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May 30, 2009: Wonderful day – cooler – farm photos.

  Well, it was an absolutely GORGEOUS day!  Rumors of rain today were greatly exaggerated.  Barely a cloud in the sky!  Loving every minute of it.  Now, if we could just have 20 more of these days.  I am sure I would be happy with that – I am certain a lot of farmers would be just fine with a dry spell.

  I see Jason and Jess are over in Europe.  I believe they arrived yesterday.  They have already posted a few photos on Jason’s blog.

  Otherwise – we went to the farm this morning and then to Maiden Alley to see a movie. The movie was called The Great Buck Howard.  GREAT MOVIE!  Five stars.  Even saw a friend there – Stu who used to do some work at the Red Cross here in Paducah.

  I see Sue was out and about at the car show – downtown Paducah.  I know that because she posted some photos on her blog.  Now if I can just pin her down for some "lunch" time!

  I CAN’T believe that May is over.  What the heck – time is FLYING by.

  Took a few photos today at the farm – I have been posting ALL of the farm photos here

  Anyway – here are some photos from today – you can click an image for a larger view


YAY – the spiral stairs have arrived!!!!  These stairs will lead up to the
observatory deck of the house! 




The back of the house


Looking west – southwest towards Joppa


Looking northward on this beautiful day!


Looking west



Looking northward at one of the farms to our north – near New Columbia


Joey on the top floor of the house


The top of the house – tall ceiling!



That would be me – top of the house


Front of the house





This tank will be buried – this is for the whole house generator



The doors – some of the doors have arrived!



Front of the house




May 30, 2009: Wish I Didn’t Miss You Anymore…

  I love that song.  🙂

  Ho hum – long few weeks behind us.  Building a house is very exciting.  It is also full of a thousand decisions.  I am not the best at making all these decisions on colors, matching tile, and a hundred other type choices.  🙂  Thankfully we have several people that are helping.  I think I would literally go nuts trying to decide all of this by myself.  I normally know what I don’t like, but the problem becomes what do you like.  🙂  Julie warned me about this subject!  She said there would be more decisions than I could ever imagine.

  It is all fun and exciting, though.  Just a bit stressful.  Trying to remember to live in the moment.  That is easier said than done.  You are always thinking about tomorrow – finishing the house – finishing school – and on it goes.  So, just trying to remind myself to enjoy the moment we are in and not think about tomorrows homework, tomorrows tests, the next decision that has to be made.  🙂

  On that note – I will be glad when school is finished and we move into the house.  I have said for awhile that I don’t really know what I will do once all of that is finished.  I have also said that I know what I WON’T be doing.  I won’t be spending so much time on the computer and being home.  With no homework and with the house project finished I definitely want to travel some more.  Explore some areas of the United States.  Get more into photography – which I LOVE, but have had little chance to really spend a lot of time learning anything about the camera itself.  So, I would like to spend some time doing that.

  Hopefully we will hear from David once we finish the house or get closer to that point.  Missing him and everyone else in Canada.  We all seem so far away right now.  Which I guess we are.  One group or the other needs to come for a visit.

  Missing photography lately – I picked some of my favorite photos that I took over the last couple of years. 




Toronto, Ontario – Canada









Waterloo, Canada


Near Waterloo, Canada


Luzern, Switzerland


Moscow, Russia


Moscow, Russia


Moscow, Russia


Moscow, Russia


Moscow, Russia


Moscow, Russia


Moscow, Russia


Moscow, Russia


Moscow, Russia


Moscow, Russia


Moscow, Russia


Moscow – underground



Gorky Park


Moscow, Russia


Moscow, Russia







Munich, Germany


Moscow, Russia


Moscow, Russia




Joey in Moscow









Waterloo, Ontario


Radoltzan, Germany – memories









Quebec City, Quebec


Quebec City


Waterloo, Ontario


Waterloo, Ontario









Venice, Italy


Venice, Italy






Venice, Italy


VEnice, Italy










London, England


Photo I took in Tel Aviv, Israel


Kentucky Lake Flower


Paducah – Summer Fair


McCracken County Fair


West Kentucky Flowers






China Dancers


Cheetah – Fort Massac Park



Downtown Paducah


New York City


Key West, Florida






Mayfield, Kentucky – Praying Mantis


Spider in my backyard


Black Widow Spider – front porch of my house


Friend at the zoo 🙂


Toronto Flowers


Cheetah – Downtown Paducah




Boston, Mass


Boston, Mass


Boston, Mass


Boulder, Colorado


Boulder, Colorado


Evergreen, Colorado


Evergreen, Colorado





Peoria, Illinois Snowstorm – 2006


Peoria, Illinois


Peoria, Illinois Snowstorm


Peoria, Illinois


West Kentucky – NWS Ice Storm


2009 Ice Storm – Mayfield


Jefferson Street Paducah, Kentucky Ice Storm


Ice Storm 2009






May 29, 2009: Up at the farm

  Lot of work going on up at the house.  Looks like the front porch and deck is coming along nicely.  Tommy’s crew is working on the electric.  Installing lights, wiring, outlets – all of that good stuff.  Everything is looking great.  Can’t wait to see the finished product.  We are several months away from that.  🙂  Fall perhaps? 

