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Beau's Journey

May 6, 2013

It has been 10 years since that terrible night. A night that will be in our memories until the day our souls move onward.

It seems hard to believe that is has been 10 years. Like waking up from a dream and realizing that you can’t remember all of the details but you remember the feelings – you remember the flashes of events. Like still photographs. Memories.

Our lives have changed so much over the last ten years. This region has been through one extreme weather event after another. With no real end sight. Perhaps next year won’t be extreme or perhaps the year after that. These are the thoughts that pass through our heads. Yet, the disasters continue. Severe floods, tornadoes, droughts, ice storms, extreme warmth and cold. One is reminded that norms are made up of extremes. Except the extremes aren’t all supposed to happen at once.

Today we will remember those who lost their lives in the Tri-County Tornado of May 6, 2013. Ten years later.

December 30, 2011: In California with my mom

I can’t believe it is almost 2012.  How can that be?  Seems like it was just 2000 a few years ago – it was such a big deal when the date turned 2000.  Now that is but a distant memory.  The pages of time keep passing faster and faster – I do not know where the time goes but it goes.

I am in California with my mom – with are in San Diego visiting Aunt Jeno – her birthday is on Sunday – she will be 90 years old. 


September 5, 2011 – London, England

Wow it has been a long time since I have posted on the blog!  Been so busy with weather and life 🙂 – just forgot to keep posting, I suppose.  We are in London, England – have been here since the end of August – the weather is great.  Much cooler than back home and a bit of rain (which I like).  We visited Amsterdam over the last few days.  Beautiful country – amazing architecture on the buildings.  I took a lot of photos – I will need to upload them to SmugMug when I get a chance.

Everything else in life is moving along – time does not stop.  Sometimes I wish it would at least slow down a bit.


Will post pictures when I get them uploaded!


March 16, 2011 Waiting

March 11, 2011:

March 10, 2011 A journey ahead of us…

March 9, 2011 Happy Birthday Dione :)

Well – Dione turns another 2 years older today!  Or is it 1 year older?

All I know is that I called her and she tried to tell me she was 37.  Now – I might not be the math wizard – but I am fairly certain she is not 37.

I guess we will just let her think that 🙂

Happy Birthday Dione 🙂






February 2, 2011: Illinois blizzard

We headed north to photograph the blizzard that hit Illinois.  This was one of the bigger storms in recent memory for a large stretch of the United States.

I have been posting on Beau Dodson Weather on Facebook – just search Facebook for that page.  🙂

We experienced some of the most intense blizzard conditions I have ever witnessed.  Winds were gusting into the 40-55 mph range most of the evening into the wee hours of the morning.  Several times visibility could be measured in the hundreds of feet.  Ton of blowing and drifting snow.  Was difficult to walk in the more intense wind gusts – not to mention the blinding snow as it would strike you in the eye.

Jason Darnall and Adam Darnall also drove up to be in the storm. 

All of my photos are over on this page

A couple of the photos from the above page – below



Jason Darnall



December 29, 2010: Woah what a game – gosh pucket

Welllllllll – let’s just say the professional hockey game was exciting and left a mark on me that I sure won’t forget anytime soon. 

We arrived at the hockey game in Nashville, Tennessee about an hour early.  Tommy told me we should get their early because we could get a good look at the players while they practiced their game.  So – Joey and I arrived early and had dinner with Tommy and mother.  Mother was going back to the hotel after she ate dinner.  Then the rest of us were going to the hockey game.

The stadium


Found this image online – we were around row six or seven. 


We arrived at the hockey rink with plenty of time to spare – watched the practice and then found our seats.  We had great seats, as well.  Around the sixth or seventh row.  Could see allllllll the action.

Somewhere around 9 pm there was a loud rushing noise and a BANG – BOW – WOW – and I fell over.  I remember seeing blood and hearing my name called out.  Then the next thing I know I am in an ambulance with quite a bit of shaking going on.  Whole body was shaking – and some guy was asking me how many fingers he was holding up above me.

