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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » July 6, 2010: In Europe – safe and sound. First day in Sweden.
Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

July 6, 2010: In Europe – safe and sound. First day in Sweden.

Well, we made it to Europe.  This is our frist trip over here by ourselves.  So, it is a bit weird in one way and a bit cool in another.  Some bittersweet mixed in there.   This is also the first time we have been in Sweden. 

The plane ride took about 24 hours total – that was about waits and lay-overs.  We left Nashville around 9 am – the plane left around 11 am.  Then Detroit – then Amsterdam – then from there to Stockholm.  Not too bad. 

We were able to sleep on the plane.  The seats folder pretty much all of the way down.  We tried a new airline this time – one owned by Delta.  It was okay – but I will probably look at a different one next time.  I slept – Joey did not.  lol  Sooooo – guess who is tired and snoring right now?  If you guessed Daisy – you would probably be correct.  But, Daisy isn’t here.  So – guess again.  YES – right – JOEY is snoring.and worn out.

Meanwhile I have the dance music on and I am WIDE AWAKE.  Oh well – I went out in the rain and walked around for awhile – took a few photos – went grocery shopping – and hung out on the street.  Watching people go to and fro.  That is what I like to do.  Explore and then explore some more.  Joey keeps saying I go down dark streets where vampires could get us – or worse – ZOMBIES.  I seriously need to take his Zombie book away from him.

Anyway – I had a blast riding the plane over.  I have no idea why I love to ride the plane for that distance.  There is something fun and exciting about being on an airplane. 

We were in Nashville overnight for the Fourth of July – but it was fairly late and we were not able to see Sue and Jack.  Wished we could have gone down to see her showing at the art show.  But we pretty much had a swamped week from start to finish.  When we get back, though, we plan on going to see Sue – Caesar and Geri are going down, as well.  Perhaps in August or September.   See how everyone is feeling. 

We arrived in Sweden around 9 this morning – we don’t speak Sweden.  But we know just enough words to get along.  Joey’s job was to study the Rosetta Stone CD set that he had to have.  He promised he would learn enough language for us to be able to communicate.  Guess who hasn’t learned any words other than hello?  If you guessed me then you would be wrong.  I will just leave it at that.  😛

The rain falling here in Stockholm was a WELCOME change from what we have been having back home.  Temeperatures in the 90s with very little rainfall.  I LOVE THIS WEATHER here in Stockholm.  Rain makes me happy – for some odd reason.  Same as snow.  Got to have both.  Lack of weather is no weather at all.  Right?  Well some might disagree.  But – I will hold to that.

Hmm my quote of the day that I came up with on the plane ride over is – Memories are simply the present lost.  I ran it by Joey and he gave me his stamp of approval on it.  Unlike Ikecycle which he still says I should never say again.  But – whatever.  Meteorologists understood what it meant.

OK – it is getting late.  I promised my mom I would post.  My Blackberry is NOT working here.  YAY?  I think it is a YAY.  No cell phone for 2 weeks here in Sweden?  BUUHHHAAAA – I like the sound of that actually. 

Some photos from today

Joey going down the stairs of our apartment in Stockholm

A clock with strength!  Now that is what I can apprecaited.  I bet his arms hurt at the end ot the day.

Dinner tonight was at this location 🙂


These two angels were in a store window.  I thought they were pretty cool.  🙂


This church was built in the 1700s.  Adolf Fredrik.  It is right down the street from us


I really liked this car when I first saw it sitting on the side of the road.


Then I LOVED this car when I saw the license plate!!  Wonder how hard it was to get that for a plate!


Store window decorations – or the evening staff?  Unsure.  He doesn’t look happy.


Store window decorations in Stockholm – I think he wants out

Enjoying the evening – before the rain really set in

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