  Cloudy today.  Wish the sun would come out.  We need sunshine!!!!

  The propane tank was delivered this morning.  This will be buried in the ground.  We will then run the propane to the whole house generator.  This should keep us up and running during severe weather.  That is the plan at least!

   Some photos from today – 

All photos can be viewed here  CLICK HERE

Click photo for larger image

Propane tank has arrived



Southern Illinois Propane delivery the tank this morning




The top of the house – looking east


Looking north out of the top of the house


Front – west side of the house


Front porch and second floor deck is coming along nicely



Back of the house – this will be a sun-room once finished


Rodney working on the deck


Rodney working on the deck


Bobby driving the Tonka Toy



Living room and dining room




Garage – tornado shelter on the right


Utility room


Tornado shelter – walls are starting to come together








Looking northeast in the attic (rec room)


Rodney and Don working on the porch


Looking north off the second story deck


Front of the house


Front of the house


Back of the house


May 28, 2009: Danielle Graduated 8th Grade!

  Well, Danielle officially graduated 8th grade this afternoon!!!!  So, we are happy about that.  I am sure she will have a great time in high school.  For now, though, SUMMER BREAK!!!! 

  Did not go up to the farm today.  Will be heading up there tomorrow morning.  I believe the propane tank is going to be delivered for the generator.  🙂  Worked with Jason and Johnny on the security camera set-up for the farm.  Will have all of that on-line so I can watch the weather when I am away!!!!

  Added some of my favorite travel photographs to this page CLICK HERE

  Rained again today over portions of West KY.

May 27, 2009: Electric and front porch

  6 PM Storms over Marshall County, Kentucky

Thunderstorms to our east – click for larger image


  Tommy and his crew started putting the electric in today.  Looks like they are moving right along.  Bobby and his crew are working on the living room ceiling and front porch – second floor deck. 

  Scattered storms later today.  Some could be severe. 

  Things I need to remember for the house –

Look into doorbell system – placing of wall monitor on south side of media room for monitor wires – conduit for two outlets for the wall mounted weather instruments – lightning protection – security camera types from Johnny – pick up items from Ferguson – Lawntech DVD – Gary and placement of air conditioner upstairs – ceiling mount for media room and medio room closet – Bobby check window size in front top – see Tommy on deck mounted under lights – make appointment with Will next week with Deena – Ronnie return call –


Don and Rodney working on the front porch – deck.



All photos are clickable for larger image



May 26, 2009: Hot tub arrives – electric going in – thunderstorms!

  We picked up 1.02" of rain over the last few days.  We had a nice dry spell that lasted about a week.  So much for dry weather.  Looks active for the next few weeks.  We could start to see a severe weather threat in the Central United States after day 4 or 5.

  We had a nice electrical storm last night.  Knocked out the cable internet for a bit.  We had a ton of cloud to ground strikes around Lone Oak.

  We are getting more thunderstorms today.  Fun fun.  Dry weather would be nice.  Some of the windows won’t be in for another two weeks.  So, we will be trying to keep the rain out.

  We got to see Mariah’s car this morning.  It was pretty messed up.  Looks like they will total it.  Maybe sell it for scrap metal.  Mariah is recovering at home. 


Reed Electric is installing the electric wiring.  They will be there for 3-4 weeks.
Making the photos clickable now.  So, for most of the photos you can click
on them to make them bigger.  Hopefully this works!


Crowell Pool brought the hot tub today



Don helping to move the hot tub to the pad



Putting it in place


Placing it on the pad


And it is in place!


Dark clouds rolling into the area – thunderstorms


Thunderstorms moving into the area


Looking west towards Mermet


All farm photos here – from start to finish


Mariah’s car wreck


Click for larger






May 25, 2009: Smugmug photos. Memorial Day 2009.

  I placed a bunch of my photos on SmugMug.  Sue showed me this site awhile back.  Looks like a good place to keep photographs in order!


  Rain moving back into the region today.  That pesky tropical low continues to impact our region.  Can’t rule out some isolated severe weather.

