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September 28, 2008: Criminals in charge…

  I found this comic strips to state the obvious – I think I have lost all faith in our government.  Sad, really. 

























September 28, 2008: Happy Birthday Dylan…Cold Weather Coming?

  Well, it is Dylan’s 18th Birthday!!!!  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DYLAN!  18???  🙂  Man, time sure does pass quickly. 

  It looks like some cold weather is going to pour into the Ohio Valley later this week.  Brrrr – temperatures down into the 40s across our region.  Some models even show 30s!  We won’t go all out just yet on the cold, but I think we can expect at least some 40s.  Frost across portions of the Ohio Valley.  Fairly early in the season for that.  There could even be snow flakes in the Great Lakes Region!  I like it!!!

  Everything is good in California.  Spent Saturday exploring the city.  Going to see a show today.

  No word from David…he is WAY up north – he could even be in snow!  Waiting for him to send us a photo.  I don’t think he has internet where he is located. 

  We are heading home on Tuesday.  Should be home Tuesday night.  Then I have tests on Wednesday through Friday.  Then I have to start studying for midterms.  The blueprints should be ready this week as well.  We also have to prepare for the closing on Glen Argo.  Lot going on! 


The new shed is finished at the Tri-Plex – North Graves County, KY.


September 26, 2008: China Town…Aquarium

  Woke up this morning and walked over to Chinatown.  It was about a 20 minute walk.  Lot of interesting shops and restaurants.  After that we went to the aquarium, which is located right on the bay.

  Weather continues to be nice!  I guess the weather is usually fairly nice this time of the year, here in California.


Joey in Chinatown




















September 26, 2008: San Francisco, California

  As we watch the politicians wreck everything around us, here are some more photographs from Thursday.

Me on the Golden Gate Bridge


The beautiful Golden Gay Bridge and the San Francisco Bay


San Francisco City in the background –


Thought Kristy would like this photograph 🙂





For some reason these creatures remind me of Daisy.  Laying around on their backs…snoring.





There is a HUGE palm tree outside of our hotel.  Actually a beautiful tree! 


We went on a dinner cruise last night.  The California Hornblower.  Three hours out on the water.  It was
nice to see the City of San Francisco from the Bay.  The weather was almost chilly!!! 


The city as seen from San Francisco Bay




There were fireworks later in the evening over by the Bay Bridge…not sure what they were celebrating.
Huge fireworks, though.  Pretty cool!




September 25, 2008: Beautiful day in San Francisco

  Temperatures are in the 70s – low humidity – and beautiful sky conditions.  Lot of Cirrus clouds today.  Making for a nice sky view!  We walkted about 5-6 miles – from the hotel to and across the Golden Gate Bridge. 


Golden Gate Bridge









Joey on the Golden Gate Bridge



San Francisco Bay



There were about 12-15 of these worlds along the path to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Each one of them
addressed pollution issues. 





September 24, 2008: San Francisco!

  We made it to California.  Left Paducah at 5:15 AM this morning!  Early flight – left the ground a little after 6 AM.  I actually woke up at 1:30 last night, looked at the clock and it said 4:45 AM.  So, I got up and was going to get ready – then I noticed the clock was wrong.  🙂  I forgot to move the slider over so it was showing the alarm time and not the actual time.  Oops!

  It is beautiful out here.  Actually a bit chilly tonight.  We are right on the bay.  Lot of Sea Lions!

The Bay at sunset this evening


One of the many sea lions.  I bet Daisy would love the sea lions!



Fisherman’s Whard – San Francisco Bay – Joey


Some of the fishing boats out front…


September 24, 2008: Made it to California…and insurance update.

  We made it safely to California.  The weather is beautiful.  Temperatures are in the 60s.  Nice breeze.  Blue sky!

  So, the insurance is not $30000 a year but rather $1000.  They called back today and said they made a mistake.  I would say so.  Big difference between a THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLAR quote and a ONE THOUSAND dollar quote.  heh  I will take the $1000 quote!

  In other news, the president spoke tonnight about how they are going to steal another 700 billion from American Tax Payers.  The WHOLE situation is crooked.  The American People surely have had enough – from both sides? 



September 23, 2008: Insurance…

  So, we had a quote of $2500 for flood insurance on Argo.  That was a few days again.  Then they called back and said they were in error and it is actually $30000.00.   lol  Are you kidding me?  We can self insure for less than that!  Needless to say we are calling around to get other quotes.  The guy that owns them now says he is not paying anywhere near that.  So something doesn’t pass the sniff test.

  McCracken County has a new OEM Director.  Hope he is interested in weather!  Going to meet him tonight.

