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January 27, 2009: Ice Storm 3 PM Catastrophic damage

  Most ice I have ever witnessed here.  Trees and tree limbs are falling all over the county.  Large branches are hitting our house.  We can hear crashes every minute now – branches breaking and falling over the neighborhood.









January 27, 2009: Starting to have damage here

  We lost one window.  Tree branch.  Power is going on and off.  Comcast internet is gone.  We have aircard only.  Freezing rain continues.  We can hearing popping noises everywhere.  We can hear loud humming and transformer explosions.  It is getting bad.

  The precip should end on Wednesday afternoon – snow by then.  Freezing rain and ice from now and through the night tonight (Tuesday night).  This is going to get nasty unless we warm up a degree or two).




January 27, 2009: 7 AM – Update from Lone Oak, KY

  Ice storm continues.  I am expecting the ice accumulation to double in the next 18 hours.  Our temperature is falling.  We expect major major damage in our county and others.  Looking bad for this neighborhood.  We are already getting tree limbs falling and transformers blowing.  So far we have power.  It has gone on and off.

  We have recorded 1.55" melted precip and around 1/2" of ice.



Some pics I just took






January 27, 2009: 3 AM – Ice Storm

  We are starting to get limbs breaking here in Lone Oak.  We can hear them outside.  Power outages across the region.  Freezing rain continues.  We have one tree leaning over the house.  Don’t see this ending well for us.  Freezing rain is forecast to continue into tonight.   We have at least another 12-18 hours to go.

This photo is from 1 AM



4 AM


5 AM

January 26, 2009: Ice storm.

  A major ice storm is going to hit the region.  it appears that some counties will have major damage to trees and power lines.  I believe Paducah will see 1/2" of freezing rain – 1-3 inches of sleet and 1-3 inches of snow.  Looks like a bad one.  Some counties could see more than 1" of freezing rain.  Hoping that the temperature will rise just enough to change everything to plain rain along the KY/TN border.  If not then they will see major damage.

  Time will tell.

  I didn’t make it up to the farm today.  Had to work on weather stuff.  Tony went up there and met with the plumber and Kelly.  Looks like they are pouring the concrete foundation for the garage and porches.

  Tony took a few photos…


Pouring foundation support for the porches.



January 25, 2009: Major winter storm approaching…

  Well, it had to happen eventually.  It looks like Old Man Winter is going to hit our region hard.  A mixture of snow, sleet, and freezing rain will move into our counties on Monday night and Tuesday.  Precipitation may continue into Wednesday.

  As far as amounts.  Very tough call.  I am expecting around 1/2" of freezing rain across portions of West KY.  On top of that will be 1-3" of sleet and perhaps 1-3 inches of snow.  Precipitation type is hard to forecast.  Hopefully tomorrow things will be a bit more clear.

  A winter storm watch has been issued for our entire region (much of the Ohio Valley).

  I got my generator ready – 10 gallons of gas – a bit of extra food and other provisions.  I believe we are ready for whatever happens.

  Worst case scenario is a major ice storm.  Some areas could be without power for days or weeks.  Hoping for the best.

 Here is my email forecast that I sent out yesterday…pretty much sums it up


Ice storm and winter storm warnings cover all of our counties. Monday Morning – 8 AM Update

Next update will be this afternoon

Please read carefully as there will be major forecast challenges from one county to the next.  Impacts will NOT be the same in each county of our area.  Please keep this in mind as far as storm expectations.

Major to catastrophic ice storm (for some of our counties) – snow – Tonight through Wednesday

Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee


There has been very little change in guidance over the last few days.  Everything appears on tap for a major winter storm to impact all of our region.

The biggest question that I have is precipitation type.  A few miles will make all the difference between amounts.

At this time it appears the heaviest band of precipitation will be from the Missouri Bootheel through Graves County, Kentucky and then northeastward.  Areas to the north and south of that line will receive less but still heavy totals.

At this time – best forecast that I have is that areas along and north of the Ohio River will receive a bit more snow than ice.  Those areas will also see sleet and freezing rain.  Ballard and McCracken County southward will see more sleet and freezing rain than snow.  Snow will still fall in these counties as well.

The first round of precipitation should move into our counties after 7 PM tonight.  Precipitation could be heavy at times.  Thunderstorms are possible.  Rapid accumulations of snow, sleet, and freezing rain will occur.  This first round of precipitation will likely produce 0.25-0.50" of freezing rain, 1-3 inches of sleet, 2-4" of snow (depending on what county you are in).  A real mixed bag of precipitation.

Damaging accumulations of freezing rain will be most likely across the Missouri Bootheel, Kentucky, and portions of Western Tennessee. 

Round two of precipitation will move into our region on Tuesday afternoon and night.  This precipitation could also be moderate to heavy at times.  I am hoping that colder air will filter into the region and change much of this precipitation to snow instead of freezing rain.  If this precipitation does remain as freezing rain then this will cause additional damage to trees and power lines.

Total freezing rain accumulations could exceed 1" across some of our counties – especially our southern counties.  This will cause major to catastrophic damage to trees and power lines.  Extended power outages from days to weeks will be possible across some counties. 

At this time I believe that Paducah will see a mixed bag of precipitation.  Snow, sleet, and freezing rain.  Accumulations of ice in Paducah will likely be 0.25"-0.50".  Sleet and snow accumulations could exceed 3 inches.  Ice accumulations of 1/2" will likely bring down some tree limbs and power lines.  We will have to monitor just how much of the precipitation falls as sleet vs freezing rain.  It will make all the difference as far as damage impact.

Any slight shift in track of this storm will cause higher or lower accumulations.  Updated forecasts will be issued through tonight.

This is a very dangerous winter storm.  This will be a high impact event.  I expect thousands of people to be without power across PORTIONS OF OUR REGION.

Not everyone will see damage to trees and power lines.  Current guidance suggests there will be a sharp change in precipitation amounts from one county to the next.  It is possible that Mayfield could see freezing rain accumulations of over 1" while Metropolis, Illinois could see less than 1/2" (just an example). 

Everyone should make preparations for the possibility of power outages in our region.  I am sure this will be the top news story for some time to come.  This is a high impact event.

I will update the forecast this afternoon and again tonight (or as information changes).

Beau Dodson
Meteorological Specialist for the Paducah/McCracken County Office of Emergency Management

January 24, 2009: Pouring the tower concrete – foundation work.

  Today was cold.  Very cold!  Temperatures fell into the lower 20s overnight.  It was windy up on the hill.  It is always windy up there.  It also always feels colder up there.  I guess that is because it is windy!

  My dad finished fixing the water problems in the old house.  We now have a shower and running water in the kitchen.  Good – good!

  They poured the foundation walls today.  So that is good news.  They also poured the concrete for the emergency management radio antenna tower.  It was a bit deeper and bigger than we needed.  I don’t think the tower will be going anywhere…that is for sure.

  A major winter storm is going to hit the region on Monday night and Tuesday.  I am very concerned about an ice storm.  Not sure just yet how much sleet vs freezing rain falls.  If this storm is mostly freezing rain then we will be in big trouble – lot of tree and power line damage.

  Here is my email from this morning:


UPDATED:  Saturday, January 24, 2009

If anyone being forwarded this email would like to be on the primary email list then please email me at beaudodson@usawx.com (I will then add you).  If you are getting forwarded emails then it is possible that you will miss updates because the person forwarding the emails may not also be available (especially on weekends or at night).

