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June 30, 2009: Severe thunderstorm in Murray

  I took these photographs of the storm near Murray, Kentucky.  Time was approximate 8:15 pm.  The storm produced damaging winds in Murray.  Hail was also reported.

Severe thunderstorm near Murray, KY.  8:15 PM
Click image for larger view.




Click image for large size photograph


Radar image of the severe thunderstorm as it moved through Murray.
Click image for larger version.



June 30, 2009: Another dusty day :) Nice outside, though!

  Well, we went from muddy to dusty.  Another nice day, though.  Temperatures were a little bit warmer – still not bad!  We ran a few wires today.  Picked out the tile for the countertop on the third floor (counter/bar area).  Also changed the color of the tile around the fireplace. 

  The deer is back 🙂  Checked this afternoon and I see she has returned.  Must be a good feeding spot.

  Otherwise, Rodney and the guys are working on the decks.  Heating and air was there today.  Everything is moving along.

  Glad midterms are over.  Waiting on my grade in one of the classes.  Hoping for an A.  We shall see.


Instrument shelter – nice blue sky this afternoon 🙂

Observatory deck on the top of the house 🙂  Should be great for watching
meteor showers – storms – sunsets!


Weather camera wires


Looking north on the third floor.


Heating and air on the third floor.  Coming along.


Third floor – looking east.


Wires wires wires wires 🙂


The weather room – waiting for the next stage of the building process


The decks are coming along.


Looking southwest – nice day 🙂


Looking southeast – few clouds today


We discovered an old cistern behind where my grandmothers house
used to be.




Another old cistern that used to be on the farm. 


The deer is back 🙂


Deer on the trail cam 🙂








June 28, 2009: DUSTY! Fixed comments on blog…test it out

  For some reason the comments section of the blog hasn’t been working.  I think I have it fixed.  So, if you are reading this add a comment so I can see if it is working. 🙂  I think you have to put your email address and name – that should be it, though.

  Spent most of today under the new house running wires for weather cameras.  It was extremely windy and dusty at the farm.  Blowing dust in the air.  I think my car needs to be cleaned now. 

  Otherwise, it was a BEAUTIFUL day!!!!!

Daisy chillin the front window – Lone Oak


Running wires for weather cameras


View to the northwest – will make a nice camera view 🙂


Running the wires for the front view of the house weather cam


Weather instruments out back



Decks are being built


The guys are working hard – beautiful weather!




I saw this on the way back to Lone Oak.  Took up the whole road!



June 28, 2009: Happy Birthday Tony

  Happy Birthday Shout Out To Tony 🙂 

  We went to see Transformers today.  Good movie.  I think I like the first one better, though.  Still a good movie.

  It was  MUUCCCCH nicer weather today!  Dewpoints were lower.  Temperatures were cooler.  A+ in the weather department!

  MIDTERMS ARE OVER!!!!!  WOOHOO.  88 on my Ocean Exam.  Not sure on the other one.  Won’t know until Wednesday.


June 27, 2009: It is freakin HOT – also latest trail cam photos :)

  Yeesh – what the heck is this????  Over 100 again today for the heat index.  It is miserable outside.  I want SNOW!!!!  BRING ME SNOW!  BRING ME SNOW!!!  Chant – chant.  I know everyone agrees.  Right?


  Okay – seriously though, it is freakin hot outside.  Was at the farm early this morning and was so wet that I was shivering when I came inside to the air condition.  All you have to do is stand there and you sweat.  This weather is for – well for nobody. 

  THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT COOLER AND DRIER AIR IS COMING!!!!!  A cold front will move through the region tomorrow.  This front will lower temps and will bring lower dew points to the area.  THANK GOODNESS!  It can’t come soon enough.

