Thursday, October 7th, 2010

October 7, 2010: Graves County Project and drought numbers

Great week.  We were able to go down and see Sue and Jack’s place in Nashville.  BEAUTIFUL home and we learned that Sue can paint!  Throw in her photos and I think she absolutely had to be an artist in a former life!  :)    We had a wonderful time visiting.

The weather continues to be dry – we are in a serious drought.  I posted the latest maps and updates on my weather blog – here

Some pretty amazing numbers and statistics.

I see my sister, Dione, finally joined the rest of the world and has started to post on Facebook.  She is under Dione Stanford – so be sure and friend her.  Now the only person now on Facebook is my mother.  Even Daisy has a Facebook :)

Joey and I drove down to Graves County today to check out the apartment project.  Looks like they are really moving along!  I guess the nice weather helps – although most of us want and need rain.

Few photos from the project

Plenty of room for more apartments :)


Second set of apartments is going up










Farmer next door to us



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