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Archive: July 4th, 2010

July 4, 2010: Joy Home For Children

I was tired of reading Drudge and Freepers on Saturday – all negative all the time.  So, I googled Good News and came across some pretty cool items of interest.  One of them that I came across was this project in India.  www.joyhomeforchildren.com/index.html

They had some very specific needs – which I thought was cool. Tangible projects.  They had a long list.

The list can be read here


One item they really needed were bunk beds.  Right now the kids are sleeping on the floor.  So we are going to get them bunk beds 🙂

They still have a bunch of other needs – some are small and some are larger.  If anyone reading this wants to help then just follow the links.  They need chairs – that is about $135.00 (for all of them).  They are need some tables.  The tables are about $132.00 (for all of them).  Also some smaller items but important items such as rice, chicken, food.  Toiletries.

Sounds like they are trying to raise money for a septic system, as well.  Hmm maybe they need some teddy bears and Superman Comic Books from Metropolis!

More on what they do www.joyhomeforchildren.com/joy-home-what-we-do.html

This charity was one of the winners of the Optimist Charity Awards – 2010.  Link optimistworld.com/Charities.aspx




Hopefully they will have their bunk beds soon enough!!!!


Photos of the kids currently at the orphanage



I will update with some more pictures once they get the bunk beds.