  Went to the moves yesterday with Julie.  Saw "My Sisters Keeper".  It was a GREAT movie.  Highly recommend it.  We are going tomorrow (Tony and his family) to see Transformers.  Not sure if Dione or Tommy is going.  Mariah has seen it already.  It is also Tony’s birthday tomorrow.  🙂

  We ran wires most of today at the farm for the weather cameras.  I was under the house for awhile.  Had to go back this afternoon.  I was completely covered in dust and dirt.  I don’t think I have been that dirty since – hmm not sure.  Maybe when I was a kid????  lol  Pretty covered up with dirt. 

  Mosquitoes about killed me today up at the farm.  Which is weird because I just told Julie that we had not been having any mosquito problems.  I guess I shouldn’t have said that?

  The trail cam caught another deer 🙂  Not sure if it is the same deer as earlier in the week.  Still waiting to get a coyote or something more interesting.  A Bobcat would be cool – or a COUGAR!  lol  🙂  I would take a bear, as well.


Latest trail cam photo







Me under the house


Under the house – with the spiders and snakes.


A long day 🙂


June 25, 2009: M.J.

June 24, 2009: Latest trail cam animals from the farm :)

  Well, I see we had a guest blogger this morning.  Mr. Tony Crouch.  Cute 😛  Now I know how it feels to read the blog.  lol

  Was at the farm all day today.  Looks like they are planting soybeans.  The guys were there working on decking, wiring the alarm system, plotting out where the grounding wires go, worked on tower cams, Precision Audio was putting in wires, and finally the plumbing is moving along nicely.

  Hopefully they will start on the decking in the next few days/week.  Then insulation will go in.  Siding – all the rest.  🙂  ZOOM ZOOM – I hope!

  Caught a deer in the trail cam.  Doe.  Also one snake today.  🙂


Click for larger snake image 🙂


The name that animal series continues – reptiles, as well


6 am yesterday morning 🙂 


3:45 PM in the afternoon 🙂


Latest trail cam capture



June 23, 2009: Power Outage ’09 – a play by play of the action

  A big lightning storm rolled right through Paducah and Lone Oak this evening.  It wasn’t very wide but sure packed a bunch.  We had numerous lightning hits in Lone Oak.  Many close to us.  Power went on and off several times.

  Play by play details of everything that unfolded.  I warn you that this becomes quite dramatic and could cause nightmares for young children and weak adults.

11:05 pm lightning storm hits.  Frequent cloud to ground lightning.  Lot of thunder.

11:10 pm – power goes out in most of Lone Oak.  Large tree limbs fall in yard (two to be exact).  One hits Daisy’s fenced area and knocks down the fence.  Thankfully Daisy was safely inside the house.  Estimate winds at 50 mph. 

11:13 constant beeping beeping beeping of the backup power supplies telling me for some reason that the power is out (of course I already know this)  For those who don’t know I have backup power supplies and they are large boxes that keep everything working properly for at least an hour when the power goes out.

11:19 power is back on – thank goodness.  We survived another power outage.  Daisy is happy.  The beeping stops.  I can continue working on my monitoring of the weather.  That and watch some tv.

11:30 pm – power goes out again.  Grumble.  Oh well, it won’t last long.  We hope.  Hope is all you have in desperate times.

11:35 pm – Joey says he has to turn his homework in before midnight.  I ask him why he waited till the last minute.  No response. 

11:35 pm – I suggest he tell his teacher that the power went out.  He tells me they will then ask why he waited till the last minute to turn it in.

11:37 pm – now there is constant beeping of backup power supplies and it is starting to push me over the edge of sanity.  They aren’t even in unison.  I mean at least if they were in unity it would just be one loud beep.  But, noooooo they are all beeping at different times.  Sounds like a McDonald’s when all the french fry fryers finish at the same time.

11:38 pm Joey says he needs to finish his homework.  I nod.

11:39 pm – the beeping noises are driving Joey to put his headphones on. Of course this leaves me hanging with only Daisy to talk to.  Daisy just looks at me and twists her head from side to side – probably a desperate attempt to figure out what I am saying. 

