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March 31, 2009: Closing on apartments! Is It April? Already?

  Oh my goodness.  IT IS APRIL?????  Are you serious.  Time is zippppping by.  That is NOT a good thing, by the way.  At least not in my mind!  When years start to seem like months – not good! 

  We closed on the Murray apartments today.  Seems like that just came and went.  Someone slow the train down – please.  🙂  Perhaps the busier you become the faster time goes by?  When I was a kid – a month seemed like a year.  Now a year seems like a month.  How does that happen???

  RAINED most of today.  I never did hear any thunder, though.  Nice rain – at that.  Not good for the house project, though.  Slowing everything down.  More rain is coming on Thursday Night and then again on Sunday.  Watching the severe weather potential for Sunday.  Not sold on severe weather for Thursday, though.  Could be some heavy rain and strong winds – both events.  Spring is here.  🙂

  Jason Darnall and I have been trying to figure out how to track ourselves on the www.spotternetwork.com web-site and GR radar.  This is a radar software program that a lot of OEM offices use.  It is awesome.  Anyway, I finally got mine to track me today on the radar software, Google Earth, and GPSGate.com.  So, as we went down the road you could see me moving on the radar software.  I will post some image examples below.  A lot of chasers and spotters are using the software.  Jason also was able to get his to work this evening.  I could see him moving around Marshall County.  Now, you are probably thinking – why would you want that information!  Well, it is good for the National Weather Service because they can see where you are in relation to a storm.  They can hover their mouse over the car icon and it shows your phone number and information.  This is VERY nice for storm spotting and fast information.  You can even stream video of the storm to the National Weather Service or anyone else for that matter.  See images below!

  On Google Earth you can add a placefile –  http://www.spotternetwork.org/feeds/earth.kml  and see all the spotters on the map.


  For example – here is my radar program at home (you can see me there – the little car icon with my name above it)

See me there above the word "Ashcreek"

Then if you hover your mouse over my car icon it brings this information up on the screen!


  Here is an example of streaming data – live web-cam video – you can then see if a tornado is actually causing damage – wall clouds – hail – high winds or whatever else is going on –

Another example

ORRRRR you can pull up Google Earth and see where a person is located.  Live 24/7.  Scary – I know!!!!


Apartments we closed on in Murray.  Our first property in Murray!


  Thursday and Friday’s "Tornado Threat" Area



March 30, 2009: Weather Instruments Going Up! Farm.

  Well, today was an exciting today – if you are a weather weenie.  Like myself.  😛  Bobby and Don lifted me up into the air about 30+ or so to place the anemometer op top of the 10 meter top.  I won’t be able to capture a good north wind, however, because of the house.  I will have another anemometer to capture that wind/speed. 

  It took us awhile to get everything installed.  We had to run back to Lone Oak to get a smaller pole to attach to the large pole on the tower.  The U-Bolts were not big enough the first time around.

  Eventually the weather instruments will be online – Wunderground – the tower cam as well.  Everything will be online for anyone to see (that is interested).

  So, we got everything running.  I plugged it into my car and it appeared that the wind direction and speed was correct.  Same with the rainfall – appeared to be reading just fine.  I need to mount the rain gauge, still.  Trying to figure that out with Jason Darnalls help.  We may have to put a small pole into the ground with a bag of concrete – something like that.

  We plan on installing the tower cam next weekend along with more instruments onto the larger tower – to the west.  We also need to put up all of the emergency management antennas.  Everything will be on back-up power – so if the power goes out the tower cam and instruments should continue to run.  We shall see!

  It appears that the house is coming along.  They have started on the floorboards on the second floor.  They believe the walls shoudl be up by next week.  Same with the garage.  It appears we have a lot more storage space than earlier thought – above the garage.  This is good news, because I wasn’t really sure what we were going to do as far as "extra’ stuff.  Christmas decorations – Halloween – so on.  Always something to store!

