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October 30, 2010: Zombie walk downtown Paducah

Well, who knew how today would turn out – the day started out just fine.  No big deal – Halloween Eve and all.  Thought maybe we would just chill here at the house.  Then the doorbell rang – next thing you know there were freakin zombies everywhere – one bit Joey and then one bit me.  Next thing you know WE ARE ZOMBIES.  It was pretty scary – but I guess being a zombie isn’t ALLLLLL that bad.  There are advantages – you don’t have to sleep and you never have to wait in line at the movie theater – people just get out of the way and let you through.

Not bad!

We went to the 2010 Paducah Zombie Walk and then to Maiden Alley to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show!  Which was also fun – people throwing rice, toilet paper, squirt guns, noise makers, cards, and bells.  🙂  First time I have attended one of those events.  Fun Fun!

Some pics



Amber and Beau

Amber and Beau

Joey and Amber








October 28, 2010: Charlie Brown tonight!

Ahhhh it must be fall 🙂 – Charlie Brown is on tonight with his great pumpkin!!!!  Looking forward to watching it.

Nothing new to report – all is well on the big hill.  🙂

October 20, 2010: We are all growing up

Well, life is brilliant.  What else can I say about life?  I have everything I ever dreamed of having – I have someone that loves me for who I am – I have a supportive family – I love them – they love me.  I have beautiful friends scattered across the blue planet of ours.  Life is brilliant.


I can’t believe how fast the last 10 years have passed us by.  I was in Toronto 10 years ago – trying to stay out of trouble but running from my past.  Missing my family.  Being loved by many friends.  Time has gone by so so quickly.

Makes me sad to think about all of the time that has passed – but then I smile at all of the adventures on these pages.  Holy cow – have there been some extreme adventures.  So – life is brilliant.  And, I hope it stays that way.



October 16, 2010: Yummy weather

What else can you call it?  Beautiful blue sky – cool morning temps – mild in the afternoon.  Perfect weather.  Still dry – but we are used to that by now.  We did pick up 1/2" the other day – first significant rain (if you can call it that) that we have had since early September.  Not everyone received rain – very very scattered.  Oh well – it does appear we may see a bit more active weather after the 20th.   Keep pushing it further out – thought it would be after the 18th.  Looks more like the last week of October.  Several storm systems that might bring us our first real pattern change in some time.

We shall see.

Joey and I went to the arrowhead show today – down at Kentucky Lake.  Joey’s dad was there showing some of his finds.  LOT of arrowheads!!!!  The leaves on the way day were amazing – lot of bright colors.  Even saw one deer 🙂

Otherwise – nothing new to report.  Everything is going great.  🙂

From on top of the hill 🙂 –


October 7, 2010: Graves County Project and drought numbers

Great week.  We were able to go down and see Sue and Jack’s place in Nashville.  BEAUTIFUL home and we learned that Sue can paint!  Throw in her photos and I think she absolutely had to be an artist in a former life!  🙂    We had a wonderful time visiting.

The weather continues to be dry – we are in a serious drought.  I posted the latest maps and updates on my weather blog – here


Some pretty amazing numbers and statistics.

I see my sister, Dione, finally joined the rest of the world and has started to post on Facebook.  She is under Dione Stanford – so be sure and friend her.  Now the only person now on Facebook is my mother.  Even Daisy has a Facebook 🙂

Joey and I drove down to Graves County today to check out the apartment project.  Looks like they are really moving along!  I guess the nice weather helps – although most of us want and need rain.

Few photos from the project

Plenty of room for more apartments 🙂


Second set of apartments is going up










Farmer next door to us