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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » May 9, 2010: Birthday party!!! Mother’s day! Fun times!
Sunday, May 9th, 2010

May 9, 2010: Birthday party!!! Mother’s day! Fun times!

Well, WOW – a surprise birthday party on Saturday.  🙂  I will say they got me this time!  My dad and Tony kept me busy over in Paducah – as a distraction to what was going on up at my house.  While I was in Paducah my friends and family were decorating and getting ready to surprise me with a birthday party!  There were a ton of friends at the party – Sue and Jack came all the way up from Tennessee!!!  They braved all the flooding – I think I even heard Sue say she had to take a boat half of the way here! 

My family had a painting made of the house in the snow – of course what else!!!!!  It looked just like this past winter up here.  🙂  Bill Ford is getting it framed up for us. 

Then they made a birthday cake that looked like a weather map!  Very nice.  🙂  The Artisan Kitchen in Paducah put the food and cake together.  They did a GREAT job!!!!

I took a few photos – but I think some of my friends have more photos – they are starting to trickle in one by one!  So, I might add some more photos over time.

I can say that I really felt loved yesterday.  So many nice people – smiles – family – friends.  Just made me feel good!  It was sort of surreal being up here on the old farm place – with the house finally finished – the blue sky – birds chirping – cool breeze – surrounded by family and friends.  Celebrating a birthday!!!  First birthday back on the farm. 

You just never know what life will bring your way next – good and bad.  It is all a journey.  I just sort of let the flow take control at times and see where it takes me. 

I think the hardest part of the last few years has been trying to figure out how to enjoy life without overthinking everything.  I don’t know why this is a problem – perhaps it has just taken forever and a day to really feel like I can actually live life.  Sometimes I think they need to have a class in school on how to live life and enjoy life – at the same time!  Somewhere in between everything it becomes complicated.  However, I am learning.  Still! 

I think everyone had a great time yesterday – even saw  a few faces that I have not seen in awhile.  🙂 

Today we went out to eat with mother – went to Mayfield.  Then mother came up here with me to read through Kay Comer’s blog and photographs.  Had a great time – looked at a lot of old photographs – well some not so old!

School – meteorology classes – start hmm this coming week or early next week.  I believe the 15th.  Jason is also taking some classes – so we will take them together.  I found out that my art class does not start until June.  They originally said May – but that isn’t correct.  🙂  Guess I will just wait a bit longer.

Our trip to Alaska is in June, as well.  Then home for a few weeks and then off to explore Europe.

Mariah graduates at the end of the month!  That makes me feel a bit older.  I don’t know where time goes – but it goes.  As I keep saying.  It isn’t slowing down.

Some photos from yesterday – see if I can get these in some sort of order 🙂

Some of these photos were taken by Sue Henry, Jennifer Rukavina, Geri and Caesar –


Arriving at the house – I almost tripped over the wheelchair ramp 🙂 – Denise no doubt trying to sabotage the
entry point 🙂

My mom

My dad!

Jack and Sue came up from Nashville 🙂

The surprise 🙂

Family and friends

My dad with Sue and Jack


My friend Gil


Umm Dione – always trying to hijack the camera

Denise made me a book – covered my whole life from start to finish 🙂  THANKS DENISE! 

My weather map birthday cake!!!  Nice weather map – even some storms in Missouri.  Jennifer even gave the
weather report.  I am sure she was happy that we did not have any severe weather to deal with.  Last year
we had the derecho – did not make for a good birthday!

Birthday cake weather map

Happy Faces!!!

Birthday 2010

Joey – lighting the cake 🙂

Some of the gang checking out the view from the rooftop

Geri – Bill Ford – Caesar 🙂 all made it to the party!



My sisters – trying out the cake a bit early it would appear

Joey, my mom and sisters put together a bunch of photographs from over the years – there were
defin some umm nerdy photos mixed in.  lol

Quinton checking out the snow painting of the house


Birthday 2010

Birthday 2010

Unveiling the painting of the house in the snow 🙂


The house on the hill – where we live!

Birthday 2010

Julie Kohn 🙂 – now she is a neighbor as well as a friend!

My sisters 🙂  Deena and Dione

Caesar and Geri came to the party 🙂

Jennifer and Brian 🙂

Gerren 🙂

Jason – Jess – Gerren – Jennifer – Brian – Kyle

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