  Mariah is still sore.  Talked with her for a little bit on the phone.  Sounds like she might be in bed for a few days.  Hopefully a speedy recovery.

  The guys have the day off today – Memorial Day.  Looks like everyone will start back to work tomorrow morning.  Tommy Reed is coming to start on the electric.  Johnny is coming from ADS.  Dale is coming from Kentucky Lake to discuss the cabinets.  Rodney, Don, and Bobby will be there working on windows.  Not sure who else!  I can’t keep up.  Oh, Crowell Pool is also bringing the hot tub tomorrow.

  School has started.  Trying to juggle everything and not get stressed out.  Easier said than done, though.  Just need to keep up – that is all.  Should be fine!  Just a few months left and school will be completely finished.  I will be happy!  It will give me a bit more time to concentrate on other things.  Like building my house!  Still hoping to finish the project before winter.  Not sure.  It is hard to predict when a house will be finished.


May 24, 2009: Mariah’s car wreck

  Mariah wrecked this morning coming off the bridge leading from Paducah into Brookport.  Thankfully she is doing okay.  Few bruises and is a bit sore.  The car was placed inside of a garage and we were not able to see it. 

  Some damage to a car wash as she went down an embankment. 






May 24, 2009: The end of May? Already?

  Wow, this month is almost over.  Yeeeeesh.  The time it just passes so quickly.  I try to slow it down, but that doesn’t seem to be working.  I guess one can not slow time down.  It is what it is!

  The rain is falling from the sky this morning.  That tropical low has finally pushed into the area.  It never did develop into anything major.  Just a weak tropical low.  The rainfall to our south and west will be heavier than it is here today. 

  It was a great week!  A lot was finished on the house.  Shingles!  Windows going in!  Internet!  Zoom Zoom!  Had a wonderful lunch with Caesar and Geri at the farm earlier in the week.  They brought lots of food!

  Had dinner with Dione and Tommy – Jess and Jason during the middle of the week.  Then saw a movie with Tony, Deena, and Tyler last night.  Night At The Museum Part 2. 

  Reese is in town visiting, as well. 

  Looks like it will rain most of today – at least on and off.  No severe weather.  Can’t believe we have managed to escape significant severe weather for the most part this month.  May and June are the peak months for severe thunderstorms.  So, we have lucked out! 

  Looks like Tony is getting his business together down in Mayfield.  Not sure when they will open.  He has been hard at work, though.  They have fixed up one of the buildings we own.  Sounds like they are going to have a lot of people working for them.

  Not much else to report! 

  Somehow I need to adjust my photograph sizes on WordPress.  Deena says the photos are too large.  I guess I am used to these large screen computers.  I need to figure out how to fix it so the photos show up a normal size. Trying to trouble shoot the problem.  Maybe I can figure it out!


Test Photo

Test image – click for larger viewing



May 23, 2009: Windows going in!

  Well, we are making great progress at the farm.  We had to change a few window sizes – so they won’t be in until two more weeks.  However, the garage windows are set in place and the guys installed the windows on the top floor this morning!

  Electric will start going into the house next week.  Then we will get the concrete pads poured for the air condition and generator.  Going with a 45k generator.  Should provide plenty of power when storms hit the area.

  No snakes today!

Windows for the top of the house





Windows going into the top floor – Bobby – Don – Rodney working
today to get the windows in.  Judy was helping, as well to get some
of the debris picked up around the house.


The hot tub area – now we need the hot tub 🙂


Looking west out of the top floor


The art show was today – downtown Paducah


I thought this sign was funny


J and R – downtown Paducah




May 22, 2009: Snake!

  This was today’s find under the new house 🙂  Orkin was there and discovered it first thing this morning.  🙂  Just what we need "snakes on a plane"






I fully expect this will be the next photo from the farm…


May 21, 2009: Long day

 Well, today ended up being a very long day.  Arrived at the farm a little after 9 AM and left around 3 PM.  Most exciting was that Geri and Caesar drove up from Paducah to visit.  I came them the "farm tour: and then we had a great lunch!  I think everyone had a great time.

  Stressful day figuring out some window issues.  Hopefully we can resove these issues tomorrow.  Crossing fingers.  Sort of a big deal.  We shall see.

  I am so tired.  So, cutting this short.

1.  Building a house will make you older

2.  There are a lot of decisions to make when you are building a house.

3.  Building a house will make you older.




May 20, 2009: CONGRATULATIONS TONY!!!!! Way to go!!!!

May 20, 2009: Bunnies! Lost bunnies! House shingles almost finished!