  Markets are down down down.  Almost 3500 points since a year ago.  No surprise.  I figured the bottom would be 9000-10000.  Said that about a year ago and still believe it to be the case.  Much lower than that is possible, though.  Rough markets.  But, it always gets better and I am sure 10 years from now we will be talking about a DOW of 17000-19000. 

  Word is that Don will be finished with the blueprints next week.  I say "finished" in loose terms.  This might get us what we need to start the footprint. 

  Packing for California.  Leaving in the morning…early flight.  Should be in California by 11 AM.



September 22, 2008: Damage from storm…

  Well, we had $10000 in damage from the wind storm, at only two properties!  Yike.  Argo would have probably been at least that amount – but that isn’t our responsibility just yet.  I could have done without that news (the estimates) today.  That is a budget buster for sure.

  Met with my dad and Tony today, at the Glen Argo property.  We are trying to figure out the best way to fix up one building into an apartment.  I think we made some headway.  We went out to eat afterwards.  Then I headed for Mayfield – met my mother down there and we had dinner.

  Back home now…trying to finish up homework and other "stuff" that is going on around here.  Heading to California on Wednesday morning.  Will be out there for one week.  Then back home for midterms and quarterly tests. 



September 21, 2008: Sunday. Happy Birthday Daddy

  Well, it has been a cloudy day across our region.  We had some light rain over the last few days.  Nothing significant, though.  At least not here in Lone Oak.  Portions of the area did receive thunderstorms. 

  Today is daddy’s birthday.  🙂  So, happy birthday to him! 

  I have been moving computer files all day.  Trying to get everything backed up…that way if I have another crash it won’t be a big deal.  🙂  Taking forever.  I have moved hundreds of thousands of files.  That includes photographs, text files, documents, and so on!  Amazing how many files these hard drives have on them.

  Tomorrow I am meeting Tony and my dad at the new apartments here in Paducah.  We are trying to figure out if we can turn the one small building into an apartment.  After that I have to be in Mayfield.

  Looks like a little bit of homework this week…going to leave on Wednesday and take a break for a week.  When I get back I will have two major tests and midterms.  Not looking forward to any of that.  I have to make good grades on the midterm – it is 30% of my overall grade.  So, I will enjoy the one week break and then hit the books hard.

  Not much else to report!  Everything is going well on most fronts.



September 21, 2008: Thumbing through some old photos :)

Me – Deena – Dione – at Deena’s Birthday Party 🙂 


Mariah – the beauty queen 🙂


Daddy – Deena – Dylan


Deena, Dione, and me at  Disney World 🙂


Was I really that small 🙂  I am getting the Little House on the Prairie Vibe.




My dad and me.  Looks like 4 candles there. 


Wilbert putting mother into a high chari on the old farm


Me up on the farm – must have been my birthday.  8 years old?  I think?


When I used to play baseball 🙂  – Proof I played!


Nice hat 🙂 – I wonder who made me wear that 😛


Then of course, there is this checkered shirt.   They made me wear the freakin picnic blanket????


Me – Grandmother – Deena – Looks like grandmother’s birthday party


And probably one of my scarier photos 🙂

Very Large Glasses – CHECK
Large Ears – CHECK
Bad Hair Cut – Check
Homemade Denim Jeans and Vest – Check

Family Farm – Sunset


Dione and Deena 🙂 with grandpa




September 19, 2008: The day the free markets died…

  A note in history.  Today was the day that free markets, as we knew them, ended. 

  Go figure.

  I don’t think that most people realize that the nation is on the brink of total financial collapse.  The government, taking extraordinary means, is attempting to prevent a total meltdown.  Will it work?  One trillion dollars later?  Don’t count on it.  This could be a temporary solution or this could help at least give a "time out" for the markets, but it isn’t the likely solution to solve the problems at hand.

  We may or may not be out of the woods on this crisis.  I have said for a year now that there are very rough seas ahead.  Buckle up.

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, the banks and the corporations that will grow around them will deprive the people of all their property, first by inflation and then by deflation, until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

Thomas Jefferson


Bush asks Congress for $700 billion for bailout


Bush asks Congress for $700 billion for bailout

WASHINGTON – The Bush administration is asking Congress to let the government buy $700 billion in bad mortgages as part of the largest financial bailout since the Great Depression.




September 18, 2008: Fall is in the air? John’s Birthday!

  At least colder air is shifting into portions of the United States.  Frost and freeze advisories tonight across the northeast!  The snow clock is ticking.  🙂  Just a matter of time.


 Today is John’s Birthday!  I think he is 30 years old…again.  Not sure how many years he has been 30 – several!  🙂  We are going out to eat this evening. 

