you will look back and wonder "what the heck happened to all that time." 

  I have to be honest and say that I have felt a bit lost over the last few days.  No homework.  No studying.  No tests.  I have a lot more free time.  I feel a bit sad.  A bit excited.  A bit – well lost.  I actually just sat down in the chair today and wondered "what am I going to do now."  We have the house to finish.  We have to move in.  I could learn to relax.  That might be a starting point!

  I am day dreaming about sitting in one of the chairs on the deck and watching the sunsets in the coming months up on the farm.  A warm summers night – crickets chirping – birds singing – little bit of wind blowing the evening air around.  A few deer wondering around the corn fields.  That sounds peaceful to me!  I look forward to that first sunset!!!!!!  Sigh.  I smile just thinking about it.

  Then there will be the first snow.  The first thunderstorm.  There will be a lot of firsts – well I say "firsts" but really I grew up there.  So, it won’t be the first – first!  But – hmmm a new first?  So many memories!  I just can’t wait to make a lot of new memories.  That is what this is all about.

  Anyway – back to today.  I am getting ready to leave for Mississippi to finish out my broadcast meteorology degree.  Three long years in the making.  Many many many classes and tests later!  Here we are.  Almost finished with the entire program.  Just one more test.  One test to go.  One more round of questions!  Then – I am finished!!!!!!!

  I am excited. 

My first day of school – way back hmm somewhere
around 1975?





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