  I headed to the farm this morning around 9 a.m.  Everything was going smoothly until I got off the interstate and headed up the off-ramp at New Columbia.  I pulled up to the stop sign and saw something in the road to my right.  I looked over my passenger seat and at first thought it was a big cat.  Then I rolled the window down and saw a big blob of fur.  At first I thought that someone had run over a cat or some type of animal. 

  So, I backed up the car and parked off to the side of the road.  I got out of the car and saw this big bunny rabbit looking up at me.  It just sat there me looking at it and it looking at me.  I am not sure which one of us was more surprised to see the other.  🙂  So, I looked around and saw a pile of paper bedding (and some of that hamster cage bedding you put in the bottom of a cage) and a bowl beside the road.  So, I put two and two together and thought – well someone must have left this bunny by the side of the road. 

  I went to pick it up and it hopped under my car.  So, I reached under to pick it up and it hopped to the other side of the car.  So, I went to the other side of the car and then it hopped back to the opposite side that I was on.  The bunny did this a few times.  Obviously it was smarter than me.  It had this all figured out.  Finally I decided I would poke it with something I had in the car.  No luck.  I finally backed my car up and it just sat there in the road.

  I picked it up and put it inside my car.  Then I noticed something out of the corner of my eye and there was another big rabbit.  A black one.  i then walked around and looked for more – I figured there must have been some sort of bunny festival that I wasn’t invited to.  I didn’t find any more, though.  So, I tried to pick the black one up.  It was a bit fiesty, though.  Kicking me and scratching me.  It was not wanting to be bothered and I guess was not looking for another road trip.  I finally got it in the car, though – reluctantly.

  So, here I am off I24 with two big bunny rabbits in my floorboard.  I wasn’t sure what to do with them.  I called my sister, Dione.  She told me to take them to the animal shelter in Metropolis.  Project Hope.

  Dione met me there.  There were two guys and a lady working at the shelter.  They came to my car and took the rabbits.  I think they were happy to see them.  lol  The one guy said he was looking for some rabbits. 

  I don’t know what kind of rabbits there were.  Dione called them long eared rabbits.  🙂  Which, they were that if nothing else!  They also were pretty big – fat.  Hopefully they find a good home.  I will have to watch for them on the shelters web-site.  The one guy that was working there might keep them.  Unsure.  🙂  At least they won’t become coyote supper.

  Here are some photos of the rabbits – the black one hid in the corner of the car.

The first rabbit that I found on the road off New Columbia exit


he was keeping an eye on me 🙂



This was the pile of bedding that was on the side of the road – and a little bowl

  So, after all of that excitement I headed to the farm.  Wow they have gotten a lot done over the last 2 days.  The roof is almost finished.  Looks like today or tomorrow for the shingles to be finished.  Bobby and Don were installing windows!!!!!!!  I was excited to see all of this.

  I cut grass around the weather instruments, the well house, and marked the spot for the generator.  Now we have to find someone that will put the propane tank in the ground.  We thought West KY Propane could do that.  No luck.  Looks like we will have to call South Illinois Propane.  Tony is working on that end of the project.

  Verizon was at the farm yesterday and looks like the T-line is ready.  We just have to call Qwest and have them turn it on.  I will be anxious to see what kind of speed we get up there.  Unsure – never used one.  Maybe Jason and I can get the tower cam running and the weather instruments.  🙂

  We had dinner with Dione and Tommy last night along with Jason and Jess.  Jason and Jess are heading to the Meditteraneon on a cruise later next week.  I am sure that will be fun.  Hopefully the weather will be nice.

  Sunny again today!!!  We had a low of 45 at the farm this morning.  Brrrrrr!  Some clouds will approach the region over the next few days from the southeast.  An upper level low is moving through the Gulf of Mexico.


This is where the whole house generator is going


Shingles are ALMOST finished!!!!!  Woohoo!!!




Front of the house – shingles are finished.


Don and Bobby are putting the windows into the garage!


Windows for the top floor – east and west wall


Window for the top front of the house






T line is in place and I think ready to turn on


Upstairs – thinking about putting in a counter/bar here for the kids to put a fridge behind – microwave – stereo








May 19, 2009: Military :)

The average age of the military man is 19 years. He is a short haired, tight-muscled kid who, under normal circumstances is considered by society as half man, half boy. Not yet dry behind the ears, not old enough to buy a beer, but old enough to die for his country. He never really cared much for work and he would rather wax his own car than wash his father’s, but he has never collected unemployment either. 

He’s a recent High School graduate; he was probably an average student, pursued some form of sport activities, drives a ten year old jalopy, and has a steady girlfriend that either broke up with him when he left, or swears to be waiting when he returns from half a world away. He listens to rock and roll or hip-hop or rap or jazz or swing and a 155mm howitzer. 