11:40 pm – Joey realizes we have a Verizon Wireless Card.  Makes me go to the car and get it.  Lightning has stopped now.  Still raining.  I brave the weather and retrieve the wireless card.  Lightning flashes in the distance.  It is freakin muggy outside.  Winds are blowing at more than 3 mph now.  Brutal.

11:41 pm – Daisy keeps running in circles trying to catch the flashlight light beam.  She just can’t seem to understand the source of the light.  Yet, she realizes the bears on the tv show (with the guy who feeds the bears up in Alaska) are not real. So, why she can’t quite figure out this whole flashlight issue – well I just don’t know.

11:42 pm – Joey complains because the Verizon Internet Card is slower than molasses on a cold Vermont morning (pretty slow).  I think he should be happy he is able to connect at all.

11:43 pm – the constant beeping is starting to sound louder and louder (even though it isn’t).  Now they are in unison at least – beep beep beep.

11:43 – we mention the ice storm.  Ahhhhh yes – the sweet memories of “ice storm ‘09”  Who could ever forget being without power for days on end.  Fun times – fun times.

11:44 pm – I think I might make t-shirts that say “I SURVIVED POWER OUTAGE ‘09”

11:44 pm – Joey shoots down my idea.

11:45 pm – we discuss John (or is it Jon?) and Kate and how Jon blames everyone but himself for their problems.  Also adds that the kids come first.  We both wonder “since when”  Why are we talking about this?  Oh yeah, because it is the top story on FOX News.  WTH

11:46 pm – Daisy can’t figure out where the flashlight light beam disappeared to (I turned it off).

11:47 pm – I suggest we start eating the food in the refrigerator before it goes bad.
11:47 pm – Joey shoots down my idea.

11:47 pm – I start eating the food in the refrigerator.

11:48 pm – the strawberries have all been eaten.  Checking to see what else we have to eat.

11:48 pm – I wonder if Tommy and Dione have power.  Tony and Deena?  My dad – mom?  The world?  Who knows.  It looks dark outside.  Zombies can’t be far off.

11:49 pm – read text messages from Jennifer R at WPSD.  They have power issues, as well.  Thank goodness – we have outside communications.  At least we know someone is alive at WPSD.  We push forward and pray to the power gods that power will be returned. 

11:49 pm – Joey says he is getting his homework finished.  Power or no power we push forward.  Surviving the power outage one minute at a time.

11:50 pm – Joey says to stop opening the refrigerator.  I am looking for food.  I will not die on an empty stomach.  I will survive this disaster.  I won’t become a statistic.

11:50 pm – I remind everyone (well just Joey and Daisy) that our grandparents used to live this way.  No response.

11:54 pm – still no power.  Daisy isn’t happy.  She is making grumbling noises. 

11:55 pm – I look down the street and see that some of the neighbors in the distance have power.  There is hope!!!!  Keeping hope alive.  They will come for us!

11:56 pm – time to break out the cheese!  Joey turns down the cheese.  So, I eat a few slices.  The mixed batch kind from Wal-Mart.  You get like four different cheese types in a package.   I am a cheese fan.  Daisy – not so much.

11:58 pm – I wonder how long my backup power supply will stay on.  So far my computer is still on.  Just not online.  Too lazy right now to hook it up to the satellite internet.  I already hooked it up once to Bell South – then that went out.  That reminds me – I need to call the satellite internet people to hook up the new house.  Make a note.

11:59 pm – don’t know how much longer we can hold on.  It has been more than 30 minutes without the internet on this computer.  Errr Joey has internet with the Verizon Card.  I suppose I could hook up the Bell South to the backup power supply.  I think it is still up and running.  Then on the other hand – is there really a need?  The storm has passed.  Sounds like everyone at emergency management have gone silent.

11:59 pm – Joey turns his homework in.  Just under the deadline.  Thank goodness. 

12:00 am – Welcome to June 23, 2009!  Power Outage ’09 Continues!!!  Wow it is midnight.  Still no power.  How do people live without power????

