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  A fun evening here in Ashcreek!  Lots of trick or treaters.  They were lined up at one point.  Everyone had a great time.  Some photos from tonight!










Danielle handing out a ton of candy 🙂







Joey handing out lots of candy tonight…



Tommy (my sister Dione’s husband) looking cool

October 31, 2007: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!




We have the house all ready for this evenings trick or treaters!



The front entrance


Happy Halloween Everyone!


  So we went to Kentucky Lake today to look at a house.  This is the view 🙂  UMMMM 🙂  This is from the BOTTOM of the hill.  The house sets on top of a hill…behind me in these photos.  Probably about 100′ up higher.  🙂  I liked it!





October 30, 2007: HALLOWEEN EVE!!!! Getting ready!


  Spent most of today driving around looking for hills and views.  🙂  Found a few interesting places.  I have no idea what we will eventually do but I am keeping my options open.

  Tomorrow is Halloween!  So we are trying to move our decorations up from the basement where we had our party on Sunday and into the foyer and the porch area.  We will fix everything up tomorrow.  Trick or Treaters will start arrive after 4 and then it will become REALLLLLLY busy after about 7 or so.

Lucy down in Florida!  Ready for Halloween.

  This is our candy tub!



Moving everything upstairs into the foyer…and the porch.


October 29, 2007: Dylan’s Patriot Football Game


  I put together a slideshow of the game.  You can view it here:





October 28, 2007: BEAU’S 2007 HALLOWEEN PARTY


  Wellllll we had a great family get-together!  The family arrived around 1 p.m.  The kids had fun…playing games and running around the house.  Dylan stayed over on Saturday night with some of his friends so they were WIDE awake (uh huh).  Dylan had his ballgame on Saturday (I will have to post those photos in a bit…still going through them).  We had BBQ and Hot Dogs…seems to be the family favorite.  Not sure by choice or not!  Easiest to fix I suppose!  Everyone knows I am the big chef around here. 

  About half of us dressed up for the party.  My "blast" was an astronaut – perhaps I should have said "blast off"  🙂   The weather was GREAT.  A bit of a chill in the air but nothing you wouldn’t expect in late October.  We even had a frost overnight!  34 degrees here at my house.  That was the coldest temperature so far this season.  🙂  Now if we could just bring in some snow!  I don’t know how I manage to fit the weather into all of my posts.  Habit I suppose!

  Anyway here are a bunch of photos from our get-together.

Astronaut Beau ready for liftoff.  Our STAR scientist has been working on the shuttle problems.


Astronaut Beau with Uncle Roger


"THE LION KING" errrr QUEEN I should say


Mother and Mariah


Tyler and his friend Tyler – I am not sure which is which!


Someone is having a good time with the cookies


No pictures please.


Mother and Julie


Ahhh yes the court jester – every party needs one


That would be my dad and Lori



Tyler and Tyler


Mother…Mariah…and Mariah’s little fairy friend


Me and my mom




I think I make a nice astronaut…I might have to call NASA


Lori and Daddy




Danielle and Daisy at the end of the evening.  I think SOMEONE is tired!




The kids busting the pinata






Tommy and Dione


Dylan ready to blast off into space (looks like he might already be there)


Uncle George


Mariah and her fairy 🙂


Or is she a butterfly?  This could go either way 🙂


The crew of the next shuttle launch



Tony has been working out


Beau and Danny…Jala in the background (Mariah’s friend)


Astronaut Danny Kohn



Itsy Bitsy Spider Crawled Down the Waterspout…

October 26, 2007: New Conference Room :)


  I put together a conference room for the Shadow Angel Foundation.  I think it looks pretty good.  Not sure where this rooms ends up being permanently.  For now it is in the dining room – which we don’t use.  lol  We have a separate area in the kitchen that we eat in.


  Shadow Angel Foundation Conference Room

October 26, 2007: Busy busy…


  Been busy with homework the last couple of days.  Complicated classes this semester.  🙂  I think I have said that already though! 

