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Archive: April 18th, 2010

April 18, 2010: Dione has an update on her status

Well, Dione emailed me the following – sounds like she needs to hit the gym!

It is now a day after the Dodge Ball Tournament.  I feel worse today than I did yesterday after the games.  My body is hurting in places that I didn’t even know I had muscle anymore.  I figured by age 38 that all of that stuff had turned to mush. It is at this point hard to walk and very painful to raise my arms.  So I sit in this chair with my legs up and my arms at my side typing an email because I really can’t do much else around the house at this point.  Tommy occasionally looks at me and gives me a look of disgust and Sparky is not allowed on either of our bodies because his weight will send us into acute painful spasms.  I honestly didn’t know we had to play that many games.  I first I just thought it was one game and then we lose that’s it.  Then I find out it is 3 games…ok still not bad…I had no idea that we had to play 3 games a piece per team which there were 3 other teams other than us.  The good news for us positive people is they were actually expected 16 teams…which I didn’t know that either.  Someone up there likes me because if we had to play 16 teams I don’t think I would be sitting here emailing you all and breathing today due to some family members violent tempers.  I am suppose to go to work tomorrow but I don’t know how I will be able to walk somewhere without looking like I have been on a horse all day.  I suppose my family will just have to chalk this up as another, well we tried to do something as a family and as usually with all the dysfunctions of us that it didn’t turn out exactly good.  Well, who knew…why does anyone anymore think anything that we try to do as a family will turn out good.  I for one think that the family needs to be a little more pessimistic and maybe just maybe everyone will not be so disappointed in the future.