12:01 am – Daisy is staring at my cheese. That or she is staring at me and sizing me up.  No doubt she is already contemplating her food source.

12:03 am – bugs bugs bugs.  Flying insects are invading my space.  I guess whatever flying insects were in the house have decided that my computer screen is their new home.  I am getting the hand held vacuum cleaner.  Screw PETA – I don’t care.  These bugs are being sucked up.  I am sure it will be a trip for them.  They can all be together in one place that way.

12:04 am – dang – My backup power supply has gone dead.  Now we are moving on to pen and paper. 

12:04 am – Daisy protests the use of the handheld rechargeable vacuum cleaner.  I push forward with the task at hand.  Suck up the bugs. 

12:06 am – getting warm in here.  Air condition has stopped.  Apparently the air condition will not work when the electricity goes out.  Imagine that.  I can’t sleep without a fan.  I can’t sleep without an air condition.  The silence would probably kill me.  Not to be dramatic, but these are just the facts.

12:08 am – Joey informs me that France is going to ban those burkas that women wear (Muslim women).  I approve of that message.  They treat women like slaves.  Why should women have to cover up in order to out in public.  GO FRANCE!

12:09  am – Power is still out.  I tell Joey that I am suffering through the lack of internet.  One minute at a time.  Meanwhile he continues to surf with his laptop still having a few minutes left on it.  Verizon Wireless Card appears to be working, as well.  What would we do without Verizon?  The beacon of light in every disaster. 

12:10 am – debate taking my sleeping pill.  Bringing a swift end to all of this.  Decide against it.

12:11 am – Joey wonder how long our power will be out.  No response from me.  I am not the power genie.  I have no control over this.

12:12 am – time to break out the poptarts.  I hook up the toaster to the backup power supply.  It immediately starts to rapidly beep.  Then goes dead.  45 seconds and the pop tart was warm.  Oh well, it isn’t cooked all of the way through, but close enough!!!  It’s not like there is a cookie dough recall.

12:13 am – Daisy stairs at my pop-top.

12:13 am – we are down to one last power supply unit.  At least the constant beeping has ended.

12:14 am – eating my pop-tart.  Strawberry flavor.  Give daisy a treat to keep her quiet.

12:15 am – complaining to Joey that he has internet and headphones and that Daisy and I feel left out of the entertainment. 

12:16 am – talk to Daisy about her treats.  She just looks at me.

12:17 am – Joey complains because bugs are flying around his computer screen.  I tell him this is because he has the only light source available for them to hover around.  He wants to know where the bugs come from.  Blaming me for some window not closed all the way.  I ask for evidence.

12:18 am – Daisy is chasing my flashlight again.  So dumb.  Doesn’t she understand – there is nothing to catch.  Sigh.

12:19 am – realization sets in.  We have no power and it is getting warmer and warmer inside the house.  I am writing all of this down in case we don’t make it through the night.  Someone will find my writings and know that we pushed forward.  Through all of the turmoil – through all of the darkness – and kept this diary of the events as they unfolded at our house.  Perhaps to be read one day by some history class.  How the earth ended in 2009.  The power went out.  Scary I know.  I thought this was all supposed to end in 2012??? 

12:20 am – flashbacks to ice storm ’09.

12:21 am – Joey is taking a Facebook Quiz “How Southern Are You”  I tell him that I can already answer that question for him and he doesn’t even need to take the test.  He doesn’t respond to that.  Won’t show me his answers.

12:22 am – he declares that he is a Yankee.  Uh huh

12:22 am – flashlight is going dim.  Oh no – this is how it ends.

12:23 am – break out new flashlight that Tommy and I bought after the big ice storm.  I have several dozen 6 volt batteries.  We are good to go on lights.  At least flashlights.

12:24 am – realizes that without air everything smells like Daisy.  I break out the febreeze.

12:25 am – Joey is gagging on the amount of febreeze that I am spraying around the room.

