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Archive: September 5th, 2009

September 5, 2009: My first thunderstorm at the new place!!!

  Well, I knew it would eventually happen.  Just wasn’t sure when.  I got to experience my first thunderstorm in the new place.  I loved it!  It developed right over the farm.  Lot of heavy rain and lightning.

  I definitely enjoyed watching the show!

  Everything is moving along nicely.  Judy was painting today.  The paint colors look great.  The rest of the crew has been working hard on siding, ceilings, electricity, and everything in between.  Tony has been going back and forth checking on everything, as well.  I think the late October move in day looks good.  We will see.

  They are starting to strip the old house, as well.  It might be torn down at the end of this month or the beginning of October.  My family will want to be up there when that happens.  I am sure it will be a bitter sweet experience.


Some photos from the last few days

All of the photos can be viewed here

Hanging the last weather cameras


Rodney walking up towards the house.  Joey says this looks like we are at
the beach with the grass in front and sand.  🙂



Roxie painting the weather room

Hanging the last weather cameras

Click for larger images


Our first time being up at the new house in a thunderstorm 🙂


Thunderstorms on September 5th




September 5, 2009 Storms


Click for larger image – storms on Saturday


Looking towards the farm





Heavy rain in the distance – the old house there below.  It will be torn down
in October.


Looking out the weather window


Heavy rain – looking out the window


Off the master bedroom – heavy rain in the distance



Heavy rain – looking southwest.  Visibility was low during the peak
of the storm.






Scott moving dirt today.  MUD MUD MUD!


Looking out the weather room.



Nearing sunset at the farm





Water running through the ditches in Massac County