  Anyway – beautiful day outside.  Not too hot or cold.  This morning was chilly – it was in the 30s.

  Zoom – Zoom!  Everything is moving along.  The guys are working hard!!!!!!!


Unboxing the instruments.


The tower for the weather instruments – got this tower at Hughes in Paducah.  Mike Thomasson’s son Paul
sold me the tower.





Higher and higher 🙂


Time to put up the anemometer and wind vane.


TIme to put up the anemometer







Finishing up!!!


Thermometer and humidity


Thermometer being installed onto the tower





Instruments are up


Second floor is coming along!  One day it is cold and one day it is hot!  Sweatshirts today.


Dropping the wood down onto the floor


After they dropped the wood – I thought this was funny because it looks like they are line dancing up there!


Second floor


Space above the garage – "storage"  🙂



And finally this photo is for Tony – (I think the water guys were up there – unsure – this looks
new to me)




March 29, 2009: Welcome to spring – errr winter – errr spring – errr winter

  Well, never a dull moment in the weather world.  Rain and thunderstorms followed by snow flurries and cold.  Repeat and rinse.  Looks like the active weather will continue this week.  Thunderstorms are possible on Tuesday and again Thursday/Friday and then again next Saturday night and Sunday.  ACTIVE – will be the weather word.

  Severe weather?  Not likely with Tuesdays system and most likely not with the Thursday/Friday event.  The weekend event – still not sure.  These systems are always "nowcasting" and sometimes spring can bring surprise events.  So, we will have to keep an eye on each weather system as it tracks through the region.

  Dangerous thunderstorms ROARED through the region last night.  Tornadoes and large hail hit portions of South Indiana, West Kentucky, and Tennessee.  Several people were injured a couple of counties to our northeast as a tornadic supercell moved through the Henderson, KY area and then into Evansville.  Houses were damaged and destroyed in the storms path.  Some chasers reported baseball size hail.  Golfball size hail reports were received by the National Weather Service Office in Paducah. 

  Thankfully Paducah missed out on this storm.  Some hail was reported in Massac County.  Small hail.  Tornado watches were issued for portions of the region.

  Spring?  Today temperatures fell into the 30s.  Snow flurries were reported in Southeast Missouri and South Illinois.  Strong winds brought the wind chill down into the 20s and lower 30s.  It did NOT feel like spring up on the hill today.  The guys were all bundled up – this in contrast to last week when they had their shirts off and were getting sunburnt.  Easy come – easy go when it comes to weather in this region.


Temperature graph from one of our new weather stations in Kevil, KY – temperature chart yesterday – see the
cold front???   🙂  🙂


  Record/historic snowfall was reported across portions of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.  Snow drifts up to the eaves of houses were reported in the blizzard warned area of Texas and Oklahoma.  Crazy weather!  Normal for spring, though.

  The week ahead?  Well – looks like we close on our Murray apartments on Tuesday and then I have to do taxes.  That will be fun.  Not.  Back and forth to the farm to watch the progress of the building.  Also – school.  We are in our fourth quarter.  Then these two classes will come to an end.  Two classes to go!!!!!!  Then a big final test – which I am already dreading.  A test that covers all three years.  Does not sound fun to me.  🙂 

  Had lunch with Bobby Vaughn today.  Also took him and showed him the building progress.  We cranked up the big antenna.  It is not as tall as the Oak tree.  Close, though!!!!

  I went to see "Monsters VS Aliens" last night with Deena, Tony, and Tyler.  The movie was in 3D  🙂  Funny movie – even had a weatherman in it!!!!!


  Some photos from today…


The garage on the east side of the house.


THe guys are hard at work



Bobby with his new Tonka Toy  🙂






Garage is coming along – won’t be long and it will be in the dry



We cranked the tower up – pretty high!!!!!!



March 25, 2009: Cooler day – less windy – wet!

  We had over 1.35" of rainfall overnight.  About what was expected – closer to the heavy side of the forecast, though.  Little in the way of severe weather – a few warnings for high winds.  Again, about what was expected.

