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Archive: December 26th, 2009

December 26, 2009: Christmas

  We spent Christmas at Deena’s this year.  I think everyone had a great time! 


Mariah and Dylan



Mother made me some gingerbread men cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!


December 26, 2009: MERRY CHRISTMAS! In the new house!

  Well, I have been busy unpacking.  So, no posts!  But, my sister said I should post.

  What a journey!  From the start to finish – it has been about two years.  We discovered our farm was for sale on Christmas Day of 2007.  And now – we were able to spend Christmas here!  It has certainly been an amazing journey. 

  I am sure Tony is glad the project is almost finished.  Him and everyone else – it has been a long two years.  Lot of phone calls – several hundred 🙂 – but it is almost finished.

  Finally got a few photos worked through.  Still getting settled into the house.  It is coming along, though.  Another few weeks and we will be done with all of the major stuff.  Daisy has not been up here yet.  She might come back in a week or two.  Unsure.  Still need to work out a few more things before she returns.

  I am enjoying waking up to the views.  The foggy mornings are nice – just seeing the Oak tree and a little bit beyond on the extremely foggy mornings.  🙂  Then the wind – it is always blowing.  We had several days of 30+ mph winds.  Fun to listen to it roaring.

  It has been very windy up here.  During the last three weeks we have had numerous gusts over 40 and 50 mph.  Cold, as well.  Most of December was cold.  Still no snow.

  Had a great time at Deena’s on Christmas Day.  All of us went there to eat and hang out. 

  Dylan and Tyler stayed up here earlier this week.  Dylan is home from Oklahoma for a couple of weeks.  Then my mother stayed here Christmas Eve and Christmas night.  I think she enjoyed being up here.  Could have used a little more snow, though.  🙂

  Looks like VERY cold weather ahead of us.  Bitter cold – is in the cards.  But – will it snow?  That is the question.

  Some photos from the last few weeks

IN THE MOVING VAN – Looking up the drive!  First load.


Putting paper down on the floors a week ago – getting ready for all of the movers.

Living room – kitchen – dining room area.  Papered the floors for all the traffic.

Jason and Jess Darnall – Jason working on cameras and OEM

Bears on the third floor

Jason Darnall – working on the cameras for the new web-site

Kitchen – without all the paper on the floors 🙂


Neighbors dog looking in at me 🙂

Library – this was fun to unpack 🙂

Unpacking clothes

The weather room is fully operational 🙂


Third floor

Living room

Dining Room

Weather library


Living room

Foggy morning – sun room

Weather library


Third floor – family room

Fenced area out back – Daisy’s area

Third floor – bears


Daisy’s fence area

Foggy morning – off the weather room

Second floor sitting area

Third floor

Weather room

Weather room


Moving 🙂

Third floor – family room

Third floor