Wintry precipitation – medium confidence

Time Period:
Monday night into Tuesday and Wednesday into Thursday

Note:  This is a particularly difficult forecast.  Computer models are offering very little in the way of assistance as to how this storm develops.  Run to run inconsistencies are making the confidence in this forecast lower than usual.  This is simply my best thought on how this unfolds.  It could change over the next 48 hours.  I will be more confident in how the storm unfolds as we draw closer in time to the on-set of the event.  The best idea is just to prepare for a possible winter weather event late Monday night into Tuesday.

A very complex weather pattern is setting up across the five state region.  Computer models are coming a little closer together this morning in painting a significant winter storm across Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

Latest guidance indicates that precipitation will start to break out on Monday night across our area – possibly as late as Tuesday morning.  The precipitation will become heavier during the early morning hours of Tuesday.  There is some debate as to just what time the precipitation begins.  At this time (and this is an early thought) I believe it will be after 10 PM in Paducah, Kentucky.  It will spread eastward from there throughout the night.

There is one model that breaks the precipitation out on Tuesday morning instead of Monday night.  Regardless, it appears that a wintry mix will occur across the whole region early next week (at least at the beginning of the storm).

Major differences in precipitation totals are indicated on the models.  The GFS (one model of choice) and the EC (another model of choice) shows heavy totals (greater than 1") across Kentucky. 

There are also differences in the track of the storm system.  This is going to have major impacts on just how much precipitation falls across our region.  Unfortunately, there is very little model agreement.  So, I am left to figure out how this forecast will pan out. 

If the majority of precipitation falls as freezing rain on Monday night and Tuesday then this would be a significant ice storm. 

At this time I am leaning towards a freezing rain and sleet solution for Southern Missouri into Kentucky.  Freezing rain changing to rain across Tennessee.  Snow across portions of Southeast Missouri and northern portions of Southern Illinois.  Freezing rain and sleet across Southern Illinois and Southern Indiana.  Freezing rain and sleet may change to rain across portions of Kentucky on Tuesday.  This would certainly help lower ice accumulations.

This is a complex and potentially significant winter storm.  We are still three days away from the event and much can change during that time.  I think everyone is aware that winter storms are notoriously difficult to forecast for this region.  A slight change in the rain/ice/snow line will cause major changes in this forecast.  The freezing line will be within a few counties of West Kentucky – either north or south – on Tuesday.  Again, this could cause ice to change to rain.  If this occurs, obviously, this is going lower ice accumulations.  Stay tuned.

I am now fairly confident that the winter storm will impact our counties.  I am not as confident, yet, on just how much precipitation forms or for how long it remains below freezing.  These are details that will be worked out in the coming days.  At this time I am expecting sleet and freezing rain accumulations of greater than 0.25" over Southern Illinois and West Kentucky.  I am not willing to go higher than that at this point due to inconsistencies in available data.

I am attaching a forecast precipitation total map put out by the National Weather Service.  You can see that totals are significant across portions of the region.  Now, some of this is because of a second storm that should develop on Wednesday.  At this time, I believe that precipitation will fall in the form of rain.  This is subject to change.  However, you can get a better idea of just how much precipitation could fall in the coming days by looking at the attached map.

Stay tuned to NOAA Weather Radio and local media for the latest information on this developing winter storm.

I will update this forecast either later tonight (Saturday night) or Sunday morning.  I am expecting the NWS to issue some sort of winter storm watch for at least portions of the region by sometime on Sunday for Monday night and Tuesday. 

Beau Dodson
Meteorological Specialist for the Paducah/McCracken County Emergency Management Team



  Some photos from today…


Finishing up the foundation walls – cold and windy day.


The "HOLE"


Barry Dummitt (I hope I spelled that correctly) is putting the tower up.  He is with World Tower Company.  He
is currently putting up a lot of 250′ towers across Central IL and Northern IL – for all of these new wind turbines
that you see going up and down the interstate.  They use the 250′ towers for wind instruments.


First concrete truck arrives.  It took three trucks. 


More concrete


Slowly filling the hole with concrete


Stilllllll coming…


Placing the cage inside the concrete – this helps strengthen the base


Placing the cage



More concrete arrives – slowly filling the hole and the cage





That is the base – three prongs – antenna tower will be placed on that base – next week perhaps.


January 23, 2009: Coming along with the house – winter storm approaching

  Well, it was warm this morning but turned colder in the afternoon.  A winter storm is approaching the region.  Sleet and freezing rain will likely develop on Monday night and continue into Tuesday.  Heavy icing is possible.  Still too early to know exact amounts or where the rain/snow line will set up shop.  Stay tuned on this one – could get pretty bad.

  They continued to work on forming up the foundation today.  Looks like they might pour concrete tomorrow (Saturday).  We are also working on the concrete work for the tower tomorrow morning.  Bright and early!  Looks like the tower can actually be placed on the stand next week (weather permitting).

  I cut brush today and used the chain saw to cut down a small tree or two (in the way of Southern Illinois Electric).  They are removing poles from the field.  Lot of brush and small shrub/trees. 

  Heads up everyone.  A major ice storm is likely to hit the region next week.  Here is this mornings email update:


January 23, 2009

Quick update tonight –

Although it is VERY early to make a call – the latest guidance is showing a major ice storm for most of our counties Monday-Wednesday of next week.  Current model data shows over 1" of freezing rain for Paducah. IF – that were to occur then major power outages would likely occur.  This would be a bigger ice storm than last February’s.  At least for West Kentucky.

IF – that is a very big IF – the model data is correct then emergency management should at least for aware of the potential for a significant ice storm next week.

This storm is 3-4 days out, however, the trend is towards a bigger event.  We are all aware that winter storms are notoriously difficult to forecast in this region.  A slight change in the storms path will impact that forecast SIGNIFICANTLY. 

It will probably be Sunday until confidence is high on how this forecast will pan out.

I would encourage (since it is Friday now) that everyone keep abreast of the forecast of the weekend.  Preparations may be necessary for a significant ice storm across the region.

Again, still too far out to know for sure.  Model data tonight, however, is indicating the threat for a major ice storm next week.

Stay tuned…

Beau Dodson


  Lot of cirrus in the sky today.  Made for some cool photos.





January 22, 2009: Digging the hole for the tower – foundation work

  Today they dug the hole for the big tower.  The hole had to be seven feet deep!  That is a pretty big hole.  I believe they are going to pour the concrete for the tower on Saturday.  Not sure when they will actually put the tower up.  The concrete needs to dry.  That might take a week or so?  Not 100% sure on that!

  They continued to work on the foundation today.  Looks like everything is coming along nicely.

  Satellite was hooked up – so at least I have The Weather Channel and news to watch!

  Everyone should pay attention to the forecast.  A major winter storm could hit the region next week.

  This mornings email that I sent out to state and local agencies:


January 22, 2009

Wintry precipitation – medium confidence

Time Period:
Monday night into Wednesday

An extended period of precipitation is possible starting Monday night and continuing on and off through Wednesday.  Not all of the precipitation will be frozen, however,

The main threat for winter precipitation will come on Monday night into Wednesday morning.  A mixture of freezing rain, sleet, and snow will be possible across the four state area.  At this time the rain/snow line appears to cross portions of Tennessee and Kentucky.  If this is indeed the case then it could be a situation where Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois receive more frozen precipitation and portions of Kentucky and Tennessee will be more rain.  This storm is still four days way – so it is way to early to make a call on where the 32 degree line will be located.

