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July 31, 2009: Holy cow July is gone! Here comes finals.

  Well, July just started and now it has ended.  What the heck????  🙂  I don’t know – it just keeps moving along.  Time isn’t stopping or slowing down.

  We went to see the cabinets this morning.  The vanities for the bathroom – fireplace – cabinets – everything is pretty much finished.  A few small things left to go.  Dale Watson from Draffenville is making them.  He is doing a great job.

  Went to the farm afterwards.  Looks like it rained last night about 1/2".  The sheet-rock is coming along.  Looks like they have a couple of weeks to go on that.  Trying to get in touch with the wood floor guy so we can get that wrapped up.  He is gone a lot – tearing down barns I would imagine.

  It was a beautiful day outside.  Nice temps – a little humid – not bad, though for July.

  Will be back and forth to the farm all weekend – then FINALS begin tomorrow.



Nice clouds today 🙂



The deck on the second floor – roof is being built.



Sunset deck – off the second floor – off the weather room – southwest side



The weather room – sheet-rock


The weather room


The fireplace


Vanity for the master bathroom


Counter for the top floor of the house – counter/bar whatever you want to call





July 31, 2009: Countdown begins! 72 hours!

  I am now 72 hours away from being finished the my last two courses in the study program.  That means by Monday I will be finished with both finals!!!!!!  I leave for Mississippi next Saturday – will be gone a week.  Then return for the begin test at the end of the program.  I have to make an A or B on the test in order to pass the entire three year program.

  I am sooooooooooooooooooooo excited that the classes are almost over.  Three years is a long time!

  Counting the hours down!


July 29, 2009: Long day

  Well, today was a long day.  I won’t even go into detail about what went on at the farm.  Just suffice to say that it was not the best day up there.  lol  Sometimes things do not go as planned.  I suppose today was one of those days.  Hopefully everything will smooth out tomorrow and the next day.

  Was a bit cloudy today with some showers and storms.  Looks like a wet 24 hours ahead.  I believe the heaviest rain will stay south of us, though.  Still some decent rainfall totals in some of our counties.

  Some pics from today



Picking out the kitchen counter tops



Checking the rain gauge




Neigbors dog


Neighbors dog



We had to bring the couch up and wrap it in plastic for now.  Was easier to
bring it up now than it would be when they are finished.  Doorway is tight.


All pictures are here


July 28, 2009: Sheet rock arrives

  Well, I can’t say that today was not a stressful day.  I will say that being up at the farm was actually the least stressful part of the day.  I love being up there when it rains.  🙂  Glad the flooding missed us by 5 miles.  We had 0.08" at the farm, but areas a few miles north had 2-3" of rain in an hour or two.  Pretty wild.  Looks wet in the days to come.

  The best part of today was being attacked by hundreds of ants that had made a nest in the mailbox at the farm.  I pulled the mail out and all of these little black ants landed all over me.  They started biting me and swarming.  Was not the most exciting thing I have experienced front the insect world lately.  Did you know there are a lot of bugs in the country? 

  So – let me see.  Today they brought all of the sheet rock into the house.  They put the french doors on the second floor front of the house – they put the last window on the top floor – they brought the spiral staircase up – the insulation is finished (I believe) – and the heating and air is almost finished.  Last few touches made on that today.

  Everything is moving along.

  My finals open on Saturday – so I am in between tests.  Then I leave next weekend for my big final exam review.  Woosh – time is moving along.

  Took some photos – all the house photos can be viewed on this site  click here


Loading the sheet rock into the house


Sheet rock arriving



Front of the house – we fixed the columns in the front – these look better




Rails going up – front of the house


Bobby loading up the stairs – spiral staircase for the observation deck




Bring in the spiral staircase – top floor



The last window is going in – Don and Rodney


Sun room


Weather room


Weather room


Living room


Garage insulation


Rodney and Bobby – couch races around the house. 




