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Archive: December 5th, 2009

December 5, 2009: The Paducah Christmas Parade

  Well, It was another successful Christmas parade in Paducah.  Several thousand spectators turned out to catch a glimpse of the famous Dippin’Dots helium balloon.  Dione was somehow placed in charge of candy distribution.  She had about 10 people lined up to hand out candy and coupons.  The list of family members participating was quite impressive.  When I first got the text a few days ago she told us that Deena, Danielle, Tyler, Tony, Tommy, Denise, Jamie, daddy, mother and a number of other people would be helping and had already signed up.  So, of course, Joey and I were more than happy to help out – since the rest of the family was going to be there.

  The biggest task was going to be making sure we had plenty of candy to go around and not to crowd each other out in trying to make sure there were not too many of us handing out candy to the same kids.

  Dione told us to be there at 4:30 this evening – and not to be late.  The parade started at 5 pm.  So, we arrived at 4:20 pm.  It was cold.  When we arrived it was Nancy and her – then Luke was dressed up in the Dippin’Dot costume.  That was it.  Apparently nobody else other than the drivers were helping.  The rest of the family said that we were tricked into believing that everyone was going to help.  Actually the word sucker was used more than once.  So – it was just Joey and myself.

  Then apparently Dione didn’t care for my hoody attire and made me put on a black ski-hat.  Said she didn’t want me scaring the kids with the hoody.  Not that anybody could see anything since it was going to be dark outside.  But, whatever – being Christmas and all I figured I would go along with whatever.  I was looking for the Santa hats that we were promised and the blinky holiday lights to go around our neck.  Those were crossed off the marketing budget, though.  At least that is what Dione said.

  Dione gave us strict instructions to not throw any candy.  Something about putting an eye out.  I remember when I was a kid we used to have candy thrown at us all of the time – and it never impacted any of us in a negative manner.  But, whatever.  Also reminded us that we were representing the company.  Even though we don’t work there.  Around 5:20 or so the parade got started.  At least that is when float number 31 joined in (that was ours).  We had stockings full of candy and coupons to hand out.  Nobody told us that the float would be moving at 30 mph the entire route and we would be expected to run a marathon to keep up with them.

  After about 45 seconds I looked up and nobody was to be seen.  There was some float with a manger scene passing me by – minus the baby Jesus doll who had fallen out into the street.  I was just about out of candy.  I looked and thought – well the float must be behind us.  So, I looked down the street.  None of this looked familiar.   Apparently our float was 2 or 3 blocks ahead of us.  I ran and ran and ran to catch back up.  I was hot by then – I had long john underwear on – three shirts – hat – gloves – and a coat.  Grabbed another bag of candy and started the process all over again.  I was determined this time to stay with the float. 

  After a couple of minutes I looked up and the float was already three or four blocks down the street – again.  I was out of candy.  These kids were looking at me with their hands stretched out and wondering where their handful of candy was.  I told them I was out.  Next thing I know I was being pummeled with rocks and chased down the street.  I finally caught back up with the float and was handed another stocking of candy.  I heard Dione mumble something about being too slow and that I would probably not be meeting my candy quote – also would probably not be asked again to help out if I couldn’t keep up with the float and candy demand.

  This process was repeated about six or seven times.  I ran half the parade route to keep up.  I still don’t know where Joey is.  I assume he is somewhere down on 34th street.  It will be a miracle if he ever catches up with us.

  After it was all over Dione handed us a coupon for a free small container of Dippin’Dots.  I guess the reward is in the smiling kids faces who received all of the free candy (especially the ones at the very end who got handfuls of whatever was left over). 


Our float