He is 10 or 15 pounds lighter now than when he was at home because he is working or fighting from before dawn to well after dusk. He has trouble spelling, thus letter writing is a pain for him, but he can field strip a rifle in 30 seconds and reassemble it in less time in the dark. He can recite to you the nomenclature of a machine gun or grenade launcher and use either one effectively if he must. 

He digs foxholes and latrines and can apply first aid like a professional. 

He can march until he is told to stop, or stop until he is told to march. 

He obeys orders instantly and without hesitation, but he is not without spirit or individual dignity. He is self-sufficient. 

He has two sets of fatigues: he washes one and wears the other. He keeps his canteens full and his feet dry. 

He sometimes forgets to brush his teeth, but never to clean his rifle. He can cook his own meals, mend his own clothes, and fix his own hurts. 

If you’re thirsty, he’ll share his water with you; if you are hungry, his food. He’ll even split his ammunition with you in the midst of battle when you run low. 

He has learned to use his hands like weapons and weapons like they were his hands. 

He can save your life – or take it, because that is his job. 

He will often do twice the work of a civilian, draw half the pay, and still find ironic humor in it all. 

He has seen more suffering and death than he should have in his short lifetime.

He has wept in public and in private, for friends who have fallen in combat and is unashamed. 

He feels every note of the National Anthem vibrate through his body while at rigid attention, while tempering the burning desire to ‘square-away’ those around him who haven’t bothered to stand, remove their hat, or even stop talking. 

In an odd twist, day in and day out, far from home, he defends their right to be disrespectful. 

Just as did his Father, Grandfather, and Great- grandfather, he is paying the price for our freedom. Beardless or not, he is not a boy. He is the American Fighting Man that has kept this country free for over 200 years. 

He has asked nothing in return, except our friendship and understanding. Remember him, always, for he has earned our respect and admiration with his blood.

And now we even have women over there in danger, doing their part in this tradition of going to War when our nation calls us to do so. 

As you go to bed tonight, remember this shot. . . 

A short lull, a little shade and a picture of loved ones in their helmets. 


May 19, 2009: BEAUTIFUL outside!!!

  Wow – what an incredible couple of days!  The weather has been AWESOME!  I will take it.  Temperatures were in the 70s today with bright blue sky.  We took Daisy to the park – she was not interested in the ducks.  I think she needs to exercise more.  We walked about 1/2 block and she was already give out.  She is definitely not going to run any races.

  Going to eat with Jason and Jess tonight – Dione and Tommy, as well.

  I didn’t make it up to the house today.  Going tomorrow.  I have a feeling the shingles will be almost finished!!!!!  Long way to go, though.

  Working on school today.  Classes started this morning.  One test down already.  Need to watch another lecture.  Oceanography and Weather Prediction II for this semester.  Then I am finished!  Well, almost.  I have one large test at the end. 

  Dylan had knee surgery today.  Everything went great.  I am sure he is out of it right now.

  I noticed that on IE the web site doesn’t look right.  Mozilla/Firefox it works fine.  Everything is shunted to the bottom of the page (right side bar) on IE.  I have no idea why.

  Missing David, Erick, Doug and everyone in Canada.  Not sure when we will make it up there.  It will be awhile.  Lots going on down here, for now.




May 18, 2009: Sunny day! YAY :) House is moving along

  It looks like they are about 60% finished with the shingles on the roof.  So, that is great news.  They are moving along at a fast pace.  Verizon was also there today to install the T line.  Not sure if they finished that or not.  Will have to check tomorrow.  Met with Tommy concerning the electric – met with a guy from Lone Oak concerning the floor tile and bathroom tile – met with the man with Massac County Water concerning the installment of county water.  So – busy day 🙂

  Looks like a busy week ahead.  School starts tomorrow – thought it was today.  Guess not.  🙂

  WHO may raise the pandemic level to six.  There have been a few cases in our region over the last few days.  CDC believes 100,000+ are sick in the USA.  Concerns are a mutation.  Especially with Japan on-board now with cases.  Hopefully that will not be the case.


May 17, 2009: Dylan’s Graduation

  A very nice day outside.  Beautiful sky and temperatures.

  The graduation went well 🙂  I guess Dylan enters the real world now!  I am sure he is excited!!!!  After graduation we went to celebrate my birthday and Dylan and Danielles graduations.  Danielle will graduate in a week or two.