At this time it does appear that precipitation amounts will likely be greater than 0.25".  Some of the latest data actually shows melted totals greater than 1/2" (even 1" in Tennessee).  That is melted precipitation (1" of melted equals 10 inches of snow – normally – 1/2" of ice is considered a major ice storm).  If this precipitation is all frozen then that would be a significant winter storm for our area.

Latest guidance shows temperatures falling on Wednesday.  This is in front of another storm system that will develop later next week.  At this time that appears to be rain.  A bit early to be making that call, though.

Beau Dodson





Starting to dig the tower hole


Tower hole digging 🙂


Starting to dig the hole for the tower.




Tower will go here!


Starting to put down the forms for the concrete – foundation work.


It is coming along.  The garage will go here along with the tornado shelter and laundry room.


That would be the first floor of the house – eventually.  🙂  Guest room – library – kitchen – living room – dining

January 21, 2009: Day 2 of construction – pouring concrete – moving the tower

  Well, after a little bit of sleep last night (guess my mind is thinking too much because I had a hard time sleeping) I headed back to the farm this morning.  They started pouring concrete around 10 AM in the morning.  The temperature was a lot colder last night than forecast.  It actually got down to 10-13 degrees!  So, that made for a BRRRRRRRR morning!

  At least the weather was nice.  Not a cloud in the sky today.  Beautiful day – just a little cold.

  Congratulations goes out to Mariah – she got her drivers license today!!!!  I know Dione is thrilled!!!!!!!!!

  They actually got most of the foundation poured.  Still a lot of work to go – but a very good start.  Everything is moving along quickly!!!!

  At 3 PM we went to Ballard County to pick up the tower (HDX 555 US Tower – Model) for emergency management.  It has been sitting at Herb Hendrickson’s farm since I bought it a few years ago.  This tower will go on the west side of my property and will hold the tower cam, digital television antenna, anemometer, and emergency management antennas.  This is the 55′ tower. 

  I wasn’t sure we would be able to get it up on the trailer.  Dylan and his friend helped us.  Daddy helped along with Joey and Tony.  So, with everyone working together we managed to get it up on the trailer and tied down.  Tony drove it over to Massac County.  We off-loaded it right as the sun was setting.


First truck of the day arrives – bringing chat/rock to lay down.  This is to keep the concrete trucks from
sinking.  The ground is frozen and is hard as a rock, though.  So, not a big deal.  Thankfully.  That could
change later this week.  Temperatures might approach 50 degrees by Friday.


Dumping chat




Laying down the driveway


Concrete truck arrives!  First of many.




Concrete is flowing!!!!  Foundation going in.




Concrete trucks came and went all day long.  Not sure how many loads – several. 









Placing the flags for the tower.  It needs to be seven feet deep – then six feet by six feet.  Pretty big hole!


Joey – Dylan and Dylan’s friend – ready to move the tower.


Tony bringing the truck in


It weighs over 800 pounds.


Up on the truck!!!!


Tony trying to lift the tower 🙂


Taking the tower to Massac County! 


Arriving at the farm.  Time to unload the tower.


Sunset arriving!


And there it is.  Ready to go into the ground.


One of the big reasons I am moving to the farm.  The SUNSET view!!!!!




Sunset behind the big Oak Tree.   January 21, 2009!!!!


  Tomorrow we do it all over again! 


Dione’s emails from today on Mariah and the drivers license experience 🙂

Ok…so in a little under 2 hours my life as I know it will have changed. At this point I am still not sure if it is for the good or bad…I will let you know this time next year. I can’t believe how nervous I am, my palms are sweaty and my stomach feels a little nauseous…(is that how you spell that?)
Anyway, as our president (should that be a capital p?) said yesterday this is a new dawn….I am about to take my 16 year old daughter for her drivers test.

Only two things can happen today at 2:00 pm…neither of which are good. Either we will go there and she will pass her test and I will be in a worry mode for now until she turns 30 or she won’t get her license in which case I really worry for the police officer who doesn’t pass her. Either way today is not a good day. I shall return to work this afternoon and let you know the outcome but I would suggest either way you stay off the roads and /or don’t call Mariah until she takes her anger management pills.

I will try to post as to when she is driving and in what direction she is heading as often as I can but as you know…sometimes teenagers can take wrong turns…in that case…I am warning you know…that I take no responsibility as to what she hits and on what sidewalk she hit it.

God help us all.

Dione Stanford

Then later in the day 🙂

Ok…after Mariah and I left school we went by her dad’s house to get her contacts to which she forgot this morning.

She decided to try her hand at parallel parking since we had plenty of time before the test. So she pulls up next to the car in front of her dad’s house and trys her luck…after going forward and backing up a couple of times I feel that she has done the best she could and just let it be and go inside to get her contacts in so that we can go.

In the house she is having trouble getting one eyes contact in so I help her by putting in her eye which is now red, tearing and burning from two many fingers being put in it and half a bottle of liquid stuff that you are suppose to put on the contact. At one point she just tipped her head to the side and put the liquid right into her eye ((Don’t ask))…so anyway

We got it in and I walk outside to get into the car and I see the fruits of her labor of parallel parking. The car is setting on 3 tires and the 4th of which is on top of the curb. As I get into the car I’m thinking is this really a good thing…kids getting their license at 16. Shouldn’t maybe someone step up and change the laws.

Anyway, as we pull up into the parking lot the woman is there waiting on us. Mariah pulls up into the parking spot to try this thing called a driving test. I was trying to gather all my things and my purse so that I could get out of the car and leave Mariah to the test…the woman asks her to put her lights on, her windshield wipers all of which I showed her where they were. Then she asked her to turn on her hazard lights, at that time I panicked and pointed to the little red button on the dash for Mariah, at which time Mariah yelled at me to stop showing her where things are.

Needless to say when I got to the bench with another man waiting for his 16 year old son to get back, I wasn’t feeling to good. About 5 minutes later the man’s son came back with an "F" that would mean he flunked. I was not feeling very confident at this time at all. So Mariah pulls back into the parking lot with a huge smile on her face and I know at this moment that nothing will ever be the same again.



January 20, 2009: First day of construction!!!!! First snowfall. New day in America!

  It has been a long day!  They started on the foundation work early this morning.  There was snow on the ground when they started – it was white in Paducah.  We had enough to dust the ground.  Massac County had a little less.  Still, our first snowfall!

  After we finished at the farm we headed to Mayfield with a U-Haul truck.  Trying to go through everything and downsize even more.  Less is more.  🙂  I don’t want to mess with it this summer – so we are getting it finished now.

  Cold night.  We should dip down to 15-18 degrees.   Brrr!

  There could be a winter storm next week.  Everyone needs to stay tuned for this one.  Could be rough.

  My email forecast that I sent out this morning:


January 21, 2009

Wintry precipitation – low confidence

Time Period:
Monday night into Tuesday

After the quiet weather of the last few days we are about to enter a more active weather pattern.  At this time it appears that precipitation will develop on Monday into Monday night/Tuesday morning.  As always, temperatures are going to be marginal across our counties to produce frozen precipitation.  A wintry mix is possible on Monday and Tuesday and then again later in the week (although the second storm system could be rain).

I have low confidence in precipitation type for Monday into Tuesday.  The rain/ice/snow line should drape across our region.  However, with that said, some type of wintry event appears to be developing for our region.

