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March 31, 2008: Teddy bears…

  We woke up this morning to more teddy bears.  We couldn’t even open the door.  The delivery guy had placed two boxes right in front of the door!  Now we have no room left for bears.  The living room is full. 

March 30, 2008: Rainy Sunday!

  It is raining outside.  It appears that it rained a lot last night.  There is water standing in the backyard.  We need the rain.  Not.  🙂  We could use a couple of weeks without rain.  It does not appear that is going to happen.  A stormy week ahead of us, I am afraid.

  I am in a great mood this morning, errr afternoon now.  Feel better than I have in awhile.  I seem to be cycling in and out between a really down mood and a really up mood.  It feels like a game of checkers.  Jumping all over the board.  I think I will enjoy the good mood though, for now.  🙂  It feels like there are a 1000 volts of electricity running through my body.   A bit too high at this point.  Not the best feeling.  Guess it is better than the down feeling, though.

  I NEED to take my third quarter satellite test.  I should do that today.  I could do that today.  I don’t want to do that today, though.  lol  But I need to.  MAYBE I will do that in the next hour or two.  Get it out of the way.  That leaves Hydro (you know the exciting class about ummm water).  Seriously, I never knew one could learn so much about water.  I will be glad when the class is over.  Sorry to say.  It isn’t my cup of tea errr water. 

  No news on the farm this week.  I know everyone is wanting news!  Everyone is asking me!  I don’t have anything new to share.  Tim, the banks Realtor, said that he was embarrassed about the whole subject.  He said the bank should have given him the appraisal by now.  How do you appraise a flooded house though?  I would like to know that.  I will be curious to see what price they put on the place.  We already have a low offer on the table – that expired.  We might need to lower it more, after the flood.  lol  We shall see.

  I will say this – maybe this week I will know something!  I have said that every week since Christmas. 

 – beau


March 30, 2008: Some photos from Kristy

  My friend Kristy, the one who lives in Florida and was attacked by the alligator last year – yeah her, sent me these photographs this morning.  I thought they were nice, and deserved to be shared.  🙂  Thanks Kristy.  Lucy in her Easter outfit is the first photograph.  The second one is a butterfly and flowers. 




March 30, 2008: The staircase…

Blah.  Blah is a good word to describe something.  It is a negative word.  It means – lousy, crappy, blues, not well.  It sums up the last week – maybe the last two weeks.  Once again the spiral staircase has found its way under my legs.  This time the elevator was too easy.  So my mind decided to take the stairs.  A much slower, progressive walk towards the insanity of the deep well that it so cheerfully chose to mark as its final destination.  Oh, there were stops along the way.  Happy moments spent with friends.  There was laughter at a few movies and television shows.  I always enjoy a good "talk soup" to perk me up.  But alas there were those stairs.  Downward, downward, and downward.  Tonight, as I write this, I have halfway convinced myself that curling up in a ball, in some corner of the apartment, might provide some therapeutic help.  Course all of the corners of the apartment are filled with boxes, computer equipment, or teddy bears. 

I don’t understand depression.  I don’t pretend to understand it.  I try to understand it.  I read about it online.  I read blogs that other people are writing, concerning their experiences.  I read information on Zoloft – which is what I have used for two years now – to see how it effects other people with depression.  I understood a long time ago that depression doesn’t just go away.  It can’t be "cured".  One can’t "make themselves" happy by doing "activities".  It is something you just have to live with.  I should say, that I have had great success with controlling the depressing using Zoloft.  Until the last few months I would have sworn by it.  Now, lately – I am not sure what has happened.  It seems to no longer be effective.  The waves of darkness, that sweep over me, seem to be coming more frequently – if not constant.  I have tried to control it – mentally.  I have tried to ignore the "feelings".  I have tried to convince myself that tomorrow will be a brighter day.  It is now going on weeks instead of days.  So I am beginning to question what is actually happening..

I live in a beautiful world.  I am surrounded by beautiful family, amazing friends, and a huge support base.  This just goes to show you, that no matter how amazing life is, depression isn’t something that is controlled by your surroundings.  It is a part of your mind.  A part of you.  I have everything in the world that I could possibly ever want, ever need, or ever dream of.  Those things, unfortunately, don’t make depression go away. 

