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Archive: July 8th, 2010

July 8, 2010: Breaking ground on our new project

Tony sent me these photographs – looks like we are breaking ground!  Moving forward with our new project.

This is near Symsonia, KY.


Breaking ground






July 8, 2010: A visit to the palace and more of Stockholm

  The sky here is immense – and such an amazing blue in color.  The sky has been sprinkled with cirrusy white patches of clouds for the last few days.  Although the city sidewalks radiate warmth the actual air temperature is relatively mild.  This is especially true when you compare it to the excessive heat back in Illinois and Kentucky. 

  The warmth of the apartment we are staying in borders on a few beads of sweat but by evening the coolness of the air returns and before long the warmth of the afternoon heat is but a distant memory.  We do not have air condition here – gasp.  It is rare to find air condition in Sweden.  It just isn’t that warm!

  Stockholm is a clean city – as cities go.  It is my understanding that it beat out many other cities in Europe for the title of most green and enviromentally friendly.  Quite the achievement.

  Many locals here are on holiday.  Holiday is what the world outside of the United States calls vacation.  I first heard this expression  while I was in Canada.  I guess it sounds more festive than simply saying vacation?  🙂

  Everyone here receives five weeks of vacation.  Yes, I did say five weeks.  Five weeks of paid vacation!  It is almost bordering on a human right in Europe.  They take their holiday quite seriously, as I suppose they should.  I suppose five weeks would keep most people happy.  Especially paid vacation.

  We had a wonderful tour guide today.  Her name was Christina.  She is from the Stockholm area.  Her demeanor was one of patience and care.  It was if we had known her for years.  A gentle soul – as I like to say. 

  She knew most of the questions we would ask – before we asked them.  I suppose one becomes accustomed of being asked the same questions after interacting with hundreds of people over the years.  She never seemed bored – although I am certain she has seen the palace a thousand times.  She expressed excitement in her voice as she talked about the well kept grounds and the history of the site.

  So, as I mentioned, today we toured the palace of the king and queen.  A beautiful country setting, outside of Stockholm.  The palace is enclosed by a beautiful forest with a lake – there were many ducks and swans out enjoying the beautiful weather.  The water was like a fine crystal – shimmering in the golden sunlight.  The blueness of the water made me feel as if I had been transplanted back in time to a cleaner – purer age.  One where you could actually drink the water straight out of a lake or river.  Thousands of diamond like sparkles illuminated the surface of the water as the wind gently created little peaks and dips.  I thought that perhaps this is what Narnia would look like? 

  The grounds of the palace were well kept.with obvious caring hands who meticulously made sure that every branch was trimmed just right, every deep green blade of grass was in its place – trees were perfectly lined up like toy soldiers that a child might place while playing make believe knight in shining armor right before battling a fire breathing dragon.

  A whimsical, magical, and enchanting palace grounds – reminding me of a scene out of the recent Alive in Wonderland movie or a place that one might find in an old fairy tale of sorts.  At any moment perhaps a little smiling cat would come floating down from above – with just its teeth and smile visible.

  In the air was the smell of the lakes fresh water and the blooming of flowers on the palace grounds.  Several times I simply closed my eyes to enjoy the moment.  Taking it all in.  The smell of the fresh cut grass and the sound of birds chirping and singing in the distant trees.  Pretending that we were back in the 1700s or 1800s when only a horse and carriage would be seen traveling the grounds roads.  Thinking about the latterns candle flickering on the sides of the carriage as someone of nobility pulled up to meet with the King or Queen.  Perhaps on important business – perhaps just to say hello. 

  Glancing down along the waters edge was a white swan.  Along her side with seven baby swans.  A sort of yellowish gray in tone.  Occasionally they would dive below – a tuff of feathers and two little webbed feet were all that could be seen as they bobbed under the water for something to eat.  They scurried along in the water – more like floating.  Moving quite effortlessly.  The summer breeze perhaps pushing them along the sea of sparkling glass.  I am sure to them it was if they were on a great ocean – with water for as far as their little eyes could see.

  They had not a care in the world – oblivious to me and everyone else around them.  Simply going about their business of swimming and eating.

  Two little girls, no more than six or seven in age, dashed over to the side of the pier – giggling and smiling – erupting in laughter and pointing to the baby swans.  They cheerfully announced to everyone within ear shot "look LOOK – a swan and she has BABIES – lots of babies."  I looked over at them and smiled.  I thought about how the girls really didn’t care who heard them or if the whole world heard their shouts of glee.  They were as obvlious as the baby swans to the world around them.  Living in the moment – laughing and giggling.  Holding each others hands – they must have been sisters or perhaps best of friends.

  Eventually the baby swans disappeared under the pier and the little girls took off – skipping and hopping down the road to the palace.  They were just arriving to see where the king and queen live.  It wasn’t long and they disappeared – quite returned to the pier.


Even the swan and her babies were having a great day.  Joey took this photograph.


Standing in front of the palace
Morning at the palace


The King and Queen live here.


The palace grounds


Our guide today – Christina





There is art everywhere – everywhere you look – everywhere you turn. 





Zoom Zoom


This little toy was in quite the hurry to get somewhere…





Coming back into port from the palace



The buildings here in Stockholm are beautiful.


I have no idea – but I thought this was funny 🙂




This is where we had lunch today.  Yes that is a big chocolate chip cookie on the plate there to the left.  🙂 – I couldn’t help myself.


Stunning beauty


St. Johannes church, Stockholm


Stunningly beautiful church – St. Johannes church, Stockholm


St. Johannes church, Stockholm – seriously it took my breath away.  I just was simply in awe of this structure.  It is huge – beautiful.  Towers into
the sky like a mountain in the middle of the city.  Simply incredible.


St. Johannes church, Stockholm – A SPECTACULAR church – one of the top scenic churches I have seen in the world.  Just incredible.


St. Johannes church, Stockholm


Now THAT is a car worth driving!


I know Tony will appreciate this photograph 🙂