I am certain that the forecast models will change a dozen times over the next few days.  I will have a better idea of what to expect as we enter the weekend and will update the forecast accordingly.

Beau Dodson
Paducah/McCracken County Emergency Management
Meteorological Specialist


  Some photos from today’s work!


This is what I woke up to this morning – a dusting of snow!  Our first snowfall of the season. 
We had some sleet in December but no snow.


AND SO IT BEGINS!!!!!!  THey have marked off the foundation.  Starting to dig.  10 AM.




Up on the hill.  🙂


The first pile of dirt!



Looking north at the old house.  Piles of lumber are starting to show up.  🙂


That would be me.  The first day of construction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Moving dirt.








Starting to see trenches!!!!!!!!!!!!



The foundation work continues.



Kelly talking to Bobby about the construction and foundation.





Our driveway will go here.



Time for the inauguration to start.  Watching it in my car streaming off the internet!!!!






Our driveway is starting to show up.  🙂


Snow on the ground at the farm.


Trenches for the foundation.


The foundation work – day one of construction.


Kelly measuring the trenches.




THE FOUNDATION TRENCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GETTING THERE!  Late afternoon.


We got a U-Haul this afternoon – going to Mayfield to load up on "stuff" – going through storage.


Mayfield, Kentucky – late evening


Joey moving boxes into the truck.


Unloading in Lone Oak – 10 PM







January 20, 2009: Posting from the farm! First day of construction!!!!!!

  Well, it is a very exciting day! 

1.  We have a new president!!!!
2.  We had our first snowfall of the season!!!!
3.  They have officially started construction on my house!!!!

  We had snow this morning – our first snowfall of the season.  That brought a big smile to my face!  I have been waiting forever for our first flakes.  We had a solid dusting in Lone Oak (about .10-.20").  The ground was fairly white.  Let’s hope we can get some more snow next week.  There are several potential systems that I am watching.  Too early to know if they will bring us rain – ice – snow – or a mixture of all three!

  I shall keep hope alive (as always) for a snowstorm of some sort next week.

  I am posting from the farm…on my wireless Verizon card.  Not the best connection, but better than nothing!

  They officially started on my house foundation this morning!!!!  They have the backhoe running and dirt is flying.  This is the first day of construction.  So, I am very excited to say the least.  Looks like they are moving along.  They are currently trenching where the foundation will go.  I will post pictures later tonight.

  Also very exciting today – we have a new President.  Regardless of whether you voted for him or not I think it is exciting that we have a new leader.  I just hope that he can handle everything that is being handed to him.  There are extremely difficult days ahead of us.  If we can stay out of a depression then I think we will have accomplished something.  So – good luck Mr. President Obama! 

  I listened to President Obama’s speech on my satellite radio inside of my car.  I was able to connect to the internet on my laptop and watch the swearing in on Fox News streaming video – no sound on that but the sound from the satellite radio was also Fox News.  So, that worked out nicely. 

  I have to admit that I am excited to see change.  The last eight years have been long and hard on thsi nation – love him or hate him – President Bush had his hands full and this country has been to hell and back twice over during his two terms. 

  We are bringing the big antenna tower up to the farm tomorrow.  This is the 55′ tower.  Dylan, Tony, Joey, and my dad are going to help – along with a couple of Dylan’s friends.  I will be happy to get it up here.  Then I have to contact Barry (one of Jason’s friends) – who is going to install it. 

  Also signing up my farm address today at the post office.  In order to get mail here on the farm I have to go by the post office and register my name and personal information!  So, I am heading to the Metropolis Post Office after I leave here.  Then it is on to Paducah where we are renting a U-haul.  We are trying to go through our storage and get rid of stuff (easier said than done) we can’t use up here on the farm or won’t have room for.  Downsizing a bit means that we have to get rid of clutter!

  Thursday Hughes electronics will be up at the farm and will install satellite television.  I figured our workers would like to watch television at nightI also talked with Verizon North today (they are the phone provider) about getting phone service.  I think the biggest question that I have is can they install a T line for internet.  There seems to be mixed opinions on that subject.  We shall see.  I hope so.  🙂

  More later!!


January 20, 2009: Midnight – Snow in Paducah

  Well, this is our first snow of the season.  Some flurries are falling outside my house here in Lone Oak!  YAY 🙂




The Tower Cam is showing the snow falling out in front of the house

January 19, 2009: Cold morning with flurries. Hauling equipment to the farm.

  Well, it was cold outside this morning.  Not only was it cold but it was windy!  Winds up on the hill were gusting in the 30 mph range.  It also snowed a little bit across Southeast Illinois and Southern Indiana overnight.  1-2" were reported near Evansville.  I noticed a little bit of snow on one of the frozen ponds up in Massac County.  Nothing on the ground, so it must have flurried this morning.

  We might get another clipper tonight – light snow or flurries.  Could be a dusting in some areas. 

  They hauled equipment up to the farm today.  The wind was blowing so hard that they were not able to do measurements with the tape measures.  So, they did not dig today.  They are hoping to dig tomorrow.  Hopefully it will be a little warmer, although it doesn’t look much warmer.  Later this week we should warm into the 40s.  That will help.

  Looking ahead – might be some sort of ice or frozen weather event next week.  Still too early to determine precip type.  Something to keep an eye on.

  I worked at the old house today.  We are trying to get it cleaned up.  It has been empty for a year.  So, needless to say – it needs some work.  I cleaned out the bathtub!  The workers are going to be staying in the house while they build mine.  Then we will tear the old house down.  The basement has flooded several times and it isn’t in very good shape.

  I also flagged the area where my 10 meter tower is going.  This tower will hold my weather instruments.  Kelly is going to place it in the ground and concrete it.  My big tower – 50’+ will go more towards the west – hugging the big oak tree.  It will sort of be out of the way there and won’t be visible (since it will be right against the tree – near it at least).  That way it won’t be in the way of the western view.  That tower will hold my emergency management antennas, tower cam, and a few instruments.  Not sure when it will be placed in the ground.  It is a bigger project.

  Tomorrow they should start digging.  I am going to be up there on and off.  Then going to storage in Mayfield to get rid of some stuff we are not using.  We also are trying to rebox some items – clean up "junk" and get things ready for the big move later this summer.  The storage project will take several months.  Trying to do a little bit at a time.  Sort of hard when you have OCD!  🙂  I just want to do it all in one day!  lol 

  I had lunch with my friend John Logeman.  He was telling me about his wood cutting activities this morning!  Got to stay warm.  I promised John I would do a snow dance tonight.  We will see if that works in our favor.

  Deena and Tony are packing.  They sold their house.  It was off the market but someone came back that had looked out it a few months ago.  They will be moving out in the next few weeks.  They are going to build in Mayfield.  I have a feeling Tony is going to be extremely busy in the coming months.

  Deena sent me this photograph/sketch of what their house is supposed to look like.

The house Tony and Deena are planning on building down in Mayfield


A cold morning in Illinois – no snow on the ground, though.

Cleaning up the old farm house.


Unloading the car – cleaning "stuff" 🙂


The old bathtub was in horrible shape.  I think that well water is leaving a lot of iron and
sand behind.  Anyway – time to clean it up!


Better!!!  After a good cleaning.  At least we can take showers now (although at this time
it is just hot water running out of the tap).  Bobby is going to fix that problem.


Hauling in the equipment to pour the foundation.


My 10 meter tower.  This will hold my weather instruments.  It will be placed behind the
house towards the south/southeast.


