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Archive: July 21st, 2010

July 21, 2010: A day in Berlin – at the zoo :)

Some pics from today – we had a blast at the Berlin Zoo – it was amazing.  WELL worth going – never know about the zoo.  But the Berlin Zoo was so good – great – that I think we are going to go back.  I LOVED seeing all the animals up close.  They were incredible.  The only one that was sleeping was the Panda.  Maybe we can catch him next time.  It was pretty warm today – so maybe he wanted to nap.


Everything back home is going great.  John and mother reports no problems – Jason fixed the radar issues on one of the computers – so that is good.  Daddy and Tony report everything is going well!  So – GREAT!!!


Store window – Berlin










Joey in with the elephants


He just could not hold it any longer






HUGE fish




Jelly Fish – beautiful





Perfect day




Zebra – cameo appearance


Joey playing with the lion


Amazing – I think we will go back to the zoo!!!!


Shark at the zoo



HELLLLLO – I am not your lunch. 


Loved the zebras






White wolf



A white wolf




A beautiful bear at the Berlin Zoo – well worth going to visit




Love it!!!!






The Polar Bear was beautiful – graceful.  Incredible to see!






Polar Bear!!!!


Amazing – beautiful –


Polar Bears were incredible











Given me the eye


Mama and baby


And there is the baby 🙂


Protective of the baby


Hanging out


The giraffes were amazing!


Giraffe’s – love em





Just some fun in the sun today 🙂


Beautiful animals!


I thought this building was unique 🙂


Another cool building – front of the building here in Berlin


July 21, 2010: Berlin – and the revolving Mercedes sign…

We made it to Berlin.  Had an awesome time at the Berlin Zoo.  You could get quite close to the animals – loved the bears and the jellyfish – big fan of the jellyfish!!!  One of the better zoos I have visited. 

Took a bunch of photos – but the internet here is very slow – so unsure how many I will upload 🙂 – will put them on Facebook.  Easier.