Back porch deck


Second floor balcony – front of house




  There are seven days left in this semester.  Two finals to go!  YAY 🙂  Then off to Mississippi to review for the big test in August.  Let the countdown begin!  🙂

  July is almost over (incredible as that seems).  That means we are one month away from meteorological fall!  Why do I have the feeling a BUNCH of people don’t want to hear that?  🙂

  We leave for Mississippi next Saturday (the 8th).  The program begins on Sunday evening and will last through Wednesday.  Then back home for Thursday.  After that I have to take the big final test and every student has to make at least a B on the test.  No pressure – lol.

  I think I have more papers spread across this room than ever before.  About 20 textbooks – hundreds of pieces of papers with notes – lectures – power points – and on and on!  I will be THRILLED to finish this and throw all these papers away.  I will hang onto the books, though.  🙂

  Tomorrow we are going to pick out the granite in Nashville for the kitchen counters and other areas.  We are going to look for a kitchen table, as well.  Not sure what else.  🙂

  Lots to do!  But all fun!



July 25, 2009: Beautiful day – Scott’s wedding – one more test down

  Well, we had a chance for thunderstorms today but for Paducah that didn’t pan out.  Areas to our northwest/north/northeast received heavy and at times severe storms.  We lucked out here in Paducah!  Which was just fine with moist people.

  Mother and I went to Scott Clapps wedding this evening.  It was wonderful – really nice decorations – nice outdoor ceremony – nice food – everything was nice.  Mother and I had a great time.  We stayed to the end – talking and just snacking on the food.  🙂  Sounds like the bride and groom were headed to Gatlinberg for the weekend. 

  Two tests down this weekend.  That leaves me with TWO finals and the BIG test in August.  I can’t believe I am almost finished with school.  Crazy!  Time just zooooooms right on by.  Not sure how to slow it down.  I keep trying but fail!

  Heading to the farm tomorrow to check on everything up there.  Also need to measure a couple of rooms.  We are looking for our kitchen table.  Maybe we will find something in Tennessee when we go on Monday.


July 24, 2009: Furniture shopping – movies with Julie

  Went to eat lunch with Julie today and then went to see the movie Public Enemies.   Lots of fun catching up with Julie.  Never enough time, though to catch up on everything. 

  Went by Flemings to pick out the chairs for the media/weather room. We are going to put gaming chairs to the north side of the room.  Three of them to be exact.  Trying to get the right sizes.  There will be a tv in the corner of the room on the wall.  Guess I will sleep in the chairs during severe weather.  🙂

  Couple of thunderstorms scattered around the area today.  SPC has us in a slight risk of severe storms for Saturday.  Not overly impressed, but will keep an eye on it.

  Monday we are going to pick out the granite for the kitchen cabinets.  That will be down in Nashville – the place that sells it.

   Then I have finals.  Excited about all of those tests!  Actually I am very excited about seeing an end to the program.  After three years…I am ready for a homework break.


These will be the chairs for the weather room – north side of the room.
Hopefully Daisy likes them.  😛  That isn’t the actual room in the photo
just an example from the catalog 🙂


The rooster looks happy 🙂



Insulation going in – they are basically finished as of today (Friday)




July 23, 2009: Excitement building :) 3 Tests left – then 1 big one!

  Well, three out of six tests are finished.  I have one quarter test left and two finals to go!  THEN I head to Mississippi for four days to review for the big test at the end of the program.  That test covers all three years and you have to get a B or higher in order to pass.  Crazy!  I won’t say that I am not stressing over that!  But, I made it this far – so just a litttttttttttle more to go!  I CAN’T WAIT!

  Then on top of that is the house!  Looks like they will finish insulating the house on Friday.  Sheet rocking will come next.  Then the wood floors!!!!!!  I think we will start moving in during the month of October.  Hopefully!  I want to be in there for the big snow this winter.  😉

  More deer on the trail cams.  Looks like 2 baby deer this time around!  It has been a week or two since I last checked it.  So, several photos.

