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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » July 8, 2010: Moments and memories
Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

July 8, 2010: Moments and memories

Moments amd memories – it is 3:30 in the morning over here and the sun is already up.  Now, so am I.  The sun did not go to bed until past 10 pm last night.  Quite amazing.  I missed dinner because I thought we had more time – since it was still light outside.  By the time we looked at the clock and readied ourselves to go eat – it was already late.  So, we decided it would be best just to stay in.

I was laying in bed a few minutes ago and my mind was wandering about like a tiger in the jungle.  To and fro – back and forth.  I started thinking about Kay and Kim Comer (if you don’t have Kay and Kim on your Facebook then you should add them – Kay writes about her daily living experiences in Round Knob, Illinois),  I started thinking about Kay’s descriptions of being in the moment.  Living in the momemt.  Recognizing those moments for what they are.  A single spot in history – a single living, breathing, specific point at which something amazing occurs.  A moment in time that becomes a memory.  It doesn’t have to be something spectacular – perhaps something as simple as watching the deer play in your back yard (in Kay’s case – her front yard).  Or watching a lightning bolt streak through the summer sky.  Moments that we remember – moments that we share with other people.

I don’t think that Kay realizes the impact of the words that she chooses to share with everyone around here.  She reminds us of days gone past – moments in our lives that impacted ourselves and others.  Having grown up with Billy and Kay – and their children – I realize more and more that we can never relive that time.  We can remember it – we can share the memories- but we can’t relive it.  Kay, in her writings, reminds us of why we are here.  To watch the deer play, to share our lives with our family, to plant some flower seeds, to watch our grass grow, to love those around us, and to inspire others to simply be a better person.

Moments are mysterious.  We can’t choose what moments we will remember.  Many times moments that we remember – we would rather forget.  But sometimes the moments that our minds chooses to remember are moments that we hold dearly in our heart – forever.  Moments with someone we love – our grandmothers, our parents, our sisters or brothers – friends – those are the ones that we don’t want to ever forget.

I started thinking about how many times we allow moments to get away from us.  Rushing here and rushing there.  Rushing to see "something" – all the time moments are passing us by.  Moments that could become special memories. But in order to capture that memory – you have to slow down.  There is no way to measure just how many moments have gotten away from us.  It is part of the mystery of moments.  What we don’t experience – we don’t ever know.  I have a feeling, though, that thousands of moments escape us. 

I try to live in the moment.  But it is not easy.  Being ADD doesn’t help one live in the moment.  lol  You are constantly wanting to do something or mess with something.  Staying busy as my mom would say.  Living in the moment takes work.  It takes a concentrated effort to tell yourself to STOP.  Stop and listen.  Stop and see.  Not just hear and look.  But listen and see.

I look back through my photographs from time to time.  Maybe to make sure I am not getting too old to remember what has happened over the years.   I truly think there is a part of me that takes photographs in order for me to hold onto memories even longer.  Perhaps there will come a day when I can’t remember being somewhere.  But a photograph will remind me and take me back to that moment.  Anyway, I look at my photographs and I see moments.  Special moments – moments that perhaps to someone else might not have much meaning.  But – never-the-less moments.

Moments such as the time in Rome where I spotted the kid looking up in amazement at a naked statue of a lady.  The boy could not have been any older than seven.  But, the look at his face was priceless.  Moments such as the time we were walking in Munich and we noticed a street performer that had outfitted himself as a water fountain.  He was quite dramatic and animated – water pouring from his different spouts that he had arranged on his costume.  Kids laughing and adults taking snapshots and video to place on YouTube.  He wasn’t there as part of anything we had to pay to see – he wasn’t part of the planned schedule.  He just happened to be there at that time and place.

I have noticed in life that the most special moments are never planned.  Never orchestrated by anyone on purpose.  They just happen.  I can remember being caught in the rain once with some friends in Toronto.  we had to walk home that evening when the thunderstorm rolled in.  We were soaked to the bone.  But we all laughed and stomped in the water that was over our ankles.  We shivered.  We ducked when lightning would flash and the thunder would roll.  I remember it as if it was yesterday.  And yet it was many many years ago.  Why?  Why do I remember something as simple as being caught in the rain?  Why is that moment so special to my memories?

It is obvious to me that the best moments in life are never planned.  They are never expected.  They just happen.  Time – space – and you happen to cross paths during that special moment and it becomes a special memory.  Moments and memories are tied. 

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