The "beginnings"  of the foundation 🙂


And finally – Miss Daisy trying to sleep this evening






Some newspaper headlines from this morning







January 18, 2009: Farm Project Day 1

  Well, I guess it is day 1.  If we start the count all over again?  How about we start the count today!  So, day one!

  We met everyone up at the farm this morning at 10 AM.  My dad fixed the water pipe that froze a month ago.  The water is running now for baths, showers, toilets, and sinks.  So, we are good to go!  Now I need to get a refrigerator up there.  I think Bobby (one of our builders/friends) is going to bring one to use temporarily.  That way we can have food and drinks for the workers.

  We then met with Kelly.  This is the guy doing our foundation.  We marked off one corner of the house – southwest side.  That is all he needs.  He can go from there and figure out the rest.  The house will face north.  Same as the old house that is already up there.  The house will then be west to east in length  Media room on the top floor – facing west of course.  I have to be able to see the storms as they roll in!  Master bedroom on the east side – top floor.

  Then we met with David from the Massac County Water Department.  He asked us where we wanted to run the water lines (county).  So, we showed him where we thought the best place would be for them to run the lines and put the hydrant.  Looks like they will be five or six weeks out.  So, maybe the county water will be working in late February or early March.  As long as the weather holds.

  We met with Roddy and his brother.  More builders.  This will be the team building the house – Roddy, his brother, and Bobby.  Then they will have others working with them.

  We are going to bring my radio tower up on Wednesday.  If we can get in touch with junior (who has the tower at his farm).  The tower is 55′ tall.  It cranks down to 21′.  So, pretty long.  We are going to pick it up Wednesday afternoon and use Bobby’s truck to haul it.  He has a 16′ trailer.  Dylan and some of his friends along with Joey, Tony, and myself are going to move it.  Should be enough guys to lift.  The tower weighs 800 pounds.  Not very light!  We should be able to handle it, though.

  It sounds like they will start digging the foundation tomorrow.  Concrete will be flowing this week.  My foundation should be finished by the end of next week.  That is the current plan. 

  The weather looks like it will hold until Friday/Saturday.  We could see some ice or snow (rain?) on Friday into Saturday.  A storm system is coming in from the southwest.  It may stay south of us, though.  Too early to know that.  I will have to check out the maps through the week.  We could see another ice storm or snow/rain event next week.  It looks like we might get an active storm pattern soon.  It has been fairly quiet the last few weeks.  Earlier it looked like Friday would be warm enough for rain.  Not so sure of that today.  Will keep an eye on it.  😉

  Other than that – busy picking up stuff from Wal Mart for the house up on the farm – some tools – miscellaneous stuff.  Tomorrow I am going to clean up the bathroom in the house up there on the farm.  Also going to see about having DirectTV hooked up.  The guys can have some television then – news/weather/whatever.  They will be staying there while they build the house.  Keep everything safe and secure that way.


View north this morning – looks like winter has killed just about everything.  Not much green out there.


Meeting with the builders.  Neighbors dog – comes up to visit just about everytime I am
up there.


Meeting with the builders and the foundation workers.


The neigbors dog came over for a visit.  One the dog is only has three legs.  Not sure what happened to it.


Tony (my brother in law) talking to David (the guy in charge of the water in Massac County)


County water!


My weather instruments are going to go back here – southwest side of the property.



January 17, 2009: Saturday! COUNTDOWN BEGINS!!!! 24 Hours!

  Well, just another day until they start on the farm.  YAY – I am excited.  I didn’t think this day would ever get here.  But, here we are.  Staking it out tomorrow and digging on Monday.  Then concrete should be flowing by the middle of the week.  That is what I am being told.  So, let the countdown begin!!!!

  It was cold this morning.  Not bitter cold, though.  Temperatures were in the teens.  Windy, though.  We had to run up to the farm and winds were gusting over 30 mph.  It is always windy up there!  That is why I love being on top of a hill.

  Joey is having a friend in for the weekend.  Ressey.  We went to the farm this morning to bring my dad some heat lamps.  One of our pipes froze a month or so ago.  My dad was getting it fixed so that the workers have running water.  Everything is fixed now!  So, we are good to go.

  After we went to the farm we went to eat at this new restaurant by the mall.  We thought it was open.  It wasn’t.  I remember now that Tommy told me it would be another month.  Looks like it might be a good place to eat.  We ended up going downtown.  Drove by the river and noticed there were a lot of birds in the water.  Looks to me like it would be cold out there!  Guess birds are protected by their feathers.

  I see John Logeman has FaceBook now.  Now we have to get him to load some photographs!!!!


Joey and Ressey


Cold birds on the Ohio River


It was my lucky day doing laundry.  I found $2.  I guess I should do laundry
more often.


The new restaurant that isn’t open


Ohio River


Bird on the river this afternoon



January 16 2009: Today’s meeting – house building!

  We met with Mr. Bell today.  Sounds like he is going to start on Sunday.  Staking everything off at least.  Then they will start digging on Monday!  So, this is moving along nicely.  I am impressed.  😉   Glad we finally have a starting point.

  Sounds like it will take him 1-2 weeks to finish the foundation for my house.  Hopefully in that time I can get the tower up there for the antennas and cam.  Then I need to get with another guy on putting that tower up.

  My dad is going to get the water going tomorrow.  The pipe froze up at the farm.  So, that needs to be fixed.  The foundation guys are going to need a little water.

  We are also meeting Massac County Water on Sunday.  They are going to run county water to the farm.  Will be nice to get off that well.

  Moving along nicely!

  I was checking some weather observations and it was -30 something in Illinois this morning!!!!!!  That is INCREDIBLE cold!


Joey texting today after our meeting – Mayfield


  We went to the new Tokyo Restaurant tonight in Paducah.  It is almost exactly like the other Japanese Steakhouse.  Very strange.  If I wouldn’t know better I would say it is exactly the same!  Tommy said one of the managers left the other restaurant and opened this one!  Anyway – food was good – about the same as the other one.  🙂



January 16, 2009: Frozen pipes – coldest morning yet – meeting today

  Wow, it is cold.  It didn’t get as cold as forecast, though.  We had a low temperature of 5 degrees this morning.  Yes, just 5 degrees above zero.  With no snow on the ground!  That is amazing.  Normally this area doesn’t get that cold – not without some snow on the ground.  Course this year we can’t buy snow.  But, everyone knows that already – so we won’t go there.  No point – can’t make it snow – all out of magic tricks – snow dance not working. 


That would be me this morning


  So, I turned the water on this morning for a shower.  Nothing came out of the pipes.  🙂  So, I knew that wasn’t a good sign.  The hot water here is in the garage and by the north wall.  You can do the math.  5 degrees – water heater in garage – north wall = frozen pipes.  So, I had to bring out the space heaters.  Took about an hour, but the water is flowing again.  Thank goodness.  The thought of a cold shower…forget it!

Got the heater running


Keith up in Canada snowboarding

  So, I got a Facebook message from my friend Keith in Quebec City, Canada.  This is what the message said "Hey you. When you get a chance check out my new photo album. Me and Adam adopted, we are proud dad’s now".  So, of course I assumed they adopted a kid.  I went to his Facebook page to find the photos and couldn’t find them.  Then after chatting on MSN I discovered the adoption was actually this little creature

Vegas is his name (her name?)