12:26 am – I ask Joey how long we can go on like this.  He says we can go on as long as his computer works and he has the internet card.  Sigh.

12:27 am – suggest finding a hotel.  No response.

12:27 am – Joey  believes we will be able to survive at least another hour with no power and is prepared to go all night.  What a trooper.

12:28 am – Daisy and I discuss packing our bags.

12:28 am – Daisy packs her bag.

12:29 am – Chair is now wet because I over-febreezed it.  Oops.

12:30 am – I realize that having poison oak everywhere is no fun.  Go search for me medicine so the scratching will stop.  It is worse when it is warm.  Scratch – itch.  Uggg

12:31 am – We finally break down and call Paducah Power. Joey googles the phone number.  I call them.  Ring 1 – ring 2 – ring 3.  A lady answers.  Very polite.  She asks me what was wrong.  I told her my power was out.  She said where – and I told her my address.  She believes they are working on it.  I don’t ask how long it will be.  I know better than that.

12:33 am – Joey discusses ear wax.  Random I know.  But none-the-less this is the conversation.

12:34 am – we discuss whether dead braincells become mucus.  Don’t ask why – I don’t know.

12:36 am – Joey suggest we drive around and look for the electric company trucks.  I give no response to that suggestion.  I think we are ok.

12:37 am – discuss birthday cards vs e-birthday cards.  Are e-cards real?  Unsure.  We are split on the decision.  Joey notes that some cards are nice to have, but he hates throwing them away.  On the other hand they build up quickly.  Deena’s friend believes that E-cards are a child of Satan.  Believes real cards are more appropriate.

12:38 am – Joey tells me that my “titties and nads” restaurant idea is a bad one.  I tell him that “show me” and “hooters” do well.  He says not the same. 

12:41 am – discuss movies coming out this week.  There are several new ones we want to see.  My Sisters Keeper looks nice.  Transformers also is coming out.  What to see what to see.  Well, I guess we will see nothing if the power stays out. 

12:42-12:59 – deep conversation about family, house building, relationship, shot budgets, house budget, how to recoup money from house budget, and a dozen other subjects from one range of the spectrum to the other.

12:59 power comes back on.  Joey looks at me and says “welp talk time is over” power is back on.  We can return to our regular lives.

1:00 am – power is still on.  House is becoming a bit cooler.

And so as quickly as it began it ends.  Darkness to light.  We HAVE SURVIVED ANOTHER PADUCAH POWER OUTAGE!!!!!!!

Beau – a recording of live events as they unfolded on Charlotte Ann Drive.




June 21, 2009: Happy Father’s Day – Happy First Day Of Summer!

  Well, summer is here!  It feels like summer, as well.  Temperatures the last few days have risen into the 90s.  No different today – it was 99 earlier at Cairo, Illinois.  95+ in Paducah.  Heat index values are above 100 degrees.  Not nice!  I would rather have snow.  I am not supposed to say that, though.  lol

  Life is brilliant right now.  It is difficult at times to see the forest.  I think that has something to do with being in the middle of building a house and trying to finish college.  🙂 

  We had a wonderful father’s day – also celebrated Tony’s birthday and Joey’s.  Everyone went to eat at Willow Pond Restaurant.  There wasn’t a pond, but they did have good catfish.  🙂

  I did not go up to the farm today.  Yesterday my dad mowed and I ran the weed eater.  The grass was getting pretty high.  Lot of spiders and insects.  lol  Julie said I must have forgotten what it was like to live on a farm.  🙂  Speaking of Julie – we went out to the movies last night.  Saw the new movie "Proposal".  It was a funny.  Betty White plays one of the main roles.  I don’t think I have seen her in very many movies lately.

  Otherwise – we are moving forward with the house.  The sunroom has been built.  Windows are in.  Tommy is wiring – ADS is running their alarm system wires – Precision Audio is also running their wires.  Drowning in wires.  🙂

  Tony is working hard to keep everything moving along.  There seems to be an endless stream of items that need attention.  Everything is going well, though. 

