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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » August 10, 2010: Dione’s update and heat wave
Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

August 10, 2010: Dione’s update and heat wave

Holy smokes – it is hot.  We had 103 degrees up here today – heat index yesterday was above 120.  Close to that today.  The heat is awful.  Not sure what else to say about that.  Looks to continue into the weekend. 

Dione sent me "from the journal of Dione’s life" update a few days ago – here you go 🙂 – this is from here file

August 2, 2010

So its been that kind of day again here at KOM…and then what shall appear but the Health Inspector…so in my friendliest voice I say…yea…come on back…then without thinking….I say…oh you must be new…we usually have this old guy that comes in….he looks at me with a look of wonderment…..he says…no I’ve been here the last two times…I say…”No…there is an old guy that usually comes…he takes off his hat and says…no its been me…I then proceed to get the inspection report out from last time and ask him his name…He says its Joel…and then my mouth drops and I look at him knowing…just knowing…that I am not going to pass….I have just called our Health Inspector…not once …but three times…an old guy…..

We got a 99!


August 4, 2010

Well today is as about as hot as I’ve felt it.  I am at the office today working and had to go to the plant to get some mail.  I thought I could do with a Big Mac and some fries.  Who out there has eaten a Big Mac in the car before raise your hand?  Yes, it is very messy and not a pleasant site. 

So I swung into the McDonalds which was exploding with cars in their parking lot.  All I wanted to do was to park get in and get out.  So getting in was ok…getting out another…it took me about 10 minutes just to back out of my parking space and drive off the lot. It made it even worse because my husband won’t get my air conditioner fixed in my car.  It comes out the top but not out the vents so whenever you want to cool off you have to stick your head up on the dashboard and then take a piece of paper and fan the cold air to your face.  Which from the outside probably looks like your some kind of retard but who cares…its 103! 

So I’m heading off late now getting back to work because of the McDonalds parking lot fiasco and I am whirring by cars on the highway.  I take out my Big Mac and decide to eat on the way….saving time when I get back to work.  So I dive into my fries, my Big Mac and drive with my knees and occasionally a finger.  I notice that there is really heavy traffic today in front of the mall.  I’m guessing because school starts tomorrow and parents are shopping…so I whip past cars in the center lane…whip past cars in the slow lane (still eating) and head on down to the office. 

As I get in front of the new Chick-Fil-A I finally look over and what do I see beside me but a hearse.  OMG….I am stuffing a falling apart Big Mac into my face as I can’t exactly step on the gas when the light turns green…because I finally notice the LLLOONNNGGG line of cars with their headlights on behind the hearse and I’m kind of in shock at how many people I zipped past which stuffing my mouth with a Big Mac. 

So I let the hearse go and to make it worse there is a coffin inside with a flag drapped over it.  So after about 5 cars go I figure I better at least past the green light and get into the center lane so I don’t cause a wreck.  I’m sure also the many many cars behind the hearse appreciated me getting over while they looked at me with appreciation or it could have been disgust while they went by. 


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