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Archive: April 26th, 2010

Apil 26, 2010: Dylan’s Coming Home Party!

Well, it took me a bit of time to go through all of those photos.  Weather has kept me busy the last week.  We had a severe weather outbreak on Friday and Saturday.  There were over 100 tornadoes reported across the central and southern United States.  Thankfully our region did not have anything too serious.  Some big storms, though.  We had 3 inches of rain.  Not good.  It washed a lot of the seed around that we planted for grass.  But, oh well!  What can you do.

Dylan came home last weekend from his military service.  He was out in Oklahoma and Missouri.  I am sure he was glad to come home.  It appears he has a motorbike now.  Hopefully he will BE CAREFUL on that thing.  HELLO Dylan – reading this.  🙂

We had a party for him and the weather was perfect last Sunday.  We stayed outside on the patio for the most part and everyone really enjoyed the time together.  It has been a little bit since we were all able to get together.  Was nice to see all the kids here.

Daisy had a nice time – Denise brought some puppies with her and that kept Daisy entertained.  Sparky even came up for a visit – but for some reason Sparky avoided the photos.

Denise brought a friend for Daisy to play with

All that yard – so little time!

Payton and her friend

Tyler playing with the puppy

Deena and Denise – with Denise’s puppies!  They are cute!

Another diva no doubt

Denise’s puppies stole the show!


Mariah chilling in the back yard – waiting on Joey to finish those burgers!

Danielle and Daisy together again 🙂

Dylan decided that he needed a bike.  I guess a car just isn’t good enough.  I am glad
he is wearing a helmet.

Dylan’s coming home party!

Dylan – ready to roll!!!

Tyler and Dylan – ZOOM ZOOM

Tony and Dylan

Denise brought a new puppy to play with Daisy 🙂

Quinton and Tommy

My dad and Tony – waiting on those hamburgers and hot dogs to finish up on the grill

Dione with Denise’s puppy – I guess Daisy is just
shoved to the side now.  A new puppy is in town.

AWWWWW they are so cute when they are asleep.  Guess they had a long day.

Dione and diva puppy

Daisy is thinking "who and what is this"

Joey and Daisy – that is me there behind the camera

Dylan and Tyler on Dylan’s bike

Lynne and the little puppy on her shoulder


Tommy waiting on the hamburgers

My dad and Tony


Denise’s little puppy



Joey and Dione pretending to ride Dylan’s bike – they were too scared to actually
get on it

Dione riding the bike

Scary without a helmet and all!