Apparently a hockey puck decided that it needed to attach itself to the side of my head.  And so it did.  Left a nice mark.  🙂




December 28, 2010: Woohoo heading to Nashville with the family

Going to see Danielle’s Cheer Elite group and catch a hockey game tonight.  Eating with Tommy at 4 or 5 pm this evening then off to see hockey.

Should have great seats – sixth or seven row!!!!



December 28, 2010: The day after

Well, my dad has been gone for two days!  The aftermath of the riots and parties continues to be the talk of the town.  The Chief of Police and the Mayor of Paducah were out yesterday for a "fly over" of the damaged area.

Honestly – my dad leaves town and things go down hill prrreeeettttyyyyyyy fast.  Just crazy.  I worried this would happen.  BUT – he did need a break. 







Paducah Sun Photo (AP)


MEANWHILE – in Florida and off the east coast of Florida – paparazzi  captured these photographs from my dad’s cruise







Someone just sent me this photo – out in front of my dad’s place.  Not looking good.  I knew as soon as he left this would happen.  Hopefully HE is having a good time.

Out in front of my dad’s place in Paducah


This is down the street my from dad – does not look pretty.





December 27, 2010: Riots over in Paducah – citizens demand Dean return

Well – as I feared.  It appears the apartment residents are demanding the return of my dad.  No Dean – No Peace were the shots earlier this morning as riot police had to move in the subdue the crowd.

Apparently the block party got out of hand.  I know that the mayor tried to contact Tony Crouch – my brother in law.  However, when they called his phone all they got was a message saying :"Out for the holidays – wishing you and your loved ones a VERY Merry Christmas"

So – my phone rang at 3 am.  I could hear the tear gas canisters exploding in the background and what sounded like rushing water.  A tenant from 701 sent me these images from his cell phone.  It did not look pretty.





Now I am not saying there is anyone to blame here.  I mean we knew my dad was leaving for months now.  Just seems like the tenants were left in the cold this morning.  Perhaps daddy didn’t tell them that he was leaving or perhaps the block party last night got out of hand.  I have no idea.

I didn’t even know Paducah had riot police. 

This was also sent to me – I guess they are demanding my dad return



I just received this photos from Facebook from my cousin Jason


My dad is on that boat this morning!


This was the view that Jason sent earlier today.  Appears that there is no snow in Florida.



OK more updates as they arrive



December 26,2010: Day one of my dad being away

Well, dad is away on a well earned vacation.  Off to some remote paradise in the Bahamas.  He left this morning in our blinding snowstorm.  Flurries were widespread over the area.  Even some reports of snow showers.  Here is what it looked like on the roadways through western Kentucky as he headed out earlier this morning.  He told me that it was slow going – but they were making it just fine.



Now, I am not sure how the apartments are going to take care of themselves.  I am fairly certain that everyone over there depends on my dad – I know his phone rings a lot and they knock on his door quite often.  From what I hear they normally count on him being around! 

I did stop by the apartments earlier and captured this image



Dad didn’t tell me they were having a block party for his going away – however, it appears they are having a lot of fun.  Hopefully my dad approved of all of this (I guess Tony and I were not invited to the block party).

The above photo shows the tenants over at the apartments (and perhaps some of their friends?????)


Updates as I get them!







December 5, 2010: New York City – Status of Liberty Day

Just wow – how inspiring is the State of Liberty.  Incredible!


Top of the Crown of the Statue of Liberty – just amazing


The old crown




Climbing the stairs to the top





















Decembe 4, 2010: NEW YORK CITY!!! Love it!

We arrived in New York City on Friday.  As always, I love the city.  Especially at Christmas.  The crowds are amazing – it was not this crowded last time I was here.  There are thousands and thousand of people.

We stayed at the Marriott that was destroyed in 9/11 last night.  We could see the construction of the new buildings from our window.  I believe the new Marriott was built a couple of buildings down from the old one – unsure. 