  Deena, mother and I went to the St John’s Ice Cream Social tonight.  Lot of people there.  Saw a few friends.  Missed a few friends, as well.  We stopped by grandmothers grave afterwards and then went by the farm.  Tri-pod was hanging around and protecting the house.  🙂

  Click image for larger view

Mother and baby 🙂




Looks like she is lost 🙂









And then there were two 🙂





July 20, 2009: Cupola going up on the house

  Well, we made it home.  The trip to Rhode Island was nice.  Eastern US WX Conference was fun.  Learned a bit about convective snow banding from one of the speakers.  Really enjoyed all of the talks, though.  Fun meeting people!   We made it home about 8 or 9 pm last night.  Was a long day of travel.

  The weather here is AMAZING.  Rain is on the way, though.  Tommy (my brother-in-law) is going to blame me for this!  He told me to stay in Rhode Island so the weather would stay nice here.  Oh well – what can you do.  I love rain.  🙂

  The Cupola – don’t ask me that is what they call it – is going on top of the house today.  Rodney, Don, and Nathan were working hard this afternoon on getting it up on the garage roof.

  Otherwise, homework and tests.  I have six tests in the next two weeks – including finals.  🙁  BUT – then it is ALMOST over.  One HUGE test at the end of the three year program – you have to make a B or higher on it to pass the entire program.  That has me stressing out already.  Anyhoo – no time to stress.  Just need to study and work on the current tests at hand.

  Some photos from today – as always you can click for larger image size


I am excited – they have the Cupola put together.


Top of the Cupola


The farm rooster for the top


Joey doesn’t look quite as excited as I was  🙂


Rodney and Nathan putting the Cupola up on the roof.  Don is driving the tractor today


Rodney and Nathan


Don is driving the Tonka Toy today


The hatch is open off of the observation deck


Nathan lifting the Cupola up on the roof




Rodney and Nathan on top of the garage



Nathan on top of the garage working on the Cupola






Nathan and Rodney working on the Cupola







Rodney and Nathan




Back of the house



We have water!!!!



July 18, 2009: The party is over – now homework begins

  Well, the conference is over.  We are heading back to Kentucky and Illinois tomorrow (later morning).  Will be home during the evening.  After that everything is going to center around quizzes, tests, finals, and the big big tests at the end of the program – that test will cover three years of the meteorology program.  So, I have the feeling that the next four to six week is going to be spent in studying.  I have to go down to Mississippi to the university the first week of August.  That will be to go over the big final test.

  Stressful 🙂  A little.  On top of that we will be coming into the homestrech of the building process and starting to think about moving.  Everything will sort of coincide with each other.  At least we will have all of September to prepare the big move to the new house.

  Very excited about the possibility of moving into the house during the month of October.  I feel pretty good – after seeing all of that work that the guys have gotten finished over the last few weeks.  I think we can at least have the second floor finished.  That will get us in the house and Jason and I can get the weather room up and running.  In time for severe weather season and winter?  Maybe.  We shall see.  That is the goal.

  Of course the main concentration is going to have to be on school.  MAJOR tests this week and next week – including finals.  I have to do good on the finals – they are worth a huge percentage of my classroom grade.  So far I have an A in both classes.  I would like to keep those grades.  However, I will be happy with an A B or C at this point. 

  Going to be extremely busy the next few weeks – I have a feeling there might be more than one tear!  But, I am pretty sure that we can push forward – work hard – and be happy at the end of the day.  Just trying to juggle everything will be a trick!

  I just will keep the eye on the prize – a house and my broadcast meteorology certification!!!!

  Here comes the studying!!!!!


July 17, 2009: Goodnight Mr. Cronkite

July 14, 2009: Second floor decks!!! Severe weather tomorrow?

  Went to the farm today.  It has been a few days.  They are ZIPPPPPING along!  The guys were working on the second floor decks.  The first floor decks look awesome.  So, I am excited!!!! 