  David is leaving tomorrow for Canada.  He is flying out of Paducah.  I suppose colder air will await him!  He MIGHT even see some snow…he is going a lot further north than Toronto.  Snow country!  If he does see some snow then perhaps he will send us a snapshot. 

  Not much else going on today.  Tests are over for a few days.  Taking a break.  Next set of quizzes won’t be due until Wednesday.  Then two more weeks until the next big set of tests – including midterms.  Gulp!  Those are the important grades.  I just have to do well on those.  🙂  I guess "studying" will be in the cards.

  We are trying to more up the closing on Glen Argo – shooting for the middle of October instead of the beginning of November.  With the recent wind damage, that makes everything more complicated.  We shall see how it goes in the coming days.  Still waiting for final quotes on the wind damage in Graves County. 


September 17, 2008: Test grades are in…

  Well, it could have been better and it could have been worse!  Thermodynamics ended up with a 100 on the quiz and a 100 on the test.  I will take that!  Physical Meteorology ended up with a 100 on the quiz and 95 on the test.  At first I thought i had a B, but then Jeff through out some questions!  So, I am thrilled.

  Moving on!  Next quarter is already here.  September is HALF over. 

September 17, 2008: A chilly morning! Four tests back today.

  Fall is in the air.  🙂  Temperatures fell well into the 50s overnight.  It feels like fall.  Meteorological fall started September 1st.  So, these temperatures work for me.  I love it.  The trees have a HINT of color.  It won’t be long until we are seeing brilliant reds and yellows.  Then it won’t be long until SNOW arrives.  At least we hope!

Morning Temperature Map:  You can see all of the 50s!


  We are going over to Massac County this afternoon to find some newspaper articles on the tornado that hit our farm when my mother was young.  Not exactly sure what year it was.  I know it was during the 1950s.  Hopefully we can find some articles from the Metropolis Planet.  Otherwise, going to get my hair cut, going to the gym, and waiting on grades!!!!  I receive four grades back today.  Two quizzes and two tests.  These are the first two major tests of the semester.  Crossing fingers.



September 16, 2008: Farm update…

  Well, it has been a few months since we first started the building project up on the old farm place.  We have basically kept one house plan.  What we haven’t done is keep that particular house plan the same size.  We started out in the 2500 square foot range for living space.  Then somehow that went to 4400 square feet.  This did not meet my goal of downsizing and making life simple.

  This thread is the beginning of the farm project


  I finally made the decision to take control of the project (which I sort of felt like I had lost).  I needed to make some executive decisions.  So, I did.  I met with Don today (Don Riley is our architect).  I told him that I needed to keep the same house plan but reduce the size.  I made a drawing for him and he now has control of redrawing the plans.  It may be 2-3 more weeks.

  After that, we can start the building process.  It appears it will be November.  I think we first thought it would be July.  That was wishful thinking!  So, now the new thought is November.

  I have plenty to keep me busy between now and then.  We have the shed going up in Graves County, we have the Glen Argo project, I have a TON of schoolwork, then there is everything else in between.  Fall will be starting soon.  That means WINTER STORM CHASE season is here!  I can’t wait for the first big storm…within range.  🙂 

  David is leaving on Friday, for Canada.  He will be gone for two weeks.  Joey and I will hold down the fort (Daisy as well).

  Everything else is moving along nicely. 

  Sue Henry put together a photography club meeting last night.  It was held at the Paducah library.  There were 15-20 people there (I lost count).  GREAT first meeting.  Lot of interesting people, different backgrounds, from all over Western Kentucky and even Southern Illinois.  I think Sue was very happy with the turnout.

  I get four tests back tomorrow, for school.  Crossing fingers that I make an A or B on them.  Not sure.


The farm 🙂


New KIVA Partners


Mrs. Soksan Pich (show in the picture on the lelf with ther mother), 23, and her husband were married in 2004 and have one son. The couple lives with Soksan’s parents on an island in the Mekong River about fifteen kilometers from Phnom Penh. Mrs. Soksan has been a silk weaver since 2000, a skill she learned from her mother, while her husband is a silk weaver as well. Soksan sells her finished products to the middleman in the village, who then takes them to sell in Phnom Penh. Currently, she is creating another business of selling grocery items in front of her house.

Name:  Soksan Pich
Business Name:  Silk Production
Location:  Muk Kampoui district, Cambodia
Business:  Grocery Story


Mr. Hach Ros, 23 years old, makes charcoal to sell in his area. He has been running his business since 2005 and earns around US$4.66 per day. Hach sells the charcoal from his home area to his customers, including retailers and wholesalers. He is married to Mrs. Hon Sona, 20 years old. They have one child, who is too young to be in school yet. They live in Khnasanday Commune in the Siem Reap Province. To increase the family’s income Hach wants to sell his charcoal by transporting it to customers’ homes. He needs oxen to use as transportation, but he faces the obstacle of lacking the money to purchase two oxen.

