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Archive: May 31st, 2010

May 31, 2010: Memorial Day Weekend

  We had a great time at Tony and Deena’s for the Memorial Day weekend.  Tony made hamburgers – the kids and adults went fishing – took the paddle boat out for a ride around the pond – and just hung out.  I think everyone had a nice and relaxing day.

  Daisy stayed home – but I guess we should have brought her down.  Sparky and Bubba were there.  Daisy stayed home, though, and slept!  She is heading to visit Levy later this week as we head to Alaska with Jason, Jess, and my mom.  Should be a fun trip – I am sure it will be a whole lot colder than here.  We have been having daytime high temperatures in the 80s and 90s.  Not the best weather.  I would rather have 70s!

  John came over today and we watched the Cardinals play the Reds.  Of course the Cardinals won because they are a MUCH better team (although John won’t admit this).  We stopped by Dip’N’Dots and talked with Dione for just a bit.

  Thunderstorms are moving in this evening – guess we will have a bit more rain.  It has not been an extremely wet month here at my place but Jason over i Benton, KY has had almost 7 inches of rain.  Of course Nashville and areas down in TN had severe flooding.


Daisy relaxing today with her toy.  Protecting it I guess.

Tony and Tommy making hamburgers


Mother and I out on the pond at Tony and Deena’s house

Tony’s mom watching the kids play in the pool

Tony’s mom and Tyler

Family fun on the pond

Taking my mother out on the paddle boat at Deena and Tony’s house.

Mother and me out on the pond – enjoying the day

Dylan chillin


My dad hanging out at Tony and Deena’s enjoying the day

Deena chillin


Lots of good food 🙂

Tony with dinner in hand 🙂

Flashback to last week when we went to the Paducah Lowertown Arts Festival 🙂
My mom.

Lowertown Arts Festival – Downtown Paducah

Julie and me at the Lowertown Arts Festival – Paducah (last weekend)

Julie and me – arts festival

Joey and Dione hanging out at Tony and Deena’s for the holiday

Miss Daisy – hanging out

Tommy and Dione out on the pond – Memorial Day Weekend

Fun on the pond


May 31, 2010: Mariah’s Graduation Photos :)



For all the images go here


The very large sizes can be found on that page – just right click and save it to your computer or you can order a print right off the site.  They have really good prints.  I don’t get anything off of the sale – just an easy way to order photos.  That is how I order mine – from that site.

You can also click on the photo and it will bring up a larger version – you can save that image and then print it wherever you like (for family)  🙂