  We went today and picked out costumes for the party on Sunday.  Should be fun.  All the family is supposed to be here.  So that alone will make it fun.  I won’t say what I am going to be but I will give a hint – it will be a BLAST!  🙂  lol

Looks like a nice weekend ahead…coolish – but nice.  I guess we will dry out for a few days.  The long term pattern looks dry and cool.  Perhaps some frost will arrive soon.  It is becoming that time of the year!

  We will be going to see Dylan play football tomorrow.  He is in the tournaments.  Hopefully they will win!  If so then there will be another game next weekend.

  Nothing else to report on the home front!


October 25, 2007: SWEET RAIN! RAIN! RAIN! RAIN! RAIN!


  The rain just keeps on falling!  We have picked up 6.12" of rain here in Lone Oak over the past eight days.  Incredible totals.  This is the most rain we have received all year.  The severe drought has received a big hit.  More rain is expected tonight and tomorrow morning.  I am hoping we can pick up another 1/2" of rain.

  I have homework today.  The class is moving along.  Just a few more weeks and we will be finished with this semester!  I am will be thankful when that time arrives.  These are some of the tougher classes we have had.  So far so good though.

  Dylan has a big football game on Saturday.  The game is near St Louis.  Then my families Halloween Party is on Sunday.  Should be fun!  The weather looks cool.

  David is in China…all is well there.  I don’t think he is impressed with the region he is in.  Sounds like the pollution is horrible.  So I don’t think I am missing anything there.  I think I will hang around here and enjoy the rain!

  No snow chases in the near future.  Winter appears to be slow in coming.  The only real snow to report is out in the Rockies.


October 22, 2007: Raining!


  I had a few days of rest after all of the severe weather.  I think it takes a day or two to catch up on sleep after something like that.  Hopefully we will have some nice weather in the days to come.  Nice meaning RAIN!   Looks like plenty of rain is heading out way.  I am hopeful that we will see at least another inch or so.  We could use about 8 – 12 inches.  Not all at once of course.  🙂  One or two inches per week would be nice.

  Had a nice lunch with Caesar and Sue last Wednesday.  Sort of in between all ths severe weather.  Sue brought me a nice book on weather (water, ice, and fog) photography.  Some great photos.  The photographer in the book is Tony Sweet.  Great photographs.

  Trying to catch up on homework.  A few down days 🙂 after mid-terms.  Looks like 2 more quarters ahead.  If I can make it through that then we will have a winter break!  Hopefully by then it will be SNOWING.  No snow chases planned right now.  Just not much going on.  There has been some snow out west.  Looks like it will still be awhile before we can expect that to move into the Eastern United States.  Will keep watching!

  Talked with Kristy on the phone over the weekend.  She is doing okay down in Florida.  Sounds like Lucy is on a diet of some sort.  I shall await some before and after pictures before commenting.  🙂  A puppies life is so hard. 

  The Red Cross is having a banquet tonight.  It is the 90th anniversary of the Paducah Chapter.  I will take some photos.

  Okay back to homework….


October 18, 2007: Updated Map – Eight Hundred Reports


  They are still updating this map.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes above 800.  So far though there have been around eight hundred reports of severe weather from this historic October outbreak.  Unreal.

  Blue is wind damage, green is hail, and red would be tornadoes.




  Long day.  Four hours sleep since Wednesday Night.  I am ready for bed!  Ironic the newspaper article ran today.  We had hours and hours of warnings.  NUMEROUS tornadoes have hit multiple states.  Kentucky has been hit very hard.  Dozens of injuries and some fatalities are being reported.  Many towns and cities have been hit by what appears to be significant tornadoes.  Major damage in the Owensboro and Louisville area.  Many other counties hit hard. 

  Graves County had some damage from a tornado that touched down.  We had a wall cloud move over my house.

  It has been one of the bigger October outbreaks that I can remember.  I am glad we are all safe!