  Met with Dale the other day.  It appears the cabinets are coming along nicely.

  TON of tests this week.  Quarterly tests and mid-terms.  Not looking forward to the Ocean Mid-term.  The class is hard.

  I did capture a raccoon on my trail cam (up at the farm).  The latest critter mugshot.









Cabinets and shelves


Dale who is building the kitchen cabinets – shelves – bathroom vanities



The world watches and waits



May freedom win!

June 20, 2009: Busy Busy – school/house

  Well, life has become quite busy.  Between all of these tests in school and building the house 🙂 – doesn’t leave too much time for anything else.  So, trying to pull back a bit and get some perspective.  Somehow that seems to be easily lost when you are in the middle of everything.  Just need to try and enjoy the moment and not keep thinking about the end process.  🙂

  I had a very nice evening with Julie and Danny.  Went to see a movie.

  Tommy sent me these photographs and I thought they were wonderful.  I do not know who took the photographs.  But, I thought they were inspiring.


































"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass…it’s about
learning how to dance in the rain."

June 17, 2009: The weather room

  Most of today was spent up at the farm working on the weather room.  Tommy, Jason, Tony, Rodney, Scott, Bobby – did I miss anyone – was up there today.  I think we got most of it ironed out.  Placement of monitors.  How we are going to wire everything.  Where to place the modems, computers, and other instruments.  Looks like everything is moving along nicely.



Don driving the Tonka Toy


Cumulus clouds developing in the heat of the day.  We reached 93 degrees.


Weather room day 🙂

June 16, 2009: Severe storms once again roll through area

  When will the rain stop?  Rain Rain Rain.  It won’t stop raining.  More thunderstorms hit today.  Some of them were severe with damaging winds.  We had 40-60 mph winds in McCracken County.  The farm picked up almost an inch of rain in the last 24 hours.  This is on top of all the rain during the past week. 

  Looks like more rain chances tonight and tomorrow.  Tough call on timing and placement.  Hopefully not at the farm!  Then a few hot days followed by a cold front with a squall line on Friday/Saturday.

  Tough weather.

  Some photos from the last couple of days…

Click for larger – a rainy Monday.  Yesterday was very wet.  Today was also
very wet.


The weather room!  Windows are in.  🙂


The squall line that hit us today.  Very intense.  Lot of warnings.



June 14, 2009: Mr. Possum

  Well, I put the camera in the backyard last night.  Thought maybe I would capture another squirrel.  But, it appears I captured something more menacing!  I might need to call Tony with his racoon trap.

  Thunderstorms will be likely over the next few days.  I think the higher risk for severe weather will be on Monday and Tuesday.  Will have to keep an eye on this situation.  Several periods of showers and thunderstorms will likely roll through the region.  I am thinking 2-3" of rain will easily fall on some of our counties.  Widespread 1-2" of rain appears likely. 

  Going to the farm this morning – 🙂  Might take my camera and put it somewhere out there.  Maybe we can capture a deer!


Possum outside the house


Possum outside the house




June 13, 2009: Playing with a trail cam

  So, I got a trail cam to see if I can capture some deer up at the farm.  Or other animals perhaps 🙂

  I put it in the yard last night to try it out and I captured a couple of squirrels.  Maybe I will take it up to the farm tomorrow.  🙂

  Went to the farm today with Tony.  We walked through the house and went over everything.  Noticed a few things we needed to add or change.  Nothing major, though.  Everything looks great.  🙂




June 9, 2009: Happy Birthday Joey :)

  Well, today is Joey’s birthday.   SOOOOOOO – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

  Storms last night (again).  Will the stormy weather ever end?  At least we have not had huge tornado outbreaks.  Lot of minor events and just a lot of rain.  RAIN RAIN RAIN.  We picked up 0.70" at the farm.  WET – that is the word.