  Tommy has been working on the vacuum system and it is in place.  Precision was wrapping up the end of their wiring.  Everything is moving at a quick pace. 

  Looks like some showers and thunderstorms tomorrow into Thursday.  Could be some severe weather.  Depends on instability.

  Leaving Thursday for Rhode Island.  Going to a weather conference.  All very exciting. Then back home for tests – tests – and more tests.  Finals!!!!!!  Woohoo!!!

Second floor decks are going on!!!!


Rodney working on the second floor decking



Second floor deck coming off the master bedroom



Click for larger images




Pad for the heating and air condition


Pad for the backup generator


Bobby and his crew


Weather instruments to the south


Vacuum system


Tripod – the neighbors dog was up today for a visit 🙂



July 13, 2009: WHAT THE DILLY!

  So, I pulled the shade up on my window last night and was looking outside and this was staring back at me.  Big eyeball just staring right at me.  I stared back for a bit and it just sat there 🙂

Click for bigger image


  So, anyway – whatever.  Guess it was sizing us up.  It looked hungry.  Pretty sure it had that hungry look in its eyes.

  Spent today running errands.  Looking at furniture – working on a "project" – got some new blinds to replace one of the broken ones in the garage here at the rent house.  I think it was already in bad shape, but it was working on my OCD.  So, I replaced it.

  Tommy is finished with the electrical in the new house up at the farm.  That was fast!  Sounds like we are all having a meeting on Wednesday.  Then the insulators are coming next week!!!!  WOOHOO!  We are making progress towards that OCTOBER move in date.  🙂  Tommy Stanford is skeptical.  But, I am holding out.  The guys are working fast.  Looks like they are building the second floor decks.  🙂

  I leave on Thursday for Rhode Island.  Big weather conference – very geeky exicting.  🙂  Won’t be too far from Newport.  Almost moved there.  🙂



July 12, 2009: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIAH!!!!

  We celebrated Mariah’s 17th birthday today!  I can’t believe she is actually 17.  Time realllllllly does fly.  I guess Dione is feeling really old now. 

  Tommy cooked hamburgers – which were GREAT.  I think I ended up having 2 or 3 of those.  🙂

  The weather was nice.  It did rain a little bit, but the big storms missed us. 

  Everyone had a great time. 


Tyler with his super hero glasses


Bubba looking cool today


Bubba pug


Bubba celebrating Mariah’s Birthday


Dione and Sparky


Tony and Bubba


Mariah and Daisy


Mariah and Sparky


Tommy cooking the hamburgers


Deena and Tyler


Mariah’s Birthday Cake


Dione lightning Mariah’s birthday cake candles







Tony and Tyler being funny 🙂






Joey eating his watermelon





Mother eating her watermelon






July 10, 2009: Three tests later…

  Well, I guess all of the studying paid off for something.  I made a 100 on my Oceanography test.  That was a big one.  Took two other tests, but I won’t get those results back until another week or two.

  Closing in on the final lap of this program.  I go down to Mississippi in August.  Then THAT IS IT.  One BIG test at the end.  Will be stressing on that!  But, for now – tests are over for today.  One more tomorrow.  🙂

  Hot today – muggy, as well.  Looks like severe thunderstorm chances will increase tomorrow and into Sunday/Monday.  Could be some big storms with high winds, hail, heavy rain, lightning, and isolated tornadoes.  Timing is a bit in question, though.

  Saw the movie Bruno last night.  It was pretty raw!  Would not recommend that movie for any kids!

  Did not go to the house today – yesterday either for that matter.  If I get bored I might go up there tomorrow.

  Heading to Rhode Island next week for a weather conference.

  Missing friends from Canada.  Maybe once school is finished I will have more time to travel!


July 9, 2009: Homework

  13 hours of homework later…I have a headache.