Storm damage reports from today


PHOTOS BELOW ARE FROM WPSD TV SIX – These are not my photographs.


MAYFIELD, KENTUCKY – Patty White photo




PADUCAH, KENTUCKY – Jason Whitley Photo


MARION, KENTUCKY – Scott Sullens



October 18, 2007: Mid-Terms/Weather/Newspaper


  Tired.  Long night watching/tracking severe weather.  Long day yesterday as well.  More severe weather will be possible this morning and then again this afternoon.  Could be some strong tornadoes across portions of the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys.  Looks rough.

  GREAT NEWS!  I made an A on my Stats Test!  I thought for sure I would end up with a C.  I am SOOOOOO HAPPY about this because that is not my favorite subject.  I guess all that studying paid off!  I made a B on my Synoptic Meteorology test.  SO I AM THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  The newspaper article came out today!  I cut and pasted it below!



October 16, 2007: Severe Weather Outbreak Looming…


   All indications are that a significant outbreak of severe weather will occur on Thursday across portions of Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  There is a threat for high winds and tornadoes.  The fine details of the forecast still need to be worked out.  It does appear that the potential is there for a widespread event.

  I finished my mid-terms today.  What a headache.  I am not a fan of tests…especially math.  I am not sure how I did on the stats test.  I am hoping for a B.  I did get my test score back from Synoptic Meteorology.  86!!!  B 🙂  I can handle that!  It was a hard test.




October 13, 2007: Newspaper :) Article!


  Hey look who made the paper 🙂   I will never hear the end of this article.  This week the Paducah Sun called and wanted to do a story on my weather obsession.  Addiction perhaps?  Something like that.  They should do a story on snow chasing!  lol  That would be great.  Sue sent me an email this evening and told me that my photo was in the paper today and a snippet saying the article would run on Thursday.  I will be curious what they write.

  Here is today’s paper 🙂


October 12, 2007: Mid-Terms and Halloween :)


  Yeesh – one mid-term down and one to go.  Too much stress for me!  I am not a fan of tests.  I finished the Synoptic Meteorology test at 2 p.m. this afternoon.  Now I have to take the statistics test.  I might do that tomorrow night.  Maybe Sunday.  Who knows!  I guess when I feel like I am ready to take it.

  Going to see the new Queen Elizabeth Movie tonight.  John is going with us.  Hope it is a good movie!

  The Paducah Sun was here today.  They took some photographs and did a story on my weather center.  Talked about emergency management and the American Red Cross.  Also discussed school.  🙂  Not sure when the article is going to run.  I think next Thursday.  I will post it when I get it!

  Here are some photos of our Halloween Decorations. 


Joey was stuffed in the front seat with all
the flowers, corn stalks, and pumpkins.


The SUV was full of pumpkins and corn stalks!  Now I guess I
need to sweep the car out.


Stacking the corn stalks.  🙂


The front of the house is coming along


This is what the corn stalks were used for 🙂  Lots of color!  


🙂  It is finished 🙂


Joey working on a pumpkin




One of our house guests


 Our new butler!  Candy anyone?


My cousin Pete from New Mexico (Pete is on the right).



Trick or Treat


Our aunt from Kansas.  🙂


 We went down to Mayfield on Thursday to check on the new houses.  One is finished already.  The second one is coming along nicely.  I like the way the color scheme is working out. 


Back porch.  Nice view of the sky.


October 11, 2007: School! More school…



  If I had a little bit of extra time I would post some photos of the decorations.  Maybe next week!  Mid-terms are upon us and that is taking up my time.  Spent part of today in Mayfield meeting with a new bank.  Tony and I are working on some different projects involving houses and apartments.  We did manage to get the basement decorated for Halloween.  The outside as well.  Lights look nice! 

  Paducah Sun called and they want to do a story on the weather.  I have to call them back. 

  Otherwise…school and tests.  I have to make a good grade on these mid-terms.  I made a 95 on the quarterly test for Synop.  I am happy with that.  I made an 85 on the Stats Test.  Not as good but I will take it.  If I could do that good on the mid-terms I would be THRILLED!