  We ran errands today – picked out some colors for the house – picked out some furniture that we liked.  Took a plane ride and photographs from the air.  Some some weird damage on the way back to Paducah.  Uncertain what the damage was, though.  No reports to the media or OEM.  So, unsure what we saw.  Was strange.  Wish I would have gotten some photos of it, though.

  School and house building – those are keeping me swamped and busy.  Will be glad when school ends!  SOON.  🙂  Few months to go, though.

  Had a wonderful time with Julie last weekend.  We went out to eat and saw a movie.  Always nice to catch up. 

  Jason and Jess have returned from Europe.  I am sure they are trying to catch up on their sleep.  🙂

  Some photos from today –

  Bunch more photos here – posted a few below – slideshow and other images at this link


Click for larger image




Bobby or Don waving at us from below 🙂


Click for larger image





  Old photograph of the farm 🙂  Taken back in the 70s


June 5, 2009. A day at the farm – working on projects

  Today started out fairly early.  Had to be downtown Paducah to work on some projects.  Then I headed up to the farm.  The guys were working on the heating and air.  Looks like the duct work is coming along.

  I actually saw about 50-100 Canadian Geese when I got off the interstate.  They had landed in a field near a lake and were eating.  I don’t recall seeing geese this time of the year this far south?  It was quite odd.  Maybe an early winter 🙂  lol

  I cut some branches off one of the trees that had some ice storm damage.  Then worked on weather instruments up there and down here.  Trying to get everything together.

  BEAUTIFUL day outside.  Barely a cloud in the sky.  I LOVE IT!!!!  Bring me about 10 more days like this.  Wishful thinking, I know!

  Wonder how Jason and Jess are doing over in Europe.  I am sure they are having a blast.

  Two of my tower cams arrived today.  These will be integrated into the whole "weather" theme at the farm!

  Some photos from today…click on image for larger photo


Duct work going in the top floor – I am excited!


Duct work – air/heating


Looking south towards the house


Looking southeast towards the house


Looking east towards the house


Looking northeast towards the house


Looking north towards the house (back of house)


Looking north/northwest towards the back of the house


Looking west towards the house


Looking west towards the house


Looking west/southwest towards the garage


The last set of instruments have arrived – still need to put these together
They will go on top of the house.


These will all be on-line






June 6, 2009: And god said let there be internet (okay well Tony said)

  We have internet.  I have been wondering how this would all work out.  I mean we are in the middle of nowhere out there on the farm!!!!  We had a T-line put in a few weeks ago.  Today was the day to start it up and see how it would work.  Great speed – everything works fine.  Looks like it is almost as fast as Comcast – not quite – but close.  I am glad to get this out of the way.  It has been a concern all along.  As much as we use the internet for emergency management, school, and everything in between.

  Tony helped bring it all together today.  He has been working with Shaun from qwest (recommended by Jason) to get the internet going.  So, great job!!!! 

  Otherwise – VERY WET.  We picked up almost 1" of rain overnight.  It is one HUGE muddy mess at the farm.  Mud everywhere.  Terrible!  MAYBE it will dry out in July or August????  Who knows.  Looks active in the next two weeks.

  Everyone was at the farm today.  Plumbing, heating and air, electrical, Bobby – Rodney – Don, Tony, South Fork Lighting – and on and on and on!!!!  Lot of decisions made today.  Some changes.  All good, though.

  The house is coming along at lightning speed.  Let’s hope we continue at this pace.

  Rodney is heading to Chicago with Don.  His mother is sick.  So, a few days off for the guys. 

  Had lunch with Tony and Joey – then Danielle joined us with Deena and her friend Denise who seems like a very nice person!  Fun lunch!

  Some photos from today


T line going in


Tony putting in the t-line


Tony helping with the t-line


UP and running!  🙂




Trying to figure out lights






Just about everyone was up there today




June 3, 2009: Meteorological Summer has arrived!