Today we went to see the 9/11 memorial, fire fighters memorial, Wall Street, St Patrick’s Cathedral, 5th Avenue, and a variety of other spots.  Having a great time – cold – but fun!

Snowed in Kentucky today.  1 to 3 inches over the central and eastern part of the state.  That forecast worked out nicely.

Some photos from last night and today

Wall Street


9/11 Memorial


9/11 Memorial


9/11 Memorial


The rebuilding process


Rockefeller Square


Coming Together 9/11 Memorial


9/11 Memorial


9/11 Memorial





Building the new buildings at Ground Zero – outside our hotel



9/11 Memorial



Joey – what to eat what to eat


Joey in front of the new construction at Ground Zero


 Fire Fighters Memorial





We found OJ’s missing glove!!!!!!!!!!!!


New York Stock Exchange


New York Stock Exchange


Wall Street







Kids singing outside the hotel






December 1, 2010: Lone Oak Elementary

I spoke to the Lone Oak Elementary school this morning – 160 kids!  Attentive audience 🙂 – they especially like the tornado machine.  🙂

November 30, 2010: Thanksgiving!

OK – well it is that time of the year again. Thanksgiving.  Holy cow – where did the time go?

We had a GREAT time on Sunday evening here at the farm.  Family got together – missing Mariah (pssst Mariah we do miss you when you are not here) and we had turkey.  The turkey was provided by Denise and her husband.  Once again they made a great turkey!!!!  The rest of Denise’s family also came up.  Jason and Jess were here – Julie was here.  Lots of people – lots of fun.  We played some board games.  I think Jamie beat all of us – him and his sister.

Oh well – we will get them next time!!!!

Otherwise – the weather has been a roller-coaster.  Which is about what was forecasted.  So – I am okay with the ups and downs of the weather.  Bring on weather – that is my current motto.  I am sure that will change to "bring on spring" – soon enough.

Finals are this week.  Ready to move on past this class.  The leaves me two classes for my Bachelors Degree.  I am dreading the foreign language classes.  I have no idea how I am going to do those.  I see it being difficult – at best.  But, we will see what happens next.  Unsure when I am going to take those classes.

We are going to New York City on Friday – Joey has never been.  He wants to see the Christmas lights and the big city.  I am excited.  Love love love New York at Christmas time.  I am sure the airports will not be fun.  But, whatever.  What can you do?  Frustrating – at best.

Once that is over – then we have Christmas and New Years fast approaching. ZOOOOOM ZOOOOM is the word.

Some photos from Sunday night


Tyler playing video games


Cooking and talking





Dione and Deena


Tony and my niece Danielle


Someone feels left out


Jason lighting Tyler’s birthday cake – Tyler will be 12 on December 1st



Happy birthday to Tyler and Denise – 🙂



My dad and me


Daisy has a new friend






Enough already

November 24, 2010:

Wow – a busy busy busy month and weeks.

Attended the KY Weather Conference in Bowling Green – had a GREAT time!  The Paducah, NWS also had a conference at Kentucky Lake.  We gave away some Midland Weather Radios at both events.  We had such a great time – so many quality speakers.  🙂  Fun for all of the emergency management and weather geeks.

Then we had open house on Sunday – over 200 people attended.  We estimate the number to be between 250 and 300 in total.  Lot of people had more than one person with them – plus kids.

Teachers from Jefferson and Massac High School were there – along with a lot of friends from the past and current friends.  Everyone had such a great time.  I did not get to take any photos because I was never able to leave the spot I was in!  Hopefully some others took a few.  I know that Geri and Caesar sent me a few!  I will have to upload those.

My mom and family had a blast – so many faces that we have not seen in years.


Then we had a few weather events – including a tornado watch the other night until 4 am.  I went to bed at 3 – after the threat ended.  Joey saw a Bobcat the same day – I can hear the coyotes tonight howling.  Lot of creatures around here! 