  Very concerned about a tornado outbreak for Friday across AR/TN/MS/AL.  I believe that our region will be spared the worst of the weather.  Will have to closely monitor though.  A storm could form close to the warm front over our area.  Won’t know more until Friday morning.

  So, everything was wet today.  Lot of water standing around and mud.  Went to the farm – met John Logeman up there.  Talked for a bit and showed him the house and the progress.  Don and Rodney were there – Bobby came up after a bit.  Looks like everything is moving along.  They are happy the wind died down.  They had gusts over 50 mph yesterday.  It is always windier up there.  We had gusts over 40 here in Lone Oak.  The Reidland station had over 40 mph, as well.




Progress 🙂


They tore down the last barn up on the farm.  There used to be at least seven maybe eight.  Now there are none.



March 24, 2009: Weather instruments – raining – house!

  Well, the rain has arrived.  Lots of it.  So far we have had over 1/2" of rainfall and more to come.  I would imagine most of us will see at least 1".  Not bad.  We needed the rain – lot of grass fires.


9 PM Weather Radar – line of storms hitting our county


  A big severe weather event is possible on Friday into Saturday – mainly south of our region.  Will have to carefully watch the track of the low, though.  If it shifts northward then this could bring severe weather into our region.  Right now it looks like TN/MS/AL will be hit hard.

  Jason and Joey (works with Jason) helped put the weather instruments up at the Reidland Fire Station.  Looks like they are working just fine tonight.  Same with the instruments on the west part of the county.  They are working as well.  Links below 🙂


West part of county

Rapid Refresh


Rapid refresh


Jason getting ready to put the instruments on top of the building


Jason and Joey


Jason and his co-worker Joey


This is the location looking west


The fire station – instruments on top


Tony took the photos below – up at the farm today


Southern IL Electric up on the farm today – putting the electric lines underground


More wood arriving!


Stormy sky



Digging the trench for the power lines



March 23, 2009: Another nice day! Rain on the way! Garage going up!

  Nice and warm today – 70s!  Some clouds but nice otherwise.  Winds were starting to pick up – was on the hill earlier and the winds were strong.  Looks like we should see 40+ mph winds on Tuesday into Tuesday night.   It also appears a line of showers and locally heavy thunderstorms will push through the region on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.  Storm Prediction Center has placed our region in a slight risk – I doubt we see much, though.  I am more interested in the Friday/Saturday system.  Will have to keep a close eye on the path of the low pressure.  If we end up in the warm sector then severe weather will be possible.  Stay tuned…

  The garage is going up – at the farm.  Looks like they are putting the walls up today.  Next week we may start to see the second floor.  We will be up over 30 feet at the very top!  Should be able to watch the storms roll in.  🙂


Southern Illinois Electric was working on the electrical lines.


Southern Illinois Electric


The walls of the garage are going up!  Tornado shelter there to the back.




The crew is working hard!



Down the road from us – we thought this horse was cool



Looks like they are cleaning up the old barn on the farm.  Guess this will become farmland.  You can see the tree
damage in the background from the big ice storm.


We have a hold now in the mound – now we can run wires to the tower – underground.  Eventually the mound
of dirt will become yard.


Miss Daisy – earlier this morning 🙂



March 22, 2009: Beautiful spring day! House is coming along!

  Well, the guys have been hard at work up on the farm.  It looks like they are starting to get the first floor wrapped up!  The garage will be next.  Temperatures were in the 70s today!  So, a beautiful spring day.

  Rain will move into the region Tuesday night into Wednesday.  Some thunderstorms are possible, as well.  Then another shot at storms next Friday into Saturday.

  Some photos from today…


Lots of smoke – guess someone is burning brush – farm next to our house.


The house is starting to "rise" out of the ground 🙂


The maze 🙂


First floor is coming along – man we are really going to be high up there on the widows walk!!!!




Easter flowers (that is what I call them) – up on the farm!