  Well, June is here.  That means it is meteorological summer.  Weather people divide the year up into four seasons – meteorological winter – spring – summer – fall.  Meteorological summer is from June through August!  Makes sense to me.  😉

  I met with ADS at the farm today.  Talking about the security system and my camera system.  That went well.  It also appears that the county has run their pipes for the water.  We will have county water instead of well water!!!!  That is great news.  🙂

  Everything else is moving along.

  Raining here today.  Strong thunderstorms scattered over the entire region.  No severe weather reports in our counties.

  Some photos from today…


ADS Security


Got the long lens out today 🙂  Farm to our north – well north!  I can see
a house on top of New Columbia Bluff, as well.  Click for large image.


County is running water!!!!!!!


Water lines going in 🙂



June 2, 2009: Tests – Decisions Decisions – Cumulus Clouds

  A thousand decisions.  What color trim for lights – what kind of lights – what color lights – what size lights – 🙂  I am definitely not a micro-manager.  But, I think there are 10,000 decisions left for the house!

  Took two major tests today.  One I did GREAT on – the other one – not sure.  One I got my grade and one I did not.  I am HOPING I made a B on the one.  Unsure.  We shall see.  Lot of difficult snow questions.  Snow and I have a love/hate relationship.  😉

  Sue Henry did a GREAT presentation last night at the photography club.  Lot of people were there.  Looks like the club is moving right along.  I have only been to two meetings, though.  I have tried not to start anything new – this past year.  But, once I graduate then I will probably go more often!

  Working on homework most of today.  Will be up at the farm tomorrow and Thursday.

  Sounds like Jason and Jess are having fun in Europe.

  I took a few photos of Cumulus Clouds while I was out and about today – Paducah.

For slideshow – Cloud Slideshow Gallery


Cumuls Clouds – click for large image 🙂


Cumulus Clouds – Click for larger image


Click for larger image




Click for larger image





June 1, 2009: Kentucky Colonel Award!

  Exciting day 🙂  Was awarded the Kentucky Colonel Award.  What makes this even better is that my uncle Robert Dodson was also given this award for his service to the military.  Coincidentally he was a meteorologist!  Robert’s information can be viewed here.

   My mom and dad went with me today.  Joey, as well.  🙂

  Kentucky Colonel is an honorary title bestowed upon individuals by approval of the Governor of Kentucky. It is not a military rank.  Award of the title requires nomination from an existing colonel. Nominators are expected to consider the nominee’s service and contributions to the global community before making a nomination. The sitting governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky bestows the honor of a Colonel’s Commission, by issuance of a certificate.

   The title Kentucky colonel has been around since 1813. When the Kentucky Militia was deactivated following the War of 1812. Governor Isaac Shelby commissioned Charles S. Todd, one of his officers in the campaign, as an aide-de-camp on the Governor’s Staff with the rank and grade of Colonel.  Todd married Shelby’s youngest daughter two years later.

  Early colonels actually served military roles. In the latter part of the 1800s, the position took on a more ceremonial function. Colonels in uniform attended functions at the Governor’s mansion and stood as symbolic guards at state events. By the late 1800s, the title had become more of an honorary one. However, since commissioned Kentucky Colonels are considered members of the Governor’s Staff and his honorary aides-de-camp, all are entitled to the style of Honorable as indicated on their commission certificates. This is rarely used, however; Kentucky Colonels are usually just referred to and addressed as Colonel.  Info from Wiki.

Notable colonels

Some of the more famous recipients include:


Kentucky Colonel Award


Herb Hendrickson and Beau Dodson



Click for larger image



May 31, 2009: A day with the family

  Well, we went to see the movie UP this afternoon.  It was a great movie.  I love Disney and Pixar!!!!  Excellent.

  It was hot outside – nearly 90 degrees.  I am not a fan.

 My oceanography class if terrible – hard – difficult.  Not lookin forward to this.  This class may very well break my straight A streak.  That is no good.  It is a hard one.

  Will keep moving forward, though!!!