Then add in school – and things are BUSY BUSY BUSY!

Loving life – all good.

Some photos




Open House at the farm 🙂














Flashback a couple of weeks 🙂 – we went to see Blue Man Concert – WOW is all I can say!









Christmas 2010




Jennifer Rukavina talking about the May 2010 tornado outbreak – that cell was just southwest of my moms house




Kentucky Weather Conference 2010


Trent Okerson – WPSD covering that tornado outbreak


Jennifer Rukavina presenting on the 2010 tornado outbreak (May)




Kentucky Weather Conference


Katherine and Mike Thomasson – McCracken County Rescue and OEM


Bruce Thomas did a presentation on weather radios


Bruce Thomas – great guy!


They made Bruce a Kentucky Colonel




Lee Campbell presenting on the Kentucky and Tennessee Floods of 2010


Dr Greg Forbes being given the Kentucky Colonel award



Chris Novy speaking on Spotter Safety


Chris Novy being given the Kentucky Colonel Award


Jennifer Rukavina and Dr Greg Forbes


Dr Greg Forbes and myself




November 17, 2010: Turn Around – Don’t Drown Campaign


‘Turn Around – Don’t Drown’ campaign

coming to Western Kentucky

Pilot project features warning signs in selected, flood-prone locations in McCracken County


GRAND RIVERS, Ky. (Nov. 17, 2010) – "Turn Around – Don’t Drown," a national campaign for awareness of the dangers of driving into high water, is coming to western Kentucky with placement of special warning signs on selected state highways in McCracken County.

The signs are a cooperative effort of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, National Weather Service in Paducah, McCracken County Emergency Management Agency and the Shadow Angel Foundation, which funds weather-related safety projects.  The signs will be placed along highways in six flood-prone areas identified by McCracken County Emergency Management.

According to Rick Shanklin of the National Weather Service, floods on average kill 127 Americans each year – far more than lightning, tornadoes or hurricanes. Four of every five flood victims die after walking or driving into moving water.

“These signs are designed to remind motorists to avoid driving through floodwaters.  ‘Turn Around – Don’t Drown’ is to help improve safety.  While these signs are only going up at six locations now, we’re optimistic we can obtain funding for more locations in the future,” Shanklin said.

The signs were introduced today at the National Weather Service Winter Weather Workshop in Grand Rivers.  Chuck Geveden, executive director of the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety, said the signs originated in Texas and are spreading to other parts of the country on an experimental basis.

“This is the first application of ‘Turn Around – Don’t Drown’ warning signs in Kentucky,” Geveden said.  “Beyond providing a safety reminder at these specific locations, we believe these signs will provide a timely message for motorists to carry with them whenever they encounter water over the road.”

The Shadow Angel Foundation is funding the signs. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will install them.

“Our goal is to raise the awareness of dangers posed by flooded roads,” said Beau Dodson, of the Shadow Angel Foundation.  “Our hope is that people who see these signs on a regular basis will file away that safety message and remember it any time they encounter a flooded roadway.”

Dodson noted that, much like other safety efforts, the “Turn Around – Don’t Drown” Campaign requires a long-term commitment to an important safety message.   His goal is to add the signs at additional locations around the region in coming years.  WPSD-TV Local 6 will assist the Shadow Angel Foundation by helping promote the TADD campaign in the Paducah area.

Motorists who encounter water covered roads are advised to follow these basic safety rules:

  • Monitor NOAA weather radio or reliable news source for weather information.
  • If flooding occurs, get to higher ground. Get out of areas subject to flooding. This includes dips, low spots, canyons and washes.
  • Avoid areas already flooded, especially if water is flowing. Do not attempt to cross an overflowing stream.
  • Road beds may be washed out under flood waters. NEVER drive through flooded roadways.   If your vehicle is suddenly caught in rising water, leave it immediately and seek higher ground.
  • Do not camp or park along streams and washes, especially in threatening conditions.
  • Be especially cautious at night when it is harder to recognize flood dangers.