  Going to eat with Mariah and mother tonight.

  Kristy sent me a new photo of her and Drew 🙂  Looking good down there! 


October 10, 2007: October Weather :)



  The temperatures were in the 50s last night.   I love this weather.  Slept with the windows open and actually got a bit chilly.  Works for me.  Now if we could just get some snow!  I think I might have to wait a little bit longer for that.

  Staying busy around here.  I get four test grades back today.  I am hoping I did okay.  My BIG test is this weekend though.  Mid-terms.  I have to do good on those.  Sweating it already.  I guess it will be okay.  It always is. 

  Business is going well.  Looking at some more apartments and houses.  Seems to be a number of them on the market right now.  So that is good.

  Kristy sent a photograph of Lucy.  They are in Florida now.  It looks like Lucy is going to be a pumpkin.  I think she makes a great pumpkin.  She looks thrilled.  Daisy laughed.  🙂

Lucy in her Halloween Costume

  Otherwise…I am having lunch with grandmother today and my dad.  Then I am heading back here to finish decorating for Halloween.  We have to go get some corn stalks and mums.  Also some pumpkins!  Hopefully we will finish decorating this afternoon or evening.  Then I can start studying for my mid-terms.


October 9, 2007: Decorating time!


  Time to decorate for Halloween!  Last year we had a great party.  The kids had fun.  So we are going to try and do it again this year.  We have plenty of Halloween decorations.  We try to buy a few more each year.  Those 50% off sales are nice!  🙂  So that is the task for today and tomorrow.   We need to get some corn stalks though.  I suppose we will have to run down to the Smitts Farm (something like that).

  IT IS FINALLY COOLER OUTSIDE.  SHOCKING!  For the first time this season my windows are OPEN!  I am loving this.  We had record high temperatures for the last three or four days across this region.  The cold front moved through last night with some rain and thundershowers.  Now the cooler temperatures have arrived.  Again – I LOVE IT!

  I took four tests over the past two days.  I am sweating the mid-terms.  They will be this weekend.  I HAVE TO DO GOOD ON THEM.  The tests are weighted heavily.  You have to do good on the mid-terms and finals.  The other grades count but not for much.

  Spoke with a good friend today in Quebec City.  He used to live in Toronto.  Keith!  It has been a long time since we talked and it sounds like he is doing great.  Happy to hear from him.  He is teaching English!

  Now what I need to do is call Sue and Caesar and go out for lunch.  I still have not completely unpacked.  lol

  We are working on a conference room for the Shadow Angel Foundation.  Going to put up a white board and then have a table/chairs of course.  A place to meet and talk about projects and so on.  We can also use it for our business ventures. 

  NOAA’S Winter Outlook has been released.  No surprises here.


October 6, 2007: Made it home safely!


  A 12 hour drive through the Ohio Valley!  Made it home safely.  So much mail to go through, unpacking, and homework!  Mid-terms and tests are this next week.  I am anxious to get through all of that.  Lots to do.


October 2, 2007: Kristy is alive…





Thankfully both Lucy and Kristy are fine.  Thanks to Kristys quick thinking and Lucy’s survival instincts!


October 1, 2007: WELCOME TO OCTOBER!!!! WOOHOO!


  I always get excited when a month changes.  ESPECIALLY when it means we are one month closer to WINTER!  You knew I was going to say that didn’t you?  🙂  Of COURSE!  Bring it on!  I have already been dreaming about snow chasing.  Counting the days!   

  We made it back to Canada!  North America!  The WEST!  No problems at the airport.  No problems getting into Waterloo.  All well on this front.  I will be heading back to Paducah later this week/weekend.  TON of stuff to catch up on.  My head is spinning!      

  If you have not heard about Bill Clinton’s new book then I suggest you go grab a copy.  I am not the biggest fan of Bill Clinton but I do respect his philosophy on giving and giving back.  You can read the books review here.