March 21, 2009: Letter to the Paducah Sun

My thoughts to the Paducah Sun…


I don’t know if you realize it or not, but you have done a great disservice by posting the editorial concerning the "dying" New Madrid Fault.  I have already had several people ask me about the subject.  The research out of Purdue and Northwestern University was only an eight year study (and at only 10 sites).  Eight years is but a speck of dust in geological time.  Most scientists will tell you that a much greater time span is necessary in order for all of us to have a greater understanding of the New Madrid Fault and the frequency of earthquakes along that fault.

The New Madrid Fault has been producing earthquakes for tens of thousands of years.  Are we to believe that it is suddenly just going to stop?  The editorial does not portray the true intent of the eight year study.  Even those who authored the study will tell you that area residents should still be prepared for a significant earthquake on the New Madrid Fault.  The researchers would tell you that a lot more study is needed into the subject of quake frequency.  It is possible that earthquake faults, such as the New Madrid Fault, move in "spurts".  Some years moving hardly at all and other years moving at a much quicker pace.

The study also states that it is possible that surrounding fault lines could be building up more pressure because of the quakes during the 1800s.  If this is the case then the other fault lines running through the region are then at a higher risk.  So, again, the threat has not diminished for this region.  We live along more than just the New Madrid Fault.  You can’t pick and choose portions of the study to report on and leave out important details.  You are putting people at risk by doing this.  You are not reporting the whole story.

At the beginning of your editorial it discusses the probabilities of an earthquake and you didn’t even get those right.  Then you dismiss it by saying "no matter".  I cringed when I read that.  It does matter.  The New Madrid Fault has a history of producing significant earthquakes.  Studies have shown that they occur with regular frequency.  Do you think we or our grandkids are the "special ones" that will not experience another quake?  That the planet beneath our feet has magically changed over the last 100-200 years?  Hardly.  Scientists believe that the potential for a magnitude 6 to 7 earthquake occurring in this seismic zone within the next 50 years is high.

Then at the end of your editorial you dismiss the experts by saying they are putting more "guesses" into their prediction of earthquakes than "educated guesses".  This is also incorrect.  You accept an eight year study (again but a speck of dust in geological time) but dismiss decades of other research?  That simply does not make sense.

The threat for a significant earthquake along the New Madrid Fault is real.  To dismiss that threat is not helpful for area residents or relief agencies.  To lead people to believe that the earthquake threat is suddenly "gone" is misleading and dangerous.  Did you read the entire study?  Have you checked around to see what other scientists, outside of the authors of the study, have to say about the subject?  Accepting their "eight year study" is no better than accepting what Ivan Browning told area residents (which you called gullible).

Emergency management and local disaster agencies have spent countless hours trying to get area residents to prepare for a potential earthquake.  If it wasn’t for those preparations many people would not have been prepared for the ice storm.  In one swoop of the pen your editorial basically dismisses (throws out the window) all of the efforts/hours that the above mentioned agencies have put into preparing area residents for an earthquake.

This was "a" big one.  Yes.  But, many scientists would disagree with you on the assessment that this was "the" big one.

Area residents should continue to prepare for a major earthquake and should always be prepared for other disasters such as pandemic flu and severe weather events.

I am concerned about the fallout from your editorial.  I would ask that you revisit this topic and clarify the potential threat from an earthquake in our region.

Beau Dodson

March 21, 2009: Severe weather symposium

  Today was the severe weather symposium at John A Logan College.  Jennifer Rukavina and I spoke on preparedness.  There were a number of other speakers, as well.  Some really good topics and informative talks!