  Larger photos are here  http://www.usawx.com/dylangraduation.htm

  Took a bunch of photos but had mega problems with my color.  Not sure what is wrong – I guess I will have to take a look at the camera and see what is off.  Can’t seem to correct it even in raw.  So, the photos did not turn out very well.   The color is way off – I made some of them black and white because it was so bad.  For that matter something has been off for the last couple of weeks on the color. 

  Larger photos are here  http://www.usawx.com/dylangraduation.htm






Some of these are on here more than once because I was trying to correct color problems 🙂





Mike – Dylan – Jena



Dylan – Mike – Dylan – Jena



Dylan and Dione


Dylan and Dylan



Quinton – Dylan – Lynne






Dylan and Tony’s mom and dad


Mother and Dylan


Mariah and Dylan


Dione – Dylan – Me – Deena


Tyler – Dylan – Dione



Tommy – Tyler – Dylan – Danielle


Tyler – Dylan – Danielle


Tony – Dylan – Deena – Me


Dylan and his girlfriend (errr Dione is in the background)


Umm Dylan and his girlfriend – Dione once again in the background




Dylan and Lynne


Mariah – Dylan – Danielle – Tyler





Tommy and Dione







Quinton and Dylan







May 17, 2009: May is half over! Dylan graduates today. Birthday celebration and Danielle’s graduation

    Well, today Dylan graduates.  That makes me a little bit older, once again!  We are also celebrating Danielle’s graduation.  We are celebrating my birthday, as well!  It is sunny outside and will be a near perfect weather day.  Go figure.  It is about time!!!

   Don’t look now but I think a tropical system may form in the Gulf of Mexico this week.  A bit early for that type of weather.  Some indications are that we could receive moisture into this region from the system as it pulls north.  Way too far out to be making predictions, though.  Will keep an eye on it.


May 16, 2009: Nice days ahead! Finally some dry weather.

  Well, the rain is coming to an end.  FINALLY!  After weeks of wet and stormy weather we are finally going to see some dry days.  It looks like the weather will be nice Sunday through Thursday.  Some questions after that.  But, hey we will take it!!!!! 

  Trying to figure out the placement of monitors in the weather room at the farm.  The shingles should be finished next week.  That is the plan.  Then we can start wiring. 

  Went to see if I could spot a few deer last night.  No luck.  I guess they knew we were watching them.  🙂

  School starts this week.  Also have to be up at the farm Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Waiting on Qwest to install internet.  They have not told us an exact day – so sounds like we just have to be up there and wait on them.  Would be nice if they would at least tell us a day!

  Dylan graduates tomorrow – Danielle graduates later in the month.  We are also celebrating my birthday tomorrow.  Glad the weather is going to be nice!!!!


The hatch is ready to be installed on the top floor – this will take you out onto the observation deck.


Trying to figure out where the radar and television monitors should go in the weather room.  Doing a mock
set-up 🙂

May 14, 2009: Thunderstorms! Nice day out.

  Wow – it was a very very long night.  I ended up in bed at 5 AM this morning.  We had a line of severe thunderstorms push into and through our region.  Nice hook echo across the south part of our county and then northern Graves County.  I was concerned for awhile that it might produce a tornado.  I have not heard of any reports, though. 

  Much of the Missouri Valley had severe thunderstorms.  A number of tornadoes were reported.  At least three people were killed in Missouri by tornadoes.  Lot of damage. 

  We picked up 1.08" of rain at the farm.  Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain!

  McCracken County had strong winds and heavy rain.  No damage that I know of. 

  After going to bed at 5 AM I woke up at 9 and headed to the farm.  Looks like they are getting the roof on.  It will be a few more days before it is finished.  Maybe next week?  Once we get the roof on then the windows will be next.  I will be thrilled to get it in the dry!  I know the guys will be happy, as well.  Then we start the plumbing and wiring.

  Tony is working on his building down in Mayfield.  They are trying to get it ready to start their new business.  I think they are making good progress.

  It is late – errr well it is 8 pm!  lol  I am ready for bed.

  School starts Monday.

  Some photos from today…




May 12, 2009: A long day!

  Well, today started out early.  I got up at 4:30 AM to look over the weather situation for tomorrows event.  Appears the most severe weather will stay to our north.  However, some severe storms could impact all of the area.  A squall line is likely towards Thursday morning.  Will have to watch the situation carefully.

  Then we left the house at 5 AM to head to Mayfield.  Tony is starting a new business so we had to clean out one of the buildings for their offices.  We got two U-Hauls and moved stuff up to the farm and Paducah.  🙂  Didn’t take us tooooo long.  Dylan helped and Tony’s friend Rob.  All in all it went rather quickly.  I am glad we got most of the stuff moved.