I finally told a friend a few days ago what was happening.  I didn’t want anyone to know.  I guess I am concerned that they might think I will relapse or do something stupid.  Not that they shouldn’t feel that way after some of my experiences since I was 12 years old.  But still, I don’t like telling them.  It is hard to talk about.  I want to be fixed not broken.  That is how I look at it.  This is a silly way of thinking though.  Cars are broken, people are not.  We all have our "issues" that we have to deal with. 

Thankfully, I have resisted all temptation to cover up my feelings by using alcohol or other "escapes".  In the past that has been an issue, as many of you know.  So, at least for the moment, (it is always a daily battle) I am on top of the situation.  With that said, what concerns me is the slide downward.  At first I thought it would last a few days, then after a week I thought it might finally come to an end, now it seems like the slide is not only continuing but steepening.  There are days that I don’t feel like getting out of bed, don’t feel like doing my homework, don’t care about anything.  I fight it.  But fighting depression doesn’t just magically make it go away.

I am going to see my counselor on Friday.  Perhaps she will have some additional thoughts.  I have concerns about the original "simple" diagnosis of depression (on the other hand I don’t like labels).  Mainly because I don’t believe I have been totally honest with her on everything that has happened.  At first I felt bad about that, keeping some information bottled up insdie of myself, but then my friend Doug explained to me that it is a normal reaction.  Not talking.  You don’t want to tell a stranger everything.  You want to maintain some control.  You want to keep some of your dignity. 

I write these thoughts mainly because I have been going over my blog, from day one, and I have noticed some patterns.  I guess I always figured the blog might help someone, somewhere, someday, now I think it is helping me in more ways than one.  Sort of ironic.  I have learned a lot about myself over the last few weeks.  Some more than I cared to know.  Funny how a person can look in the mirror every day and not see their reflection.

At least I am not seeing pink elephants or hearing any voices telling me to go out and vote for Hillary Clinton.  When that day arrives, go ahead and lock me away.  I have hit bottom.

– beau

March 25, 2008: Beginnings…Spring

  Spring.  My favorite time of the year.  I am always full of energy.  A renewal of sorts.  The weather warms up.  The flowers start to bloom.  The trees start to bud.  Everything is fresh.  Nature seems to sing a new song.  Putting winter behind us.  Packing away the snowy thoughts, the chilly wind, and the icy streets.  I love spring.

  It has been a long few days.  I can feel the tempo building.  I can sense that a wave is approaching.  A good wave.  The wave that takes us to the next step in all of this. 

  It seems like it has been forever since we moved out of Ashcreek.  It has been about three months ago.  Perhaps a bit longer than that.  It was a rush move.  For those who read the blog, it seemed to all happen in a week or two.  I made up my mind and said "let’s do it".  Throwing caution to the wind – we moved out without any thoughts to where we were going.  I needed a change.  I was tired of not seeing the weather, the storm clouds, the lightning in the sky, the snow blowing through the fields, the sunrises, the sunsets.  I needed to feel the wind in my hair again.  I needed a change.  I needed a new view. 

  Living at Ashcreek was the best.  I don’t think our family has EVER had so many get togethers.  I don’t think we have had that much fun since we were children.  Just being able to have a space to have parties, celebrate holidays, hang out – made it all worthwhile.  Hopefully we will be able to have get togethers again, soon.  Just need to build a house!  The day will come – it is approaching.

  But, for now, we wait.  I believe the time is near though.  I think we are coming to the end of this chapter of the book.  I can hear the music playing.  I can hear the song in the air.  A dream is coming true.  A dream for my mother.  A dream for me.  A dream for my family.  It has been an incredible journey to this point.  The Christmas Day story is something you might read in a Reader’s Digest Magazine.  How do things like that happen?  How do we sense something.  There is purpose in everything.  I believe there is a creator.  Something that drives us.  Something drove me to go to the farm, early on Christmas Morning.  I don’t believe in chance encounters.  I do believe in fate.  I only have to look back at the last three or four years to know that fate is real.  Tangible. 

  Some things in life can’t be explained.  Some things in life don’t need to be explained.  Some things in life you just act upon purely by faith. 




March 23, 2008: Spring


Ah the season has changed, spring has come yet again.
With her flowing trees full of flowers, grass poking through,
The little animals and birds return to the fields,
The snowflakes change to raindrops as temperatures warm.
The dandelions awake from their slumber, yawn, and stretch their heads towards Heaven,
Into the wind their seeds float away
Ah Spring has come yet again!

