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Apil 26, 2010: Dylan’s Coming Home Party!

Well, it took me a bit of time to go through all of those photos.  Weather has kept me busy the last week.  We had a severe weather outbreak on Friday and Saturday.  There were over 100 tornadoes reported across the central and southern United States.  Thankfully our region did not have anything too serious.  Some big storms, though.  We had 3 inches of rain.  Not good.  It washed a lot of the seed around that we planted for grass.  But, oh well!  What can you do.

Dylan came home last weekend from his military service.  He was out in Oklahoma and Missouri.  I am sure he was glad to come home.  It appears he has a motorbike now.  Hopefully he will BE CAREFUL on that thing.  HELLO Dylan – reading this.  🙂

We had a party for him and the weather was perfect last Sunday.  We stayed outside on the patio for the most part and everyone really enjoyed the time together.  It has been a little bit since we were all able to get together.  Was nice to see all the kids here.

Daisy had a nice time – Denise brought some puppies with her and that kept Daisy entertained.  Sparky even came up for a visit – but for some reason Sparky avoided the photos.

Denise brought a friend for Daisy to play with

All that yard – so little time!

Payton and her friend

Tyler playing with the puppy

Deena and Denise – with Denise’s puppies!  They are cute!

Another diva no doubt

Denise’s puppies stole the show!


Mariah chilling in the back yard – waiting on Joey to finish those burgers!

Danielle and Daisy together again 🙂

Dylan decided that he needed a bike.  I guess a car just isn’t good enough.  I am glad
he is wearing a helmet.

Dylan’s coming home party!

Dylan – ready to roll!!!

Tyler and Dylan – ZOOM ZOOM

Tony and Dylan

Denise brought a new puppy to play with Daisy 🙂

Quinton and Tommy

My dad and Tony – waiting on those hamburgers and hot dogs to finish up on the grill

Dione with Denise’s puppy – I guess Daisy is just
shoved to the side now.  A new puppy is in town.

AWWWWW they are so cute when they are asleep.  Guess they had a long day.

Dione and diva puppy

Daisy is thinking "who and what is this"

Joey and Daisy – that is me there behind the camera

Dylan and Tyler on Dylan’s bike

Lynne and the little puppy on her shoulder


Tommy waiting on the hamburgers

My dad and Tony


Denise’s little puppy



Joey and Dione pretending to ride Dylan’s bike – they were too scared to actually
get on it

Dione riding the bike

Scary without a helmet and all!

April 22, 2010: Stormy weather ahead

Stormy days ahead.  Looks like some severe weather is possible on Friday and Saturday across the region.  Could be some tornadoes in or near our local area.  Have to work out the finer details, as always.

Had a fun weekend with Dylan back home from the military.  We all got together up here at my place on Sunday afternoon.  I need to post some photos – haven’t had time to go through them all.  Maybe tonight 🙂


April 18, 2010: Dione has an update on her status

Well, Dione emailed me the following – sounds like she needs to hit the gym!

It is now a day after the Dodge Ball Tournament.  I feel worse today than I did yesterday after the games.  My body is hurting in places that I didn’t even know I had muscle anymore.  I figured by age 38 that all of that stuff had turned to mush. It is at this point hard to walk and very painful to raise my arms.  So I sit in this chair with my legs up and my arms at my side typing an email because I really can’t do much else around the house at this point.  Tommy occasionally looks at me and gives me a look of disgust and Sparky is not allowed on either of our bodies because his weight will send us into acute painful spasms.  I honestly didn’t know we had to play that many games.  I first I just thought it was one game and then we lose that’s it.  Then I find out it is 3 games…ok still not bad…I had no idea that we had to play 3 games a piece per team which there were 3 other teams other than us.  The good news for us positive people is they were actually expected 16 teams…which I didn’t know that either.  Someone up there likes me because if we had to play 16 teams I don’t think I would be sitting here emailing you all and breathing today due to some family members violent tempers.  I am suppose to go to work tomorrow but I don’t know how I will be able to walk somewhere without looking like I have been on a horse all day.  I suppose my family will just have to chalk this up as another, well we tried to do something as a family and as usually with all the dysfunctions of us that it didn’t turn out exactly good.  Well, who knew…why does anyone anymore think anything that we try to do as a family will turn out good.  I for one think that the family needs to be a little more pessimistic and maybe just maybe everyone will not be so disappointed in the future.


April 17, 2010: Dodge Ball For Easter Seals

  The Shadow Angel Foundation sponsored a team in the Dodge Ball for Easter Seal’s today.  The family pulled together enough team players – along with Denise, her husband, and John Logeman to put together an All-Star team!  The team came in second place – they put me in charge of photos – Dione said something about being picked last in grade school for dodge ball.  I don’t know.

  Anyway – we came in second place!  We also won best outfit design!

We did win best design for our outfits 🙂

Team Shadow Angel

Jamie – our team captain – giving everyone a pep talk (they needed a lot of pep)

John Logeman

Warm up time for my sisters and Tommy


Warm up before the game

After just 10 minutes the team was completely worn out


Joey and John

Pep talk

Tommy throwing a ball – leading us to victory



Time to take out some players



Jamie was our team captain


Jamie and Denise




The team receiving their award for coming in second place



April 12, 2010: Yes it is the middle of April

The weather is incredible – unless you are a storm chaser.  If you are a storm chaser the weather sucks.  🙂  But – for normal people – this weather is amazing.  Sunny sky – warm temps – loving it.  🙂

Had dinner with Julie and her friend the other night – got to catch up on all of the latest updates from Julie.  Sounds like she has put her house up for sale.  Her and Danny are thinking about moving to Chicago.  I guess I will have to visit Chicago if that happens!

Was able to catch lunch with Sue, Caesar, and Geri – last week.  It has been a little while since we were able to get together.  Sounds like Sue is staying busy down in Nashville. 

Deena and Tony got back from Washington D.C. – sounds like the kids had a good time.  Tony sent me a photo of Tyler and Deena with a satellite.  🙂

April 7, 2010: Stormy day – lunch with friends

Well, we were in a slight risk of severe weather today.  The storms produced some wind and hail.  Perhaps one tornado near Carbondale.  Waiting to see what the NWS finds out about that one.  We had a lot of rain and lightning here at the house.  Tornado watch earlier this afternoon and evening.  No warnings for Metropolis or Paducah.

It was a low end event situation.  Instability was lacking – but there was some decent wind shear.  So – we did have a lot of storms scattered around.

It has been a very quiet severe weather season.  This was the first event we have had in months.  Really – about six months.  Long time!

Joey and I went to Tribecca and had lunch with Sue, Caesar, and Geri.  Had a great time catching up.  I was afraid we might not make it because of the storms – but I called mother nature and told her to hold off for a few hours.  🙂  So – she did!

Signed up for school – starts in May.  Art Appreciation.  I don’t know how I ended up needing that class.  I only need four classes to finish my Bachelors Degree.  That was one of them.  A creative writing class is another one that I need.  Then two more language classes.  I have no idea what I will take – guess we will figure that out.  I am not going to let four classes stand in the way of a Bachelor’s Degree in GeoScience.  🙂

Everything else is moving along – hoping Bobby and them will finish up my house.  That or we are going to not paint the floor and just move our cars into the garage.  One or the other.




April 5, 2010: Had a nice Easter

A quiet Easter weekend.  My mom and I went to a birthday party in Vienna.  It was a friend that she graduated high school with.  Kay Comer put on the party – along with some others.  It was real nice.  Total surprise for the person who was celebrating their party.  We had a great time. 

Then today I went out to eat with my mom and dad.  Actually was not a huge crowd – at least not at 11 am.  🙂

Joey was away in Murray. 

So – it was a fairly uneventful day.  Daisy didn’t even get an Easter egg this year. 

Waiting on showers and storms to develop tonight – but I need to get some sleep.

Deena and Tony – the kids – are in Washington D.C.  Vacation time for them!

Actually feels like spring outside.  Finally.  I hope it will last.  Tired of the cold weather.


Saturday, April 3, 2010 – Saturday before Easter

Well it is Saturday.  Sunday is Easter.  Amazing, I know.  I don’t understand how it can possibly be April. Let alone Easter.  I guess it is, though.

Today was beautiful outside.  However, I did not see any snakes.  I did catch four mice on the outside under the stairs.  As long as they stay outside – I am happy.  Joey says I have taken the warn on mice too far.  That if they stay outside I should leave them alone.  My philosophy is that if they come onto my property they are fair game.

We have a big severe weather class on Monday night.  Hopefully we have a good turnout.  This will be the elite spotter class – something new everyone has been working on.

It has been a good week – some ups and downs.  But good overall. 

Joey went to his parents for the weekend – or down to Murray.  Both I guess.

Daisy is aslssp on the couch.

Deena and Tony – kids – went to Washington D.C. – sounds fun.  I am sure they will go to all of the museums.  Dylan returns home in a few weeks.  I know he is very excited.  I hope he gets into school and starts moving towards a degree.


Thunderstorms are moving into our area tonight – should be gone by morning.  Hopefully.



April 1, 2010: WOW – it is April :( I don’t know – is that good?

  How can it be April.  ALREADY.  What the heck is going on.  Did someone hijack time?  Are we speeding ahead with nothing to stop it from becoming summer and then winter again?  Sigh – I really think time is moving too fast.

  But – what can you do!  I guess we just go along with it.

  I have still not spotted a snake up here.  I have been looking.  Someone else saw a snake today.  I didn’t see it.  Then Joey saw a hawk with a snake.  Carrying the snake off.  So – whatever.  I guess I will just keep looking.

  Mariah baked a cake today at school!  I wouldn’t mind having a piece of the cake.  Looked pretty good!  Dione sent me this photograph

Mariah’s cake!