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Archive: May 23rd, 2010

May 23, 2010: Holy smoke – May is almost over!

What the heck – May is almost over?  ALREADY?  How can that be?  The month just started.  We JUST celebrated my birthday.  🙂  I just don’t understand.  Is there some button we can push to help time slow down a little bit? 

We turned the heat on earlier last week.  It was in the 40s at night.  NOW it is in the 90s.  We went straight from cool weather to HOT weather.  Not only is it hot but it is also HUMID.  Go figure.  Feast or famine.  That is how it always is in this region.  Too hot.  Too cold.  Too wet.  Too dry.  If there was such a thing as normal weather I would imagine we would never experience in this region.

Classes started this week – some meteorology classes.  This will be followed in June by Art Appreciation.  SOOOOO excited.  The Art Appreciation class does not even have a DVD.  I think I will be bored.  However, I will give it a chance.  😉

The meteorology class is easy – so far.  It is sort of a basic class.  But, something to do 🙂

We are getting ready for our trip to Alaska.  Mother is trying to figure out what to pack.  From what I understand it might be cold.  Temperatures were in the 30s this week at night up that way.  Hope we have at least 60s in the day.  I don’t want to freeze.  Looks like we will have to pack both warm and cool clothes.  It is what it is!  As long as we see some whales. 

Mihai is coming to visit us in June.  I am not sure what dates.  But, he is coming.  He received his U.S. Visa earlier this week.  He is trying to get one for Canada, as well.  Hopefully he will be able to get both.  We will have to show him around the area.  Maybe show him St Louis, as well.

After Mihai leaves then we will be getting ready to head to Europe for a month.  Sweden and Germany.  Joey is trying to learn some of the language.  Then he is teaching me.  I know how to say a few words.  Prob not enough, though.  Guess we will have to study a bit more.  🙂

By the time we get back from Europe then we will be almost through summer.  Fall will be upon us.  Then winter!  Already thinking about some lake effect snow photography this winter.  🙂  That is the plan.  Also a visit to Toronto to see our friends up there – later in August and September.

It will be a busy few months.

Good news on the lawn front – the grass is finally growing.  I suppose adding some water has helped – both from mother nature and some from our sprinklers.  Still quite a bit to still grow – but it is turning greener.  That is a start.

Still no snakes – not that I can find at least.  I keep looking but they keep hiding.  I figure I will stumble upon one when I don’t want to.  🙂

I posted a cool video of a thunderstorm – you can see into the storm


OK – that is all I know for right now.  More later 🙂