Winter’s arms, with its icy grip, releases one last hoorah before melting into the ground
Springs warm rays of sunshine pour down
The sky turns blue, white cotton clouds
Spring is abound!


March 22, 2008: Yesterday and Today…

  I do not miss the scene.  I miss the scene.  I am two persons when it comes to that subject.  I miss the fantasy world that I once lived in.  But yet I know it wasn’t reality.  It was a world of drama, of love, of fear.  It was tasting the stars while flying through space on a spiraling trip in our own minds.  There can never be a yesterday like Dallas or Atlanta.  There can be no redo of that path in which we walked and danced.  There can only be the memories of the romantic disco balls and flashing lights.  The beat of the jungle music pulsing through our bodies on the dance floor.  A world of skin and fashion.  Those days are gone leaving us open to new adventures.  New romance.  A new beat to follow off the floor of dancing and into the world of the living.

   – some thoughts that I sent to a friend today.  A reminder of yesterday and today.

  I search for that elusive meaning of life that is like a butterfly in the wind.  Trying to catch it with my broken net.  Perhaps we will never catch that which is in our dreams our minds.  Perhaps it is the attempt to catch the meaning that drives us to search for tomorrow in today.  Perhaps it is the attempt that goes unfulfilled that keeps us moving forward.  Without it perhaps we would lose the desire to wake.

  I know that you are in the field of flowers with your net as well.  Like little kids we run and laugh…always one step behind the butterfly as it flutters above our heads.  Maybe it isn’t about finding the meaning in all of this.  Maybe it is simply the mere desire to explore, to want more, to learn more.  Maybe that IS the meaning.


March 21, 2008: Appraiser at the farm

So I got word today that the appraiser was up at the farm.  He was there to let the bank know how much the house was worth.  Now keep in mind that we have never been interested in the house.  It isn’t worth anything to us.  So we have been hoping that lightning would strike it or perhaps some high winds would huff and puff and blow the house down.  That never happened.

So while I was taking photographs of the flood two days ago, I decided to check on the house.  Well guess what – it flooded.  The finished basement was full of water.  Several inches deep.  I smiled, knowing that this was good news.  It would help get the amount being asked for the property lower.  We already have a low offer on the place.  This will only help us.

Now we are waiting for word.  It will take a few days (and it is the holiday weekend) to find out how much the appraiser thinks the property is worth.  I am certain that it is worth a lot less today than it was a week ago. 

We are one day closer…


March 21, 2008: Poplar Bluff…Disaster

  Very sad news out of Poplar Bluff.  Looks like one of their worst floods as well.  Photograph from foxnews.com



From the Paducah Sun

March 20, 2008: Bloom…

  I am launching a new web-site today!  First full day of spring.  BLOOM <— (just follow the link to the left)

March 20, 2008: Denver Children’s Home…follow up

  I received an email today from the Denver Children’s Home – it appears that the five new computer monitors have arrived safely!  They sent me a couple of photographs.  It looks like they have put them to good use!


March 20, 2008: Happy Birthday David – and Happy Spring!

  Today is the first day of Spring!  SPRING!  FINALLY!  OK, so I enjoy the snow.  I also LOVE SPRING!  I say BRING IT ON!  Warmer weather can only be good news. 

  Today also happens to be David’s birthday!  Only fitting to have the first day of spring on David’s birthday!  A flock of hope has been donated in your name to Heifer International.  🙂


This is amazing!!!!





March 19, 2008: Worst Flood In Vienna’s History…

  Some tid-bits of information from around the region.

WPSD TV 6 reports that every business in VIenna has flood damage.

WSIL TV 3 reports that 100 year old rainfall records were broken across Southern Illinois.

A number of levees have broken in Southeast Missouri.

People in Cape Girardeau County are being rescued by helicopter. 

19 people have drowned in the flooding.

Some rivers in Southern Illinois and Southern Missouri are going to hit all time record crests.

Paducah is now forecast to have a major flood from the Ohio River.  The NWS is forecasting a 47 foot crest.  More crests may come in the next two weeks. Unsure as to whether they will be higher than 47 feet.  At 47 feet major flooding occurs in McCracken and Massac Counties.

A train with over 100 cars derailed in Vienna, Illinois.  The bridge was swept away.