  Then I had an eye docters appointment at 4 PM – and met with Tommy Reed at 8 PM on lighting for the new house.  LONG DAY!  Now it is midnight and I am just finishing up the severe weather forecast for emergency management.

  I am pretty sure tomorrow and tomorrow night will be an all-nighter.  Have to see how the severe weather situation evolves.

  They are getting the roof on the house.  The shingles are coming along!!!!!

The shingles are going on the house.  Rodney and Don were working today.


Moving stuff out of the old garage



We moved some things up to the farm and Paducah today.


Dylan waiting on Tony to move the truck


Tony 🙂


Rodney and Don putting shingles onto the house


Tony and Dylan on top of the house 🙂


Tony and Dylan



May 11, 2009: Running errands! House shingles going on.

  Well, today was a long day.  Lot of errands.  Visited with Dale who is making our cabinets.  Ironed out the details.  Everyone seems to be on the same page.  Met with a lady concerning tile for the bathroom – kitchen counter – shower.  Seemed to be moving towards some decisions on all of that.  Then had lunch with Deena.  After that we went to the farm and cleaned out the old garage.  We need to move stuff out of storage in Mayfield.  We will be doing that at 6 AM in the morning.

  Took my GEMPAK computer to Jason – he is going to update the software and make sure everything is working properly.

  Looks like Rodney and Bobby were putting shingles on the roof today.  The garage is 1/2 finished.  This is great news because we need to get it in the dry.  Shouldn’t be too much longer.

  A severe weather outbreak is possible on Wednesday into Thursday.  It appears the most intense weather will be north of us.  However, we may very well have bad storms here, as well.  Will be watching all of that unfold.

  Few photos from today…

Shingles on going on the roof


ROdney working to get the shingles put on the roof.


The beams have arrived for the top floor – recreational room.


Joey found an arrowhead today and some Indian pottery.


Severe weather outlook for Wednesday

May 8, 2009: Derecho brings destruction to region

  A very long 48 hours.  We had severe weather almost through the entire night last night (this morning).  Several large hailstorms moved across South Illinois and West Kentucky.  Hail larger than golfballs were reported.  That set the stage for more severe weather during the morning and afternoon hours.  The severe weather continues tonight (now May 9th – 1 AM).  Long duration event because of a frontal system that just will not move out of the region.

  Rainfall totals of 3-6" have been widespread over the last week.  Flooding is occurring over the entire region.  Rivers are high and continue to rise.

  A powerful storm system brought severe damage to our counties today.  Winds of over 100 mph were reported in South Illinois.  Damaging winds also caused damage across South Missouri and portions of West Kentucky.  Graves County Kentucky reported some structure damage to barns.  By far, though, the worst damage was from Carbondale, Illinois towards Harrisburg, Illinois.  Hundreds of homes and buildings have extensive damage.  Thousands of trees were blown down.  One of the most widespread wind events in our region in recent memory.  Damage will be well into the millions.

  Portions of Kentucky have been issued disaster declarations.  The storms have killed 3 people in our region and injured 30-50.

  Needless to say it has been a long day – not good for celebrating a birthday.  We did, however, manage to squeek out a few hours this evening and went out to eat and saw the new Star Trek movie.  🙂  So, that was fun!  Hopefully we get some better weather in the coming days.

  We went to the farm this afternoon to make sure there was no damage.  Thankfully there was not.  I took a few more photographs of the observation deck area.

Observation deck on the back of the house.


Standing on top of the observation deck.



Looking southeast from the observation deck.


Looking northward off the observation deck.


Looking off the observation deck towards the northwest.


This is where you come out of the roof to walk onto the observation deck.


This is where the door will be for the observation deck.  It will be a hatch door.


May 8, 2009: Severe storms moving into our counties

  Paducah, KY radar at 12 AM this morning – very active day ahead.

May 7, 2009: Severe Storms – Snakes – Shingles

Well, it has been a touch forecast today.  Thunderstorms took awhile to form.  We are now under a severe thunderstorm watch until 6 am tomorrow morning.  More severe thunderstorms will be likely tomorrow.  Flash flooding is a big concern.  Active active active weather.  Tough forecasts, as well.

  Spent most of today running errands for the house.  We went to Nashville yesterday to pick out bathroom, kitchen, and dining room fixtures.  So, that was fun.

  Big congratulations to Tony for getting his real estate broker license!!!  Way to go. 

  We ended up at the farm this afternoon.  It appears the roof is on the house.  Now we need shingles.  🙂  That might occur in the next few days.  The observation deck is finished.  I did not bring my camera, but took a few photos with my cell phone.  🙂  You can see forever up on top of the house.  I can’t wait until we get a snowstorm or thunderstorm.  Should be a great view to watch mother nature.