Name:  Hach Ros
Business Location:  Siem Reap, Cambodia


Marième Mbaye is married and has four children in her care. She has been a member of the village bank of Boucotte Face Néma for five and a half years. She wants a loan to buy milk, sugar, coffee, eggs, macaroni, Jumbo bouillon cubes, tomatoes, onions, and potatoes in order to bolster her business in breakfast sales at the marketplace Grand Dakar. Her income enables her to improve her family’s living conditions.

Name:  Marième Mbaye
Business Location:  ZIGUINCHOR, Senegal


Mrs. Ly Men is 44 years old and lives with her father. She makes bricks to sell from her house. She works hard at her business and earns approximately US$5.96 per day. She is single and started her business in 2000. Her father is a rice farmer. She lives in Kean Sangkei Commune, Siem Reap Province.

She decided to request a loan to stock clay for making bricks and to buy gas and wood to operate her business. The loan will increase her income, which will help her support her family and sufficiently cover their living expenses.


September 16, 2008: Some damage to our apartments…

  I met with the architect this afternoon.  Trying to fine tune the building plans.  Trying to get the house smaller.  This seems to be a process!  Hopefully we will have a working plan…soon.  🙂

  The new apartments we are buying in Paducah had some damage.  Lot of tile off, some shutters off, siding, and the like.  They have an insurance adjuster looking at the damage.

  On the way to Mayfield, Kentucky, we saw a lot of wind damage, as well.

  We also stopped by our Tri-Plexes in Graves County.  The shed we are building is coming along nicely.  Thankfully no wind damage to that structure.


Glen Argo damage


Mayfield, Kentucky – damage to Gene’s Flower Shop


Our new shed is coming along nicely.  🙂


September 16, 2008: Cleanup continues…

  Well, it has been a long week for a lot of people in the area.  Some people are still without power, lot of trees to clean up, roof damage and so on.  Several of our apartments had damage to their roofs.  We have insurance adjusters accessing the damage. 

  I would say we have several thousand dollars worth of damage.  Mother has a fence that was destroyed.  That will need replacing.  Two of the three apartments on North 8th Street have roof damage and a large portion of an Oak Tree down.  The new apartments in Paducah have damage as well.

  Couple of photos that Tony took…

North 8 Street Apartments – part of the Oak Tree broke


Damage at mother’s house – most of the fence blew down – some into the pool – others into the neighbors


Not sure who owns this house.  Tony took this photo – Mayfield, KY.



September 14, 2008: More damage photos – Lone Oak/Metropolis

  Some more damage photos.  Metropolis has a number of trees down, power lines, we saw one shed destroyed.


Front of our house…removing debris/trees


Lone Oak


Lone Oak – tree down on house.  Near Charlotte Ann Drive


Lone Oak


Flashing off of house.  Lone Oak, Kentucky.


Highway 45 – Lone Oak, KY


One large sign broke off at the base


Large sign down – Highway 45 – Lone Oak, KY


Shed damage – Country Club Road – Metropoiis, Illinois


Shed destroyed – Country Club Road – Metropolis, Illinois


Metropolis, Illinois – Tree Damage


Tree down – 7th Street – Metropolis, Illinois


Metropolis, Illinois


3rd Street – Metropolis, Illinois


3rd Street – Metropolis, Illinois


Metropolis, Illinois – 6th Street



Tree on house – 11th and Broadway in Metropolis


11th and Broadway – Metropolis, Illinois


11th Broadway – Metropolis, Illinois


North Avenue, Metropolis, Illinois


North Avenue, Metropolis, Illinois


Corn broken on the farm – Round Knob, Illinois



September 14, 2008: Ike Moves Through

  Here is an image grab of the low pressure area that moved through the area…responsible for the damaging winds.











September 14, 2008: Widespread wind damage in the region…

  Here are some photos, that I took, from Paducah/Lone Oak/McCracken County.  Ike tracked through Southern Illinois this morning.  Pressure readings were down to 991 MB – or 29.20 something.  VERY high winds swept through the area…gusts over 70 MPH were reported in several counties.  We had sustained winds over 35 mph here in Lone Oak.  Several gusts over 70 mph.


