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May 3, 2009: Joey’s great uncle passed away

  Joey’s great uncle was killed in a fishing accident yesterday.  The funeral is Wednesday.  I think Joey was pretty close to him as he used to babysit him.  Ressey and Joey returned to Murray this morning.

  It is raining today.  Nothing heavy – but has been raining almost all day.  Cloudy and rainy. 

May 2, 2009: Cloudy Saturday – Dry though! Rain tonight. House photos.

  Rain fell overnight, but nothing major.  We picked up around 0.28" at the farm.  Over 3" for the week!  Areas to our south have received 5-10+ inches of rain.  Crazy amounts.  Glad we did not get the brunt of this storm.  It could have been a real disaster.

  Heavy rain is likely tonight – moderate to heavy.  I am thinking we will receive 0.50"-2" across most of our counties.  Flash flood watch continues into Monday.  Not sure why there is a watch for Sunday night and Monday.  Tonight sounds reasonable, though and tomorrow morning.  Could be some light rain Sunday night – nothing major, though.

  Our friend Ressey is visiting from Murray.  We went to eat at a new Asian restaurant this morning and then headed to the farm.  It looks like the roof is coming along – also the back wall has been built (top floor).   The observation deck won’t be far behind.  It is really going to be high up in the air.  Should be great for viewing the weather.

  Dylan has prom tonight.  Hopefully he will have a good time.

  Some photos from today…


The back wall of the house (top floor).  The observation deck will go above this.


Don and Rodney putting up the knee wall in the attic area.




Attic – bonus room is coming along nicely.


Looking out the window on the top floor of the house


The kitchen area


Cloudy day




  Wow – where did all this freakin rain come from?  What the heck.  We have picked up 3 inches at the farm since the 28th.  We are expecting 2-4 more inches by Monday.  Crazy weather.  Never a dull moment.  At least the severe weather threat looks low.  Slight risk, though.  More weather later next week.

  Looks like this is going to slow down our progress at the farm.  🙁  That sucks!  Maybe the sun will come out on Monday or Tuesday?  At least some dry weather?  I vote – yes.  Let’s hope so.

  Verizon has turned the phone on.  That is a good sign.  Now we will have to get some electricity up there!  lol  Internet, as well.

  Not much new on the H1N1 virus.  Seems to be spreading.  Who knows what will happen with that subject.  So far the virus has been mild.  Let’s hope it stays that way.  Everyone is hoping that is the case.  Not a good situation, though.

  I am hoping the shingles will go up on the house this week.  Then the windows can’t be too far behind?  Right?  🙂  I hope so!!!!  We need that house in the dry!  I think we are CLOSE – need better weather.

  Had lunch with Tracy and Sondra today (from head start in Metropolis).  Great lunch and nice to visit with them.  It has been awhile!!!!!  They seem to be doing great and the program is doing great, as well.  So, good news on all fronts. 

  Some photos from the last few days…