July 8, 2009: InSight Real Estate Services Ribbon Cutting

  Today was the ribbon cutting for Tony’s (and other’s) new business.  So, a big congratulations to all of them!!!! He has a partner Rob and a few other real estate agents, as well that are working with them.  They cut the ribbon at 10 am this morning.  🙂  They also had some cookies for refreshments.  I was thrilled about the cookies part of all of this.  🙂

  The large size images can be viewed here and one page back from this link

Click images for larger size



















Mr. Tyler 🙂



July 7, 2009: Latest trail cam photos – beams going up in the family room

  A nice day outside.  Not too hot and not too cold.  🙂  Just right!  A little humid – perhaps.  Still nice, though.

  Some new deer have appeared on the trail cam.  Looks like a buck and a baby deer – fawn.  Also the mother 🙂

  The guys were working hard today.  Looks like they got all of the beams up in the family room.  These are from an old barn that was torn down!  They look great.  They got them up pretty fast – just a few hours.  Lot of heavy lifting!

  Tony, Rob and I went to the farm this morning and met with Tommy and some others.  Trying to get the final pieces to the electrical puzzle finished.  It is moving along.  Looks like another 2 weeks until they are finished with that part of the process.


Click images for larger photos – buck 🙂






The mother


The fawn and its mother



Reed Electric


Working to get the beams up in the family room 🙂






Click images for larger size




Beams in the family room – reclaimed barn wood








Tony and me – carrying in the thing that goes on top of the
garage.  I think it is called a Cupola – something like that!



Giant ant hill.  Okay well maybe it isn’t an ant hill.  🙂



July 6, 2009: Nice day outside! Decks are coming along.

  Spent most of the morning running wires under the house – again.  Had to clean some of them off – too much mud.  So, that is what I did this morning.  Mike and Jena stopped by to visit.  I gave them the grand tour.  Then Dione and Tommy stopped by.  Tommy thinks we will not be moving in by October.  I told him we would be having a BBQ in November and would be moving in during the month of October.  We shall see 🙂

  Rodney and his nephew were working on the decks.  Looks like they are almost finished with the first floor.  Next comes the second floor decks.  They still have to be built, though.  I am excited.  Everything seems to be making progress on all fronts.  A few little things here and there that need to be changed.  Otherwise the next stage should be coming soon.

  Spent the evening working on homework.  I swear this Oceanography class is the spawn of the devil.  I don’t know anybody that is enjoying the class.  Weather Predction II however is fun.  So, 50/50.

  Otherwise – went to the gym and lifted weights.  Thinking about preparing for my trip next week – Rhode Island.

  Nothing else new to report – that I can think of at least.  I need to check the trail cam – Joey saw four deer this morning out in the corner of the field.  I should move my cam.


  Some photos from today – Dione took a few of these – she made some artwork on my walls.


The tower with weather cameras and instruments on it


Rodney and his nephew building the decks.  The deck is looking very nice!


The deck is coming along.  The hottub is in place, as well


Sunroom and back deck



Backyard area – Daisy’s eventual yard area.


Muddy again


One of Dione’s creating drawings



Dione’s work of art – mocking my forecasting ability no doubt!  🙂  uh huh



July 5, 2009: Mudfest for Kristy

  Kristy loves my "under the house" photos – so I know she will enjoys todays "under the house" aftermath.  Needless to say the dust is gone and now it is mud.  🙁

  Rodney and his nephew were working on the beams for the family room.  Shaving the wood a bit.  These will go up on the ceiling.

Rodney working on the beams for the attic/family room 🙂



Beams for the ceiling upstairs


July 4, 2009: Family day and stormy weather

  Well, today’s severe weather event lived up to its potential across a few of our counties.  Damage to trees, houses, and barns/sheds was reported from Charleston, MO all the way to Murray, KY.  Several possible tornadoes occurred.  A very strong storm passed through the Dexter, KY area – near Joey’s parents.  Reports of a possible rain wrapped tornado in that area. 