Lone Oak – Sign damage


Damage to the car wash in Lone Oak


Downtown Paducah – Broadway cleanup begins


Window blown out – Jefferson Street – Downtown Paducah – glass littered
the street below


U.S. Bank Sign – Jefferson Street, Downtown Paducah


Jefferson Street – Paducah


Jefferson Street – Paducah


Jefferson Street – Paducah


Jefferson Street – Paducah

Jefferson Street – Paducah


Jefferson Street – Paducah


Jefferson Street – Paducah


Jefferson Street – Paducah


Jefferson Street – Paducah – Cleanup begins


Jefferson Street – Paducah


Jefferson Street – Paducah, KY


Jefferson Street – Apartment building damage



Kentucky Oaks Mall





Kentucky Oaks Mall


South of Kentucky Oaks Mall – near Energy Fitness Center


Lone Oak, Kentucky


Lone Oak, Kentucky



September 14, 2008: Hello Ike – widespread damage in our area

  Winds over 50-70 mph across our whole region.  Widespread reports of damage.  Semi blown over on I24 – trees down – windows busted in businesses – signs down.

  These are photos from around my house



  It appears we are about to lose most of the coastline from Galveston to the Louisiana border.  I suspect it will look like the Mississippi coast after Katrina.  Port Arthur and Galveston will be devastated. 

Setember 12, 2008: Last nights birthday party…

  Dylan turns 18 – Danielle is 13 – and daddy – he didn’t say his age!  😉


Chef Antonio


Tyler doing his homework 🙂


Danielle with Daisy and Bubba


Nice clouds 🙂


Tyler and Bubba


Me and mother


Danielle, Tony, and Joey


Bubba (Tony/Deena’s pug)






Happy Birthday Dylan


Happy Birthday Daddy



Happy Birthday Danielle


Mother and Tony




Joey and Daisy (shot out to Lucy)




September 12, 2008: Run on gas last night in Paducah

  We had a birthday party at Deena’s last night.  Somewhere around 7 PM we heard that gas prices were over $4 in Paducah and would probably go to $5 before the weekend.

  I was a bit skeptical.  Then, when we left the party to head home, we saw cars lined up into the street at almost every gas station.  When we got into Lone Oak some stations were out of gas, others had raised prices to $4.59!!!!  Gas was $3.50 something at 2 PM yesterday.  I don’t ever recall seeing anything like that happen before.

  Gas was over $5 in Marion, Illinois and Carbondale!

  Some photos I took in Lone Oak…

Lone Oak Gas Prices


Line up in Lone Oak – people getting gas


SuperValu – Lone Oak


9/11 – Two Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Seven Days Later…



September 10, 2008: Dangerous Ike

  Ike continues to move into the Gulf of Mexico, this evening.  Winds are now over 100 mph.  Additional strengthening is likely.  It appears landfall will be somewhere near Corpus Cristi – NHC takes it further north.  There is a wide window of opportunity for landfall.  So, I will have to fine tune my thoughts as we get a bit closer.

  A large hurricane watch has been issued for Texas.

  This is a powerful and dangerous hurricane.

September 9, 2008: It is a Tuesday

  I figured I would state the obvious right up front.  Today is Tuesday.  There you have it!

  Homework…and then more homework.  Starting on the second quarter homework in Thermo and the midterm study guide.  About 200 questions in total.  I keep thinking "if I can just get to the midterm and make good grades".  Keep pushing ahead.

  It sounds like Sue is very close to selling her place here in Paducah.  Her and Jack will then move to Nashville.  I guess I have a new reason to visit Nashville.  ")  Crossing fingers that their sale goes through.  They have a contract in place.

  Ike has moved off of Cuba and is now moving into the Gulf of Mexico.  I am leaning towards the Corpus Cristi area for a hit.  Looks like Friday/Saturday.  Sticking with a category 3 hit.  I believe that is what my forecast has been.  🙂

  Will Ike bring this region rain?  It appears that the heaviest rains may stay west of us (AGAIN).  Keep fingers crossed, though.  We need the rain. 

  Meeting with builders tomorrow, concerning the farm project.

  We have until 5 PM today to accept a counter-offer on the Glen Argo apartments. 

  More later…

September 9, 2008: Frymire makes his winter forecast

🙂 From the Paducah Sun 🙂

Page 1

Page 2

September 8, 2008: Ike

  Ike continues to move across Cuba.  The eye is actually skirting the southern portion of the island.  Right now, it appears that landfall for Ike will come on Friday-Saturday – somewhere near Corpus Christi.  Trend has been south.  Ike is supposed to start turning more north as it nears the U.S. Coast.  Best guess right now though is Corpus Christi to Brownsville.  South of the NHC forecast.   She will likely be a category three hurricane at landfall.

  Still a few days away, though.