All the speakers


Four Rivers Severe Weather Symposium

830 AM:  Opening Remarks
    Christine Wielgos – President of the Four Rivers National Weather Association & Meteorologist with the National Weather Service Paducah, KY

840 AM:  Surviving Mother Nature’s Worst
    Jennifer Rukavina – Vice President of the Four Rivers National Weather Association and Chief Meteorologist at WPSD Local 6 Paducah, KY &

    Beau  Dodson – Meteorological Specialist, McCracken County Emergency Management


915 AM:  Nocturnal and Cool Season Tornado Risks
    Rick Shanklin – Warning Coordination Meteorologist: National Weather Service Paducah, KY

945 AM:  The 1925 Tri-State Tornado – Was it one tornado or a series of tornadoes?
                ….What we have found about the damage path during the last 5 years….    
    Robert H. Johns – Retired from the Storm Prediction Center in 2001


1045 AM: Break – Refreshments provided

1100 AM: Lessons Learned from Storm Chasing
    Paul Sirvatka – Professor of Meteorology: College of DuPage Glen Ellyn, IL


1200 PM: Tornadoes and Tornado Trends 1950-2007
    Dan McCarthy – Meteorologist in Charge:  National Weather Service Indianapolis, IN



March 20, 2009: Disappointing Paducah Sun article on earthquakes

  The Paducah Sun ran an editorial today concerning a new study that has been released concerning the New Madrid Fault.  The study was conducted over the last few years and basically states that the possibility of a large earthquake MAY not be as high as once thought.  However, the study also acknowledges that there is MUCH uncertainty on this topic and further research is needed.  History has shown that a series of large earthquakes have rattled this region over thousands of years.  The most recent quakes measuring over 7.0 occurred during the 1800s.

  Unfortunately, the Paducah Sun article (opinion editorial) leads one to believe that perhaps we do not need to be prepared for an earthquake after all.  This is foolishness and also goes against everything that emergency management and other agencies have spent years telling area residents

  There is no indication that a large earthquake will not again shake this region.  The likelihood of a large earthquake is significant.

  The conclusions of this one study are premature and only take into consideration a VERY narrow time frame of study.  Earthquakes have happened on the New Madrid throughout history.  There is nothing to suggest that the quakes will just suddenly stop "today". 

  Unfortunately some media outlets may be causing more harm than good by suggesting that the earthquake threat has diminished.

  The ice storm may have been A "big one" but it isn’t and wasn’t "THE" big one.  It is irresponsible to simply take one study and "jump right on it" – especially when it goes against everything scientists have always known or believed about the New Madrid Fault.  MUCH caution should have been used when reporting on this topic.  Unfortunately, it appears some have thrown caution to the wind and reported half the story.

  Hopefully area residents are smart enough to understand that the threat has not diminished and that they should always be prepared for natural disasters – of any type.






March 20, 2009: Looks like the walls are going up!

  Looks like a few more walls are up today.  🙂  She is moving along nicely!!!!!



March 19, 2009: First wall

  The first wall is going up today!  Tony sent me this photograph from a phone camera.  🙂  We may go up there tomorrow. 


March 18, 2009: Towers going up!

  The building process is moving right along.  Looks like we should start seeing a "frame" within a week or so.  Hopefully the weather will hold.  Looks like some rain tonight and then additional chances of showers/storms next Tuesday into Wednesday.  Spring weather 🙂

  Barry and his crew came by this morning and placed the 10 meter tower up – this is for my weather instruments – then the 55′ tower was installed – that will be for the tower cam and additional antennas.  So, everything is moving right along!

  Tony came up at 10 am and met with us concerning some changes to the bathroom and to go over the plans.  Tony is my "general" contractor guru – all seeing – all knowing guy.   He also is a professional snake handler.  😛

  I saw my first SNAKE today!  Crossed in front of me while I was walking to the SUV.  Was moving right along!  I have a feeling that won’t be the last snake we see.

  Some photos from today!


Let the building begin 🙂  Bobby, Rodney and his crew are working hard to get the house moving along.


Time to put the big tower up










Large tower is up!