  We noticed a lot of water running down the hill beside the house.  Wasn’t sure what the deal was.  Well, then we discovered some bubbling  water.  Ends up the water pipe has broke.  No water in the old house.  The water was pouring out of the ground.  Then we dug down and  discovered an old gas tank – the water was coming up out of that tank.  It appears the pipe busted somewhere up above the tank.  So, we turned the water off in the well house.

  My dad ended up coming up.  We looked at the situation for awhile.  Then we went back to the well house.  A snake was crawling into the door – so that was fun.  The snake crawled straight up the wall of the well house.  It was pretty freaky to watch. 

  We then dug down a bit and found a large hole in the ground – more than 4 feet deep.  We never hit bottom and couldn’t tell how wide the hole was.  So, we are going to have to watch that in case it caves in.  Will have to do some landscaping it appears!!!!

  We saw 10 deer two days ago.  I ordered some binoculars yesterday.  I can see the deer better that way!

  So, not sure what we are going to do for water.  We have been waiting for six months on the county to run their lines.  I was hoping that project would be completed by now.  No luck.  They said we would have to wait until the ditches are dry.  ???  That could be a long time!!!!  June or July?  I don’t know – but I know we need water.

Cell phone photo – we are on top of the observation deck looking north 🙂  yay!


Looking northwest from the observation deck


On top of the observation deck


Looking southwest from the observation deck


Looking north towards the house – the observation deck is on top – sorry for the bad color – cell phone photo!!!


May 6, 2009: Remembering


These are the only known photographs of the tornado – they were taken by Dylan/Mike/Jena Hillebrand



May 5, 2009: Sun is finally out.

  Well, the sun is finally out.  It has been a few days since we have seen sunshine.  Everyone welcomes the warmer temperatures.  We need several days of this.  Unfortunately, we will not be seeing that.  More rain is moving into the region – later tonight and possibly severe storms on Thursday – more rain on Friday/Saturday.  Rivers are already flooding.  This will only make it worse.

  I drove up to Massac County this morning.  I had to measure for the vanity in the master bathroom – and check some other measurements.  Lot of flowers blooming in the fields.  Yellow flowers 🙂 – some people call them weeds. 

  Hoping that they will have the house in the dry by next week.  Talked with Rodney and Don today.  They believe that is doable.  So, we should all hope for dry weather!  That would help.

  Looks like they are starting on the observation deck.  They asked me where I thought the spiral staircase should go.  So, we figured all of that out.  Moving along!

This is the road where my grandmother lived before she was married.  It is a few miles from where
her other house was (where she was married and where I am building now).  This hill is huge!


From my grandmother’s old home place you can jusssstttt see the top of my new house.


I always like this old railroad bridge (couple of miles from my new house)


Yellow fields 🙂


Rodney and Don were hard at work today.


Rodney working on the observation deck




I think my picture is crooked 🙂


May 5, 2009: Graves/Calloway County Tornado

  EF 0 Tornado – Friday night.  Here is an image that was posted on the Paducah, Kentucky NWS Web-Site – taken by Jessica and Brad Clevenger.


May 4, 2009: Farm house – Christmas lights? Cloudy day. Tornado in Graves County

  A few light rain showers around today.  The farm had 0.76" of rainfall in the past 24 hours.  That makes between 3.5-4.0 for the whole event since last Wednesday.  Impressive rainfall totals.

Rainfall totals for the farm:

April 28th 1.06"
April 29th 0.00
April 30th-May 1st = 1.98
May 2nd – 0.28"
May 3rd – 0.76"
Total = 4.08"

  Another tornado hit in Graves County and near Almo (south of Joey’s parents).  Second one this year.  It was rated EF0.  It struck on the 30th.  We saw the storm on radar and it was appeared rather impressive.  No warning was issued, though. 

  Some indications that we may see some severe weather episodes around May 14-18th.  Will keep an eye.

  Cloudy for the most part today, though.  Seems like it is always cloudy.  Lately.  We need sun.  Maybe tomorrow.  Then more rain tomorrow night and Wednesday.  Believe the heaviest rain will stay south of our region, though.  No more rain is needed in this area.  More rain is also possible towards the end of the week.  Storms will also be possible.

  Met with LawnTech today at the farm.  Discussed the Christmas lights that we had at Ashcreek and how we can move those over to this house.  We will need to add a few strands, but otherwise believe we are good to go. 


Cloudy day – scattered showers.


Rodney up on the ladder.  Nearly 45′ from the top of the house to the bottom.



The trapezoid windows




From the bottom of the hill


Looking east