March 19, 2008: Massac County Flood

I took these photographs from the Round Knob area and Big Bay in Massac County.  The flooding only gets worse as you go north from here.

You can also visit my weather blog


Rainfall Totals

Rainfall Totals – EXTREME event

Ohio Valley extreme rainfall

Big Bay, Massac County


March 18, 2008: FLOOD

  An absolute horrible flood has struck the region.  It was well forecast though.  I never dreamed though that so much rain could fall over such a large area.  This is worse than any of the hurricane or tropical storms that have crossed our region in recent memory.  Portions of Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois have received over 10 inches of rain.  Cape Girardeau, Missouri is a mess.  Vienna, Illinois is reporting some of the worst flooding ever.  Many…many communities are experiencing severe flood problems.

  So far Western Kentucky has received 1-4 inches of rain.  Rain will continue through the night.  It looks like all of Western Kentucky will be under flood warnings until tomorrow morning.

  This is an historic flood event for Missouri and Illinois – the Missouri and Ohio Valley.  Some areas have been receiving heavy rain for more than 20 hours now.  Incredible rainfall totals.


March 17, 2008: Bears have arrived!

  Our first load of teddy bears have arrived.  Apparently the delivery man did not knock on the door.  We opened the door this morning and BOOM there were ALLLLLL these boxes!  The whole front of the apartment was covered in boxes.  I am sure the neighbors thought "what the heck is going on over there."   We are still waiting on about 2-300 more bears.  Probably a good thing they didn’t all arrive at once!!!


After we brought a few boxes in I took this picture 🙂



Now we will have the living room full of bears.


March 17, 2008: Daisy


Daisy trying to sleep on the chair…

She is just so darn cute!!!!


March 14, 2008: Closed on our new apartments today…

  Slow day.  Cloudy day as well!  A bit of rain.  We closed on our new set of apartments this morning at 9 am.  Then we headed to Paducah to run errands.  Had to do taxes today as well!  So that was fun!

  No new news on the farm today.  It appears next week we will hear something.  That is what we are being told at least!  So keep the faith!

  A tornado hit Atlanta tonight.  It hit Luckie Street – that is where I used to live.  Sounds like some damage to my old apartment complex.  Looked like CNN got hit as well (CNN was about 1 block north of where I lived).



March 13, 2008: Farm…

  Joey and I went up to the farm today.  It would have been grandmothers birthday today.  The Easter Flowers are in full bloom.




March 12, 2008: Denver Children’s Home and Teddy Bears

  Well, we have 600 teddy bears on the way.  Soon to have a temporary home in Mayfield – then off to Paducah!  They should be here in the next week or two.  A couple of the bears are on back-order.  Probably best!  We need the space.  🙂  These will be going out to the Purchase Area Sexual Assault Center – Child Watch – and some police stations.  I will have to find out which police stations.

  We have also ordered 5 computer monitors for the Denver Chilren’s Home – featured on Oprah’s Big Give!  It was one of their needs listed on their in-kind wish list.  So they should be there in a few days!!

This is the monitor they will be receiving.
I am sure they will put them to good use.

March 11, 2008: Teddy Bear Update…

  It is about time for a new teddy bear run.  It has been about a year!  I guess the bears lasted longer this time.  That is a good!  Less kids in need is always a good thing!  This year the Rape Crisis Center (now called Purchase Area Sexual Abuse Center) has requested some extra bears for the police departments in 8 of our local counties!  So we are going to have to come up with more bears than ever.  I have placed an order with Gund Bears for umm a bunch of bears/cats/dogs/giraffes/elephants.  Thought I would mix it up a bit!  I found out that the kids don’t just like bears but they like a choice!  So we will give them a choice.

  I think the bigger problem, other than coming up with more bears, is going to be where to put them!  This apartment is so small.  I think we can get them to fit though.  We will have to sort them quickly and get them out.  A few are back ordered as well.  It sounds like they will come in two waves.  I am sure the truck driver will have fun parking out front.  🙂  I will post pics when they arrive! 

  A special thank you to Nancy Gomez for working with us on this project!  Nancy works for Gund Bears.