  Anyway – not quite a child but close enough.  Daisy is about as much of a handful as a child sometimes – so easy mistake to make.  Probably best to start out with a pet, anyway.  If you can’t handle a pet then you probably shouldn’t attempt a kid.  lol

  We are meeting TODAY with the foundation guys.  YAY – finally!  Does this mean we are starting on the house soon?  Yes.  Yes it does.  They are starting MONDAY MORNING.  That is what I am told – promised – and believe!

  We are also meeting with Massac County Water on Sunday.  They are coming to figure out where they are running the county water (currently a well on the farm, but soon we will have county water).  Kelly (the foundation guy) is also meeting us up there to stake off the house.  So, it is all coming together now.

  What could go wrong!  We will say nothing.  lol  I should probably not say that.

  Trying to get my radio tower up there.  Waiting on junior to get in touch with me.  We have to put it on a truck to haul it.  The tower is 55′ and weighs over 800 pounds.  Not a small task.  Once I get the tower up there I have someone that Jason recommended to actually put it in the ground (concrete).  Just waiting on estimates.  I have no idea what it costs to put a tower up.  Hoping it isn’t too much.  I need the tower for my radio antennas for emergency management. 

  It is possible we could get the tower up there this weekend as well.  That would be nice.  Get things moving along.

  Had dinner with Dione and Tommy last night.  It has been awhile since we saw them.  Christmas actually!  So, it was nice to catch up on the latest news from their end of Paducah.  Dione has been helping over at the animal shelter in Metropolis.  She is supposed to take Joey and I over there so we can see the place.  It is a no-kill shelter.  I would imagine they have their hands full.

  I saw Tabatha’s new baby yesterday.  I am going to have to figure out how to spell his name!  I took my camera with me but I left the battery at home.  Oops.  So, I will have to get some photos next time.  He weighed 6 pounds and 14 ounces.  I held him for awhile.  🙂

  On the news ticker this morning – Circuit City – 100% bankrupt.  They are closing all stores.  Go figure.

  OK, I think I have hot water now.  I guess I will take a shower!!!!






January 15, 2009: Market sell-off continues

  Bank stocks continue to collapse today.  Incredibly low prices on some of these stocks.  Sort of scary.  Looks like Citi might end up being bought out or not making it?  Who knows anymore.  Bank of America stock has collapsed.  Huge quarterly losses for a lot of banks and companies.  Looks like the DOW is going back down into the 7000’s.  Going to test new lows?  Looks that way.

  Oil is down $3 this morning.  It is now in the lower 30s.  Incredible, since it was above $150 a few months ago.  A total collapse of the system.  Everyone better hope that Obama and the governments of the world can figure out a solution.  Otherwise, there are going to be millions more lose their jobs or worse.

  I was against the TARP from the beginning.  I thought it was a total ripoff of the American tax-payer.  Now, we all see that the money has simply disappeared.  There is no trail.  Nobody is accountable for it.  The government has created an even bigger mess.  It is a total disgrace.  Now they want to spend TRILLIONS more?  Give me a break.  They are going to run this country into the ground and then some.

  I predict this mess will cost us between 10-15 trillion dollars.  I know the government won’t ask for more than a trillion here and a trillion there.  Mark my words – you are looking at 10+ trillion from the tax payers.  We will never pay this off.  Ever.

  Very cold in Paducah this morning.  Temperatures were actually colder than forecast.  We dipped into the 7-8-9 degree range here in Lone Oak.  Bitter cold!  I would love this cold weather if it had a dash of snow with it.  😉  No secret there.

Paducah temperatures this morning – you can see under AIR what the temp was.  The
airport reported 7 degrees as a low.  It will be even colder tonight!




  We are meeting with the foundation guys tomorrow – early afternoon.  Going over everything one last time.  We are then planning on staking off the property on Sunday.  Work begins Monday.  That is what I am told.  I guess the ground will be good and frozen by then?  Looks that way.  So, maybe the mud won’t be too big of a deal?  I guess that depends on when the concrete trucks get there.  IF we don’t warm up next week then perhaps it will be okay.  I sure hope so!  I am more than ready to get started.

  Sort of a scary time to be building.  Scary time to be doing anything with the financial markets like they are – and everything else.  This is a project in motion, though.  What can you do.  You have to keep moving forward.

  Hopefully things get better for everyone involved.  Lot of people without work.



January 14, 2009: Starting on the house?

  Well, I got a phone call this afternoon that they are going to start on the foundation on Monday morning.  Bright and early.  So, I guess that will be the case.  🙂  This is good news.  A starting point.

  We are supposed to stake out the house on Sunday.  I have a feeling it will be pretty cold up there!  Sounds like a plan, though.

  Had lunch with Sue.  Always nice to catch up on all the latest news.  She is still planning on moving to Nashville.  Just taking a little bit longer than expected.  I have a feeling, though, she will be on her way sooner than later.  I guess I will have to make more trips southward, once she moves.  I enjoy visiting Nashville, so that is fine with me.  Sue also brought me a calendar that she made out of some of her photographs.  I keep telling Sue that she was obviously a photographer in a former life.  The more I see of her photos the more I believe that to be true!!!!

  Looks like a low temperature of 11 degrees tonight and 4 degrees on Friday morning.  That is the forecast.  BRRRRRR!



January 14, 2009: Life in cold Paducah…winter! Disney photos.

  Well, if you like cold weather then hey step outside.  It is cold.  Temperatures fell into the teens overnight.  Brrrr.  You think that was cold?  LOL  WELLLLL the coldest air of the season is moving into our counties over the next few days.  SINGLE digits will occur on Friday morning.  Lower teens tomorrow morning.  So, that means it will be a three dog night (if you don’t know what that means then google it).  Lots of blankets – that is what it means.

  It is sunny outside this morning.  I am going to have lunch with my friend Sue Henry.  I have not seen Sue in – hmmmm – forever and a day.  So it seems.  We actually went out in December – if I remember correctly.  The days and weeks just fly by.

  My friend Gail told me this morning that her sister in Iowa has 18 inches of snow on the ground.  She hates it.  I am thinking "send it down here"!  I guess not everybody appreciates the white gold.  Still, though, with all the leaves off the trees, all the brown grass, everything hibernating – what else would you want?  Some snow!  It just livens everything up a little bit. 

  Speaking of snow – none in the forecast.  Could be some flurries over the coming 5 day period.  Not snowstorms, however.  Maybe next week?  Maybe.  There are indications that we might see some precipitation events starting later next week.  Most likely right when they are starting on my foundation.  lol  I guess I should stop wishing for snow, because we can’t have snow on the ground and start on my house.  One or the other.

  Daisy must be cold because she is sitting in the middle of the living room floor under some sunbeams streaming in from the front window.  She is worse than a cat when it comes to the sunbeam spots on the floor.  I think pugs get cold easy.  Daisy sure does.

  Tony is in Lexington for training.  I believe that would be real estate training.  This is his last training trip for awhile.  He will be home later today – at least I think he will be home later today.  Deena called and said that someone broke into his truck and stole all of his stuff.  Power tools and so on.  So, that is no good.  At least they didn’t steal his truck.  I would imagine Tony isn’t very happy.  The hotel didn’t even have security cameras.  He parked in the front.

  No new news from Canada.  Have not heard from David in awhile.  Doug is staying busy with work.  Erick is doing a little better.  He is trying to get back into some sort of rhythm.  Norman is doing good.  Spoke with him online for a few minutes yesterday.  He said it was cold and snowy in Toronto.