More information can be obtained at http://www.srh.noaa.gov/tadd/ or by going to www.shadowangelfoundation.org


Here is the new site




November 11, 2010: Thank you veterans!

A BIG thank you this morning to all of the veterans that have served this great nation!!!! 

Thank you for giving us the freedom to be who we are!

November 9, 2010 Sarah McLachlen

Mother and I drove to Nashville yesterday after to go see Sarah McLachlen – this honestly was simply a dream fulfilled.  We have been wanting to see her for years.  I can’t tell you the number of lonely nights that I spent in Toronto listening to Sarah McLachlen.  I told my mom right after I left to buy her CD’s and listen to them and that they would help her.  Sarah McLachlen is just an angel – as an artist she seemed soooooo down to earth.  The last song she sang was Angel – mother and I both were so happy that she sang that song.  We have always loved it and the song has so much meaning to the both of us.

An amazing night in Nashville!  I got back home around 2:30 am.


Couple of pics from Nashville


My mom met Elvis!  She asked him out on a date!!!!


But he said no 🙁   Sooooo she ended up going out with this guy!


Sarah McLachlen in Nashville, TN


Gosh – it seems like it is so hard to keep up with everyone’s birthdays!  As soon as one birthday passes then there is another one!




October 30, 2010: Zombie walk downtown Paducah

Well, who knew how today would turn out – the day started out just fine.  No big deal – Halloween Eve and all.  Thought maybe we would just chill here at the house.  Then the doorbell rang – next thing you know there were freakin zombies everywhere – one bit Joey and then one bit me.  Next thing you know WE ARE ZOMBIES.  It was pretty scary – but I guess being a zombie isn’t ALLLLLL that bad.  There are advantages – you don’t have to sleep and you never have to wait in line at the movie theater – people just get out of the way and let you through.

Not bad!

We went to the 2010 Paducah Zombie Walk and then to Maiden Alley to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show!  Which was also fun – people throwing rice, toilet paper, squirt guns, noise makers, cards, and bells.  🙂  First time I have attended one of those events.  Fun Fun!

Some pics



Amber and Beau

Amber and Beau

Joey and Amber








October 28, 2010: Charlie Brown tonight!

Ahhhh it must be fall 🙂 – Charlie Brown is on tonight with his great pumpkin!!!!  Looking forward to watching it.

Nothing new to report – all is well on the big hill.  🙂

October 20, 2010: We are all growing up

Well, life is brilliant.  What else can I say about life?  I have everything I ever dreamed of having – I have someone that loves me for who I am – I have a supportive family – I love them – they love me.  I have beautiful friends scattered across the blue planet of ours.  Life is brilliant.


I can’t believe how fast the last 10 years have passed us by.  I was in Toronto 10 years ago – trying to stay out of trouble but running from my past.  Missing my family.  Being loved by many friends.  Time has gone by so so quickly.

Makes me sad to think about all of the time that has passed – but then I smile at all of the adventures on these pages.  Holy cow – have there been some extreme adventures.  So – life is brilliant.  And, I hope it stays that way.



October 16, 2010: Yummy weather

What else can you call it?  Beautiful blue sky – cool morning temps – mild in the afternoon.  Perfect weather.  Still dry – but we are used to that by now.  We did pick up 1/2" the other day – first significant rain (if you can call it that) that we have had since early September.  Not everyone received rain – very very scattered.  Oh well – it does appear we may see a bit more active weather after the 20th.   Keep pushing it further out – thought it would be after the 18th.  Looks more like the last week of October.  Several storm systems that might bring us our first real pattern change in some time.

We shall see.

Joey and I went to the arrowhead show today – down at Kentucky Lake.  Joey’s dad was there showing some of his finds.  LOT of arrowheads!!!!  The leaves on the way day were amazing – lot of bright colors.  Even saw one deer 🙂

Otherwise – nothing new to report.  Everything is going great.  🙂

From on top of the hill 🙂 –