Now for the smaller – 10 meter tower (for weather instruments)




March 17, 2009: And the building begins…

  They have started building the house!  Looks like we should be moving forward from here on out!  Weather permitting.  Let’s hope we have a lot of rain-free days over the next few months.  At least some rain free days while they are trying to frame everything up.  Speaking of rain – some chance of rain tomorrow night with a cold front.  Should be less than 1/2" over most of the area.

  Southern Illinois Electric was at the farm today, as well.  They are burying the electric lines and putting in our new service. 

  BEAUTIFUL day outside with temperatures above SEVENTY degrees.  Spring?  Is that you?  🙂


Southern Illinois Electric has arrived!


With a rather large crew…


Let the building begin


March 16, 2009: Preparing for severe weather workshop – baby goats!

  Well, I worked on preparations today for Saturday’s severe weather workshop at John A. Logan College (Illinois).  I am presenting along with Jennifer Rukavina.  Our topic is preparing for disasters – and disaster preparations.  🙂  Should be a fun conference.  So, I am working on my power-point presentation.  I think I am almost finished!

  I spoke with Barry today (he is installing my 55′ tower up on the farm) and he plans on putting the tower up Wednesday morning.  So, I will be up there for that event.  Hopefully the weather holds.

  Building of the house will start tomorrow morning!

  So, some busy days ahead of us!

  Joey sent me some photos of the new baby goats down on his families farm!  They look so small.  🙂  I am sure Daisy will be visiting down there soon and will whip them into shape.


Baby goats on Joey’s family farm



  And finally – but certainly not the least – LUCY is alive and well down in Florida!  Kristy sent me this photograph earlier today.  Lucy is looking great!


LUCY IN FLORIDA!  Kristy’s puppy – errr little person?  🙂


March 16, 2009: Random (useless) thought for the day…

  So, I was sitting on the couch last night and the thought crossed my mind – "I wonder how much money video stores have lost because they can no longer charge you for not rewinding the video tape"

– that is my free random-useless thought for the day

March 15, 2009: Oh – now I found a remedy – thank gawd for Google

  OK, first I just want to say that the miracle of the internet has certainly changed the way I look at medicine.  I have found the cure for my ear problem…while doing a google search for "airplane ear won’t pop" – this came up 🙂


Take a large piece of newspaper (double side), roll into a fairly tight cone with a small open end at the apex and about a 6-8" diameter at the large end. In length it should be about 1 1/2-to-2 feet, end to end.

Insert the small end into your affected ear to where it makes a seal – have a friend/S.O. hold it in place for you

Have them set the large diameter end on fire with a match/lighter so that the complete circumference is burning. No, I’m not kidding.

Allow it to burn down until the "whoosh" occurs – the updraft of the burning end creates a vacuum effect on your inner ear which should help unclog it – It may take some time or multiple effort to get it right, so be patient.

I know, I know, sounds crazy but it works if its a relatively benign clogged ear. If that and/or the Benadryl don’t get it, see the sawbones.
posted by Pressed Rat at 8:56 AM on January 5, 2006

It is even scarier that I found an artists illustration of the procedure!!!!!

March 15, 2009: Birthdays!

  Well, we celebrated a lot of birthdays over the last few days.  Jennifer had her birthday and that party was last night.  There were a bunch of people there – lots of Jennifer and Brian’s friends!   I think Jennifer had a great time.  There was plenty of food and a huge birthday cake!!!!!  I followed Jason and Jess to their house.  I thought it would be further out in the country, but it really wasn’t all that far.  I told Jennifer/Brian/Jason/Jess we would have to have a bbq once we get my house built. 

  Then today we celebrated Dione and Ashton’s birthday.  Now actually Ashton had a birthday during the ice storm.  So, we are just now catching up on birthdays!!!!  Seems like everyone and everything is behind schedule this year.  But, what do you expect after a disaster of that nature.

  We all went to Patti’s today – in Grand Rivers.  Dione and Tommy went to a concert in Nashville last night – they drove back home today.  All very exciting blog information.  lol  🙂  Anyway, I don’t believe anyone left Patti’s hungry (do they ever).

