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March 28, 2010: Ashton in Washington D.C.

  Ashton is in Washington D.C.  Tommy sent me this photograph earlier today.  She is at the placing of the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

March 26, 2010: First snake of the year!

  Well – I didn’t get to see the first snake.  However, two of the guys who are working on the yard did see a 4′ snake.  Out by my weather instruments.  I looked for it later – but came up empty handed!

  Maybe I will find it another day.  Last year we had a ton of snakes.  We will see what happens this year.

  More rain tomorrow night – lovely.  Just what we need.  Looks like the severe threat is low.  Just not enough high dewpoints.  That is going to change soon.   I am expecting several severe weather outbreaks in the coming weeks over or near our region.

  Daisy was being a drama queen today – she wouldn’t go up the stairs.  Now normally she doesn’t like the stairs – but she will still go up them.  Tonight she put her feet firmly planted on the floor and would not budge.  I had to make her climb the stairs – mainly by lifting her back feet while she climbed with her front feet.  Total drama she is.

  Working on a powerpoint for a spotter class – spent most of yesterday and today working on it.  It is quite lengthy.  Will have to see how long it is – once I have it finished.

  The weather need week looks awesome!  Most of the week at least.  Storms by next weekend – again.  We are on a roll for rain and weekends.


March 24, 2010: Dylan in Missouri

 Well – thunderstorms are on the way.  Not expecting anything major.  Some severe weather is not out of the question for our southern counties.  More towards Tennessee – but will be a close call.

We have had almost no severe weather since last fall – maybe even summer.  Quite amazing!  To say the least.  I love it.  🙂

Went to the gym today – not exciting.  But – saw John Logeman there.  Have not seen him in a week or two.  🙂  He was happy to get my weather forecast today – he thought I had quit emailing everyone.  I told him that there has been nothing to talk about lately.

Ordering some teddy bears – we need a bunch for the rape crisis center.  Several hundred.  That is a budget buster.  But – they are almost out.  So – we are ordering them from RUSS Bears this time around.  Last time we used GUND.  But – trying to some RUSS this time around.  Might take a week or so to get them.

Mowed the yard today – Daisy’s yard.  Used the old time push mower – no motor on that.  🙂  lol  – does the job just fine.  I imagined Jason might be watching me from the Daisy cam and laughing at me.  I could hardly keep the thing together – handle kept coming off.

Still no snakes.  Day 10 of the snake watch up here.  I keep looking.

We did see a coyote today – running through a field near here.  I keep looking for the black panther – which someone did get on video tape last week.  🙂

Dylan posted some photos – couple of them!  Here they are –

Dylan and his army buddies – he is in Missouri – keeping the peace 🙂


March 21, 2010: Ok – ok – so I need more updates

  So, it has been busy!  Trying to get ready for severe weather season, working on computer "stuff", attending conferences, new training, ironing out some problems – and so on.  Life is busy!  However, apparently I have neglected my blog posting duties.  So – I will try to do better!

  We had a great time today here at the house – whole family came over and hung out.  Danielle brought her new boyfriend.  Dione was in charge of them.  We had lots of food and lots of rain.  Sure – I tried to shoot for cold and partly cloudy today – but, mother nature decided that would not happen.  It was apparent that the rain was going to fall and fall it did!  We have picked up over an inch of the wet gold.

  Rivers are not going to like all the water.  But – we did need some moisture in the ground.  It has been dry lately.

  The trip to the Caribbean was fun.  Really enjoyed the warmer weather.  I think I have several hundred photos to go through.  I have neglected that duty, as well.  Photos!

  I have not seen any snakes yet.  This year.  Last year we had a bunch – see all the blog photos from last year.   I am expecting to see a bunch this year.  As long as they eat the field mice then I am happy with that!  They can eat all of those that they want.

  Looks like chilly weather tonight and tomorrow.  Then warmer the middle of the week.  No severe weather – yet.  I am thinking the first week or two of April will bring a couple of bigger events to the middle of the nation.  We will see how it goes.

  Here are some photos from the Oasis of the Seas





March 21, 2010

So, in an attempt to get Beau to blog more…we (his family) have taken over his blog and are now doing it for him.  So today I (Dione) am blogging for him.


Well we all came up to his house today (which was a bit chilly inside, he could have turned the heat up) to eat lunch.  This was the entire family coming up to the house today to enjoy company and food.  So it is cold, wet and miserable out today and as we pull up we notice that we cannot pull up in his driveway because it has just be concreted.  We now have to walk about 1 mile to get into the garage in the cold wet rain.  We all get here and then wait about an hour or more before anyone can eat because well, we don’t really know why… after eating we all go upstairs and in different rooms so we don’t have to be around each other too much as to not upset one another with annoying habits or stories.  I also have to do double duty and babysit Danielle and her boyfriend Hay….whatever his name is.  I have to climb 20 or more steps just to get up into the attic to make sure that they are not snuggling too closely.  After going up 2 to 3 times I am tired and my legs hurt so I am abandoing the babysitting and leaving it up to her baby brother Tyler to watch them.  Now I am sitting in the computer room and blogging while listening to men hollar and cuss about a basketball game that doesn’t matter.  I am really should there be a winner and loser in basketball games.  Aren’t we all winners.  Don’t all of these boys deserve a trophy for trying their best.  Can’t we just all forget about who is better then someone else and have a good time.  There isn’t any real desserts here either…just some pies (which I don’t like pies) and a pan of not done brownies (Thanks Tommy) anyway so here we all are together at the farm doing nothing but feeling a little irritated that everyone is getting a little loud and breathing.  Maybe we can do this again sometime.

March 12, 2010: OK – time if just zipping by

  OK – well – I haven’t updated for awhile.  Anyone out there reading?  Unsure!  Life just keeps zooming by.

  Been home for a few days.  After all of that running around – it is nice to finally stay home for a few weeks.  Outside of some severe weather training and emergency management training – I am home!  I say – YAY – to that!

  Been trying to get some things done around here.  We have been trying for three months to finish the driveway.  But, the weather never wants to work with us.  We need three nice days.  Is that too much to ask for?  Apparently so.

  It rained today – driveway cancel.  We MIGHT get it finished on Monday – if we are lucky.  If not Monday then Thursday.  lol  But – rain is in the forecast next Friday or Saturday – so unsure that will work out either.

  What I really need to do is go through my mail – which is sitting here next to me.  Waiting to be opened.  That usually leads to writing checks to someone.  So – for now I will just leave it there.

  I will be thrilled when everything is finished here at the house.  It seems like it is endless.  The final process that is.  But – surely that will soon come to an end?  I keep hoping.

  I bet Sue has gotten settled in down there in Nashville.  But then I think they had a driveway already!

  Starting back to school in April or May or both.  I have to see when the classes start.  I only need four classes to finish my bachelors degree in geo-science.  I will take one of those next semester.  Also signing up for some weather classes through Penn State.  Will be some nice refresher classes and give me something to do.  Not that I need anything to do.

  Made the frontpage of the Paducah Sun today.  Discussing the upcoming severe weather season.  Gave a few quotes.  Article looked okay to me.  🙂

  Hmm what else is new – SPRING has made some attempts to make an appearance.  BUT – we have several weeks to go.  I can’t wait until we start seeing some 80 degree weather.  I say BRING IT ON!!!!


March 3, 2010: Severe Weather Workshop – Norman, Oklahoma

Jason and I made it safely to Oklahoma for the Severe Weather Workshop.  Should be some interesting topics.  Pat Spoden is going to talk about the ice storm – he is from the Paducah, NWS Office.