  OK, that is the update from Paducah. 

  Dione said I don’t have enough photos on the blog – so here are some Disney photographs 🙂


Tony and Deena at Disney


Joey reading the menu


Joey in front of Epoc


All of us as soon through a mirror


That would be me


Some gangster next to me – had to call the cops to haul him away


Dylan and Joey watching a show


Tyler strolling along


Daisy has a new pet…if I could just fit him into my luggage


Someone else is taking their photo – that or they just don’t understand
look at the camera and smile.

  Okay – hopefully Dione will be happy with these photographs.  Have to keep the audience interested.



January 13, 2009: Life in snowless Paducah – January is half over

  Oh my goodness!  The month is half over.  WHATTTTTT???  🙂  How can that be?  The month just started.  We were just standing in the middle of MGM watching fireworks go off.  I swear the days are getting shorter.  Is it just me?  Perhaps someone has tinkered with the clocks? 

  Dione said I haven’t updated since January 4th.  I sent her an email and told her that she should hit refresh more often.  I guess she was going off the main page.  I don’t update the daily links on a regular basis.  Just every so often.  So, I had to show her how to get to the "secret" postings.  The ones on this page – not so secret!  Anyway – DIONE I HAVE UPDATED MY PAGES.  Here you go.

  The meeting with the foundation guys is now scheduled for Friday.  I know – I know – that is a day later than we thought yesterday.  And so it begins.  🙂  Okay, well maybe not.  Let’s hope not.  They are supposed to – they are scheduled to – they are planning on (what else can I say) starting next week.  They said 7-10 days and that was last week when they said that.  Sooooo – doing the math (not my best subject) that would mean they start next week.

  Vegas has opened betting odds on them starting next week.  Right now the odds are set at 60 to 1.  The 60 is betting against them starting next week.  So, get your bets in folks.  Don’t want to miss the opportunity to put your money down!

  Okay that was all in jest.  But seriously – they are supposed to start next week.  😉  I know I have said that for about five months now.  But, I mean it this time.  They are going to start next week.

  I am worried about the amount of mud up there.  Very concerned – actually.  They may tell me that it is just too muddy to start.  Let’s cross our fingers and toes that that is not the case.  We do not want another delay.  If they don’t start now then it could be spring.  Then what if there are spring floods?  Then it would be summer?  ARGHHHHHH!   lol  Let’s be positive, however.  They will start next week – they will start next week – they will start next week – they will start next week.  I just keep repeating that and eventually it will happen!

  If they don’t start next week then I am going somewhere warm.  Well, maybe.  It has crossed me mind.  It isn’t snowing.  It isn’t going to snow (at least nothing major) – so who cares if it is cold?  I am not a fan of cold weather.  Cold weather without snow is a waste of cold.  You can quote me on that.  That is just how I see it.  Why in the world would anyone in their right mind want it to be cold and NOT snow????  I know – right.  Can not imagine why anyone would feel that way.

  Winter is nearly over.  Well half over at least.  Meteorological SPRING begins on March 1st.  Meteorologists measure seasons by months – March through May is considered SPRING.  So, we have 47 days left until March.  Meteorological SPRING.  BRING IT ON.  That is what I say.  Can’t get here soon enough.  If my friend Jason and I have to talk about ONE more freakin snow storm to our north – well I am just going to scream.

  Not being dramatic – just the way it is.  This region can’t buy snow.  Most years it seems that way at least.  It could snow every single day as far as I am concerned.  That still wouldn’t be enough snow!!!!!  I know I am not alone.  There are a lot of closet snow fanatics among us.  They just keep quiet.

  I am feeling better.  Still a slight cough.  Daisy is getting better as well.  She has fallen apart over the last few weeks.  Have no idea what the deal is.  She had some eye problems, hives, and a virus.  She seems better now, however.

  Having lunch with my mother today.  Having dinner with my friend John Logeman tonight – then seeing Sue on Wednesday.  My calendar is full – at least for the next day or so!

  Not much else to report.  Bitterly cold air is moving our way.  It will arrive on Wednesday into Saturday.  There could be a few single digit readings around the region.  That is impressive – especially with no snow on the ground.

  Meanwhile there are winter storm warnings to our north.  Chicago has had their fifth snowiest winter.  Go figure.  Obviously Kentucky needs to move north.  That is about the only way to fix this problem.  That or we need another ice age.  I doubt many people will vote for the ice age.  So, let’s make it easy – I will just move north in the winter.  Maybe next year?  I say that every year.  🙁  lol  I swear, though.  I am moving north from November through February.  That is about the only way I can get snow. 

  What else – what else.  That is about it on the update front.  School is fun this semester.  Severe weather and weather prediction.  Fun classes.  Easy classes – hopefully.  We are only one week in.  But, I think this semester will be a lot easier than last semester (all that math).

  Did I mention that I am going through Snow Withdrawal?  The absence of snow is making me slowly melt.

  I took this photograph last year – Waterloo, Ontario.  JUST IN CASE YOU FORGOT WHAT SNOW LOOKS LIKE.  🙁 

January 2008 – Snow in Waterloo, Ontario.  Sigh


January 12, 2009: A cold week ahead…maybe some flurries

  It looks like the coldest air of the season will spill into our counties over the coming week.  Single digits are possible late in the week.  I will give that a big BRRRRR!

  What about snow?  Well – a chance of rain/snow tonight and tomorrow morning.  Not looking for any big accumulations.  Mostly light rain or flurries.  I won’t rule out a dusting to an inch of snow across at least a portion of the Paducah forecast area this week.  I shall cross my fingers and toes and keep hoping for snow!

  We are scheduled to meet with the house foundation guys on Thursday.  Then they are scheduled to start work next week.  It is really muddy up at the farm.  I was there briefly on Friday.  Mud and lots of it!  Concerned that the weight of the concrete trucks might be too much.  Might need to put some more gravel down.  Hopefully it won’t be a big deal.


January 11, 2009: Three new KIVA Partners

  Got three new KIVA partners last night.  I got busy the last few months and have not been on their web site lately.  They had 10 pages of people looking for small business loans.  Several from the Middle East and a lot from Asia.  The news ones that I picked were…


Wassim is a 25-year-old man living in Chhim in Mount Lebanon. He has owned a shop since
2006 where he sells new and used clothes. Wassim wants to buy more clothes in order to increase
his sales and cover most of his clientele’s needs.


Abdallah is a 49-year-old married man with 5 children, living in Maarakeh in southern Lebanon.
He has owned a mini-van taxi since 2001, and he is offering transportation services to neighboring
villages in the Tyr area


Teresa Jesús Palma Vargas is 53 years old, and she belongs to the Banco Comunal Las Emprendadoras.
She lives at Calle Libertad 657 in the Puerto Marítimo de Salaverry in the Trujillo province, departemento de
La Libertad, Perú. She studied nutrition at the Instituto Superior Tecnológico. She married at age 21. She
has four children, he is now separated from her husband. Two of her sons are students and depend on her.
She works in the Municipalidad del Puerto (the municipal governing board for the port), but because she is
a strong woman, she also runs her own business, selling cosmetics from her home.



January 10, 2009: Cold air coming…starting on the house soon

  Well, it has been a long week.  Battling a cold and cough.  I think I am getting better though.  Just need a few more days.  🙂  Seems like I am having headaches everyday in the afternoon and evening.  Has been that way for three or four weeks now.  They are almost like clockwork.  Starts in the early afternoon and intensifies through the evening.  Then they go away later at night or I just go to bed.  Little eye twitch as well…left eye.  Guess I should probably go see the doctor and make sure I am not falling apart.  lol  Sort of weird though because the headaches and the little eye twitch started at about the same time.