  Spent most of the morning and early afternoon with my family in Mayfield.  We had BBQ and the kids went swimming.  Well, the kids went swimming and some of the adults.  🙂  Mother and I talked while the kids swam.  Lots of sweet tea – bbq – potato salad – and baked beans that my mom made.  They were good.  🙂

  Bad thing is that when I left to go home to cover the severe weather I forgot to bring some bbq with me!

  Missed the fireworks tonight as I had to work with emergency management in covering the severe weather outbreak and the fireworks downtown Paducah.

  Sort of a quiet Fourth of July.  Daisy is here but that is it.


Click for large image







Tony and Bubba



ANgel and Bubba


Click for larger image – Danielle and Bubba



Tyler diving off the board


My dad!!!  Click image for larger size



Tyler and Danielle







Inflow notch near Joey’s parents house






Juuly 3, 2009: Running wires for OEM antennas and weather cams

  Jason and Jess came up to the farm this morning at 8 am and we ran a ton of wires.  Not sure how many feet of wire we ran, but it was several miles I would imagine!  I think we got a lot done today, though.  So, that is good! 


  Looks like most of the tower cams on the big tower are ready to be turned on.  Also the emergency management radios are ready to be hooked up to the antennas!  Will still be awhile until we get electricity, though.

  I think we were completely covered in dust when we left.  There is so much dust up there because of all the work going on – the ground has been worked over.  I was HAPPY to get a shower when I got back home.

  There could be a significant outbreak of severe thunderstorms over portions of our region on Saturday.  This is really going to mess with outdoor activities.  Unfortunately it appears that it could be a rather significant event for some counties.  Let’s hope not, though.

  Some of the photos that Jess and I took today –


Jason bringing the big tonka toy over to the tower.  Jess is in the swing


Jason pulling up to the tower


Take me higher!!!!



Click photo for larger images


Jason and Jess helping run wires to the big tower


Anything for OEM 🙂 and weather!





Running wires to the tower cams




Running more wires – and more wires – and more wires


OEM antennas


Jason climbing the tower





Digital antenna



I think I was completely covered with dust today


Jess helping to push wires up the tower and watching to make sure I don’t fall 🙂


Jason climbing up the tower


Jason running wires through the conduit


View to the west/northwest


Weather instruments



The house – I see a hawk there to the left above the roof line






July 2, 2009: Woohoo midterms are over – half finished!

  Well, midterms are over.  That means this set of classes is now half over!  That means it won’t be long until I am completely finished.  Looks like the end of August will be the FINAL FINAL test!  Then – that is it.  School is over.  🙂  I will be happy to have the free time available!  I guess I will concentrate on the house – not that I am not already concentrating on the house.  🙂  But, it will feel great to not have to study, not have to worry about tests, not to have to worry about turning in homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOHOO 🙂

  Spent most of today at the farm.  Running some wires under the house.  Jason is coming up tomorrow and we are going to try and finish the large tower – running wires and antennas.  Running some weather cameras, as well.

  Moving along! 



July 1, 2009: IT IS JULY!!!!! Farm photos

  Holy cow.  The year is half over.  It is July.  FALL will be here soon!!!!  Then winter – then snow.  Well, we hope it snows.  We shall see.  I think this is our year.  SNOW!  🙂  I keep dreaming.

  Spent the morning at the farm.  Tony came up and went over everything with the guys.  Looks like everything is moving along.  Hopefully they will start the insulation process in a week or two (looks like two now).

  It was dry today.  A bit windy – not bad, though.

  We picked up some of the living room furniture.  Storing it here in Lone Oak for now.

  Rob was there today (works with Tony) and said Lowe’s should be paying us for advertising.  🙂


Click for larger image


Tony working hard


Tony – said I didn’t have enough photos of him – so here you go 🙂


Looks like they are mowing the terraces.  Tractor looks small from this


Moving some furniture around



This goes on top of the house – well not this box, but what is in the box 🙂