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Archive: June 26th, 2010

June 26, 2010

The world is now so full of multi-media sources that everyone is looking but nobody is seeing. Sensory overload will rob many of the visual art around them. The world needs a pause button.

Well, it was an eventful week up here on the farm.  Between the snake and the rabbits – the snake didn’t really bother me.  I like to have a natural mouse trap around.  Although I will say that crawling under the house to plug up those wire holes was a bit sketchy.  I tried not to look around too much – that way if there was a big snake under there I would not see it.  What I don’t see can’t hurt me – right?  Well, maybe.  🙂

I didn’t see or hear anything while I was under there.  Plugged the four wire holes and got out.  Nice and quick!

Joey had two tomato plants growing, but it appears the rabbits decided to eat them.  I didn’t think they would last long – but Joey was insisting that he could take care of them.  Even though I was the one watering the plants.  He went out last week and one of them was gone.  Just a stub left.  Then our friend Reese came over to visit and she spotted a big rabbit chewing on the second plant.  Now it is gone – the plant not the rabbit.

We did capture a big rabbit on the trail cam.  Daddy said he saw some baby rabbits.  I think the "big" rabbit was actually a pregnant mother rabbit.  Now there are baby rabbits running around.  I am fairly certain Eek (our big snake that is wondering around) is probably stalking the rabbits.  Poor rabbits.

Daisy is heading out today for Levi’s.  Her cousin – bigger dog but scared of Daisy.  Daisy is excited, but I don’t think Daisy realizes we will be gone a month.  I am sure she will have fun – she will be missed, though!

We leave for Europe next Sunday.  First Sweden and then Germany.  Going to explore and see what interesting museums we can find.  Should be a lot cooler than the weather here.  Supposed to be in the 60s.  I can only hope.

The hot weather here continues – day after day after day after day of 90s.  That gets old after awhile.  Looks like it will continue into tomorrow – then a bit cooler next week.

First tropical storm of the season is impacting the Caribbean.  My forecast has been for a Mexico or south Texas hit.  That appears to be on track.  🙂  Models were taking it into Louisiana and Mississippi – they have slowly changed their tune, though. 

Art class is going great.  I am really enjoying it.  🙂  Few more weeks left – another month or so for that class.