March 11, 2008: The Big Give – Oprah’s new show…

  I don’t know how many people have been able to catch Oprah’s new show "The Big Give".  I watched it last night for the first time.  I went into it with an open mind after reading some positive and some negative articles about the show.  I liked it.  If anything I think it helps encourage and inspire people to do good things.  It shows how a little bit can go a long way – or how one person can change another persons life.  I give the show an A+ for effort and inspiration.

  On that subject 🙂  I was touched by the story from the Denver Children’s Home.  You can see their web-site here.  While looking over their web-site I came across this "wish list".    A whole list of stuff that they need.  So I think we will go out and see if we can’t fill a few of their wishes.  🙂



March 10, 2008: Excavator at the farm…

  Tony, Joey, and myself all went up to the farm today.  We took an excavator with us.  This is someone that Tony knows.  Seems like a real nice guy and he should be perfect for the job.  We talked about where we wanted the houses and how we wanted everything laid out.  Everything is moving along.  Tony is working VERY hard to make all of this come together.  Mother still doesn’t know anything about it – not that I know of at least! 

  On another note – we have a strong bite on Ashcreek.  I think we may have a buyer soon.  Crossing fingers.  We had someone that was interested last week but they haven’t called back.  This new person lives in the Ashcreek area and called after I got back from the farm on Sunday Night.  Tony sent him additional information today concerning the utilities.  I am hoping these people buy the house!  We shall see.

  BEAUTIFUL day outside.  It feels like spring.  There was one easter flower getting ready to bloom on the farm!


We went out to eat today for Dione’s Birthday – then to the movies.  At Texas Roadhouse they made her get up on this little horse and ride it.  lol  Then wished her a happy birthday.  Hopefully Tommy got a better photo of the horse 🙂


Music box that I got DIone from Zurich.

Dione on the pony at Texas Roadhouse 🙂


March 9, 2008: Dreams…

Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready 
to pay the price to make them come true…
                                                            – Leon J. Suenes

March 8, 2008: Anthem

  I heard this song today on the radio.  Liked it 🙂  It is called "Anthem" and it is by Eric Lumiere.

Lately I’ve been feeling the same
I’ve being losing hope, resisting the pain
It’s cold outside, I wish it were clearer
Sometimes its just easier to turn around then look in the mirror

This is an anthem for the girl that got away
This is an anthem for the war of yesterday
This is an anthem for the rebel of my youth
This is an anthem for the risk of loving you

Sometimes when I go to sleep
My life spins out in front of me
Like a hurricane, a bottle of wine
Sometimes its easier to let something else control your life

This is an anthem for the girl that got away
This is an anthem for the war of yesterday
This is an anthem for the rebel of my youth
This is an anthem for the risk of loving you

This is an anthem for the girl that got away
This is an anthem for the war of yesterday
This is an anthem for the rebel of my youth
This is an anthem for the risk of loving you



March 8, 2008: Well it snowed…for once

The kids built a snowman this morning – Tony took this photo 🙂   Looking good!!!!

March 8, 2008: Blogging from the farm – making an offer

  So I am sitting on top of my old house.  I figured out a way to get on top.  Just had to pull my SUV up to the back and then climb on top of it…then it was just a small jump to the roof.  🙂  lol  I used to use a ladder when I was a kid.  No ladder today!

  There is a feeling that comes over me when I climb on top of this roof.  Some sort of peaceful feeling.  A feeling that I am not sure I can explain.  Looking out over the open fields – staring off into the distance.  The horizon so far away.  Being able to see New Columbia to the north.  The rolling hills.  The big Oak Tree to my west.  Towering over everything else.  Branches stretched as if in some rejoicing song.  The wind is blowing through my hair.  It is cool but not cold.  There is snow on the ground…but the March sun is still warm on my skin.  I sigh – remembering back to all of the snowstorms on this farm!  The blizzards of the 1970s.  My first thundersnow in the ’80s. 

  This is by definition serenity.  It is that which makes me me.  It is that which makes me feel alive.  I can smell the farm.  The dirt.  The grass.  The trees.  It brings back memories so deep within my mind.  Running as a child through the yard.  Riding three wheelers down the gravel lane.  Running to the school bus.  Climbing trees – jumping off of barn roofs – playing superman with the cape that my grandmother made for me!  The memories remind me of where I started.  Where I came from.  Where I belong.

  I lay down and stair up at the blue blue sky.  Not a cloud to be seen.  All blue.  I look towards the northeast and see the open sky – this is where the meteors enter the atmosphere.  This is where they begin – where they cross overhead.  This is where I used to watch shooting stars.  It feels as if I am still a kid…seems like just yesterday. 

  I walk around the farm.  I can hear the snow crunching under my boots.  I used to love that sound.  I would walk from my house to my grandmothers house.  The snow crunching under my feet.  I used to pretend that I could hear my grandmother walking home at night when I lay my head on my pillow.  It was the beating of my heart…I could hear it in my ears while resting my head on the pillow.  That sound – it reminded me of walking in the snow.  So I would pretent that I was hearing my grandmother walk to her house after leaving ours.  

  Oh, the drifts in front of the house!  I had forgot about that.  When it would snow the wind would whip around our house and cause this arch of snow to drift – right outside our door.  It would always be deeper there.  I had forgotten but now I can see it…right there below me.  I take a picture.  I remember back to the late 1970s.  The blizzard.  I remember sitting in front of the living room window and watching the snow drift deeper and deeper.  Every so often I would get up and go tell my mother how deep the snow was getting.  Deeper and deeper and deeper. 

  This feels right.  I had to come back up here today.  In the snow.  I had to convince myself one more time.  This makes the fourth or fifth time?  I just need to know that I am doing the right thing.  I am.  I know I am.  This has all been too perfect.  From the moment I came up here on Christmas Morning – to convince myself that I needed to move on – to forget about the farm.  To seeing the realtor lock on the front door.  Knowing something was wrong – could it be?  It was.  And here we are – a few months later.  On top of the roof.  Listening to the birds chirp…I can even hear the frogs in the pond. 

  I can see the easter flowers – daffodils – blooming.  They are coming out of the ground.  I used to love easter flowers.  Every time I smell an Easter flower I think about the farm.  To this day – that is what they remind me of.  They will always remind me of home.

  Tomorrow is Dione’s Birthday – Thursday is Grandmothers Birthday.  Two days ago the bank finished their foreclosure on the property.  They are finished.  The house is now for sale.  We are just waiting on the realtor to call Tony.  We are making an offer.

  This is fate if there ever was fate

  Big Oak Tree to the West

  Crunching through the snow…


  That snow drift that was always in front of the house

  New Columbia in the distance


Easter flowers…poking through the snow

Looking west/southwest – the sunset view



  The METEOR view to the northeast 🙂






March 7, 2008: Snowstorm is coming!

  The entire region will see snow this afternoon and into tonight.  I believe 3-5" is the best bet for Paducah and Metropolis – same for Mayfield.  If we get lucky we will see a tad more in some areas.

  About time we got a snowstorm around here!  Just in time for spring!  🙂

  No new news on any front.  Signing for the new apartments on March 14th.  No new news on the farm.  Hopefully this week?  How many weeks have I been saying that???  All good things come to those who wait.

  I have to admit that I am nervous about the whole process.  I have never built a house for myself.  It is a lot of work.  I know that.  I just have to remain calm through the process!!!  My OCD will get the best of me.  At least I won’t be the one building it!!!!  That would be a mess.  🙂 

  Midterms are over.  I made an A on my satellite mid-term.  Hoping for at least a C or B on my hydro test.  It was HARD.


4 p.m. Snow Update From Mayfield 🙂

Mayfield, KY


Mayfield, KY


Mayfield, KY


Mayfield, KY

Mayfield, KY

Mayfield, KY

Mayfield, KY

Paducah, KY

Mayfield, KY

Mayfield, KY


Mayfield, KY


Mayfield, KY

Highway 45 – Paducah to Mayfield, KY


Mayfield, KY – Highway 45


Mayfield, KY


  It feels like spring outside!  Temperatures are in the upper 60s and lower 70s.  Nice weather.  It looks like we will receive a lot of rain over the next 48 hours.  Some places may even see snow!  Most of the snow and ice should miss Paducah and Metropolis.  More ice and snow as you go towards St Louis.  I expect that we will at least see some flurries or light snow before all is said and done.

  We are in a slight risk for strong thunderstorms on Monday.  Bigger outbreak will be south of us.

  Still recovering from my cold.  Getting better though.  Getting some rest.  Still have to unpack everything. 


David Archuleta performing Imagine!  GREAT SONG and GREAT SINGER!

American Idol – David Archuleta – Imagine