  Everything else is going great.  We are meeting with the foundation guy on Thursday and they are supposed to start on the house the week after.  So, maybe another 7-10 days and they will start.  That is the plan at least.  Let’s hope it all falls into place.  There is a lot of mud up on the farm right now.  VERY muddy actually.  I need to get the internet going up there.  That way when we are up there messing around we can get online to check mail or whatever else.  Put a web cam up as well…that would be a good idea.

  School has started.  Fun classes.  Severe weather and weather prediction.  Should be an interesting semester!  These are the type of classes that I enjoy.

  Speaking of severe weather.  I will be going to a severe weather conference in March.  Jason and I are going.  Not sure who else is going.  We went a couple of years ago.  There was a big tornado outbreak the second day we were there.  Hopefully that won’t happen again.  Most of our area was spared – one tornado in Missouri that day.  The conference is in Oklahoma.  Good place for storms.

  Also speaking of severe weather – it is just 50 more days until Meteorological Spring begins!  COUNTDOWN TO SPRING HAS STARTED!!!!  Everyone will be happy to hear the word spring after the cold air heading our way later this week.

  It is colder this afternoon.  We had thunderstorms this morning.  Thunderstorms in January.  Temperatures are supposed to be bitterly cold later this week.  Single digits?  Perhaps.  It was -78 in Alaska over the last few days.  Can you imagine it being that cold? 

  No real snow chances.  Some light snow or flurries may brush our area in the coming days/week.  Nothing huge is forecast, though.  Maybe next week?  All the snow lovers just need to keep hope alive.  I keep telling myself that – at least. 

  Putting new windows in one of our new apartment buildings.  I believe Tony said there would be a total of 42 windows.  So that will not be a cheap project.  They need new windows, though.  We have two apartments with babies and the windows are drafty.  We have three buildings to do in total.  Starting with one though.  Maybe do another one in the spring and then perhaps the last one in the summer.  That is a lot of freakin windows.

  OK – so the countdown has restarted for the house.  Meeting this Thursday and then starting next week.  😉  We shall see!!!


January 6, 2009: Rainy – bit of ice – school starts tomorrow

  Well, this was another wasted winter storm potential :).  This would have made a great snowstorm.  I know some people are glad it isn’t snow.  Then again there are others who are wishing for some of the white gold!  Course I am one of the ones wishing.  🙂  We shall keep hope alive for some action next week.  Looks like a cold wave is coming – at the very least.

  We had some ice last night.  Mainly on the cars and plants. Nothing major.  There was a winter weather advisory – was never anything too exciting, though.

  There is ONE day left for the footer guy to get his estimate in.  We have one quote, so far.  We were hoping to get another one.  Seems like the guy tells Tony he will get back to us and then never gets back with us.  Guess the guy has enough work!

  Once we make a decision on who is doing the foundation then we can start building. 

  Still sick with the flu.  Hoping it goes away in the next day or two.  Don’t really want to go to the doctor.  So, lots of orange juice and chicken noodle soup.

  School starts tomorrow!!!! 

  Deena got word today that she was hired by the University of Kentucky.  So, that is exciting news on the job front.  I know she is happy!


January 4, 2009: School – house – back home

  Well, we made it back home.  We arrived last night just before 10 pm.  It has been a long few days.  Battling the flu.  About half of us started getting sick on January 1st.  The last two days have been nothing more than a blur.  Never fun being sick. 

  Thankfully we were able to see most of Disney before being stuck in bed. 

  School starts this Friday.  The classes this semester will be on severe weather.  So, I am looking forward to the class.  Severe weather is one of my main interest in the weather field.  Just a few more classes to go and I will be finished.  I will be glad when graduation day comes.

  We are nearing a deadline for making a decision on who is going to do our foundation.  It is like pulling teeth to get someone to get you a estimate.  We have been waiting on one company for about a month now.  Our deadline is Wednesday at 6 PM.  At that point we will make a decision.  Hopefully whoever does the work can start within the next couple of weeks.  Time to get moving on this project – we are about 4 months behind.

  Otherwise, just trying to get over this cold and flu!


January 4, 2009: Our thoughts and prayers go out to Erick

    Unfortunately we have received some very sad news out of Canada.  Joey and I are both heartbroken and saddened to hear that Erick has lost someone very close to him.   Donald Cote passed away on Friday night. 

  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Erick and Donald’s family during this very difficult time.  There are never any words that make things better when someone passes away.  Donald was only  30 years old.  I don’t think they are for sure exactly what happened other than he had a rare disease.  He has been in the hospital for months.  Erick has been by his side in the hospital during that time.  He was with Donald when he passed away.

  We love you Erick and we hope that you can somehow find peace in the coming weeks and months.


January 1, 2009: HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!

  WOW – another year?  Man, it seems like we just celebrated 2000.  Now it is 2009.  Almost a decade has gone by.  CRAZZZZZZZY!

  Everyone is having a great time down here in Florida.  Tony, Joey, and myself have colds.  So, we are trying to get rid of those.  Uphill battle I am afraid!  Running all day and into the evening – sort of wears you down!  Today is a slow day though.  We are saying in for the most part.

  The celebrations at MGM last night were awesome.  Fireworks everywhere.  Tens of thousands of people.   🙂  It was packed.

  Kristy came to visit us in the afternoon and stayed into the evening hours.  She made it home by midnight, though.  Short visit but a good one.  Always nice to catch up with friends.

  I think the kids had a blast yesterday.  The 11:30 Tyler had fallen asleep on my lap as we waited for the fireworks to go off.  He was wide awake once they did start shooting up into the air.  🙂  I am pretty sure everyone slept good last night.  I don’t think I woke up even once.

  We are here for a few more days.  Leaving on Saturday.  Looks like some rain or snow next week for my region back home.  Models are absolutely all over the place with the track of the low.  Some show a mega storm in the Ohio Valley and others show the storm moving over the Southeast Coast.  If we can get the storm to track through Tennessee then we might end up with a mix of snow and ice.  Stay tuned.  🙂

  Some photos from New Year’s Eve at MGM


The day started at 6:30 in the morning.  Yes, I did say 6:30 in the morning.  lol  It was
worth it, though.  We were able to ride all of the good rides without crowds and lines.  If you
don’t get there early then you can have 2-3 hour waits. 


Kristy and Joey (Kristy lives in Jacksonville, FL)


Me and Kristy


Tyler with his fish buddy


Danielle with her fish friend, as well 🙂


Danielle and Beau


Danielle and Deena riding one of the rides at MGM


Tyler and Danielle – MGM Studios


One of the many shows we watched



Deena – Danielle – Dylan – Tyler (Tony wasn’t feeling well)



Tyler and Dylan walking around MGM Studios


Tyler dressing up at one of the gift shops after a roller coaster ride


This was the best restaurant – everything is made to look like "moms kitchen"  It is supposed to be a 1050s
type setting.  We had a blast.


The kids with our waitress





Kristy – Tyler – Beau


The kids dancing in the street during the interactive street parade




Street parade






Dylan during the street parade



Deena and Danielle watching the Christmas light show


Tyler ready for New Year’s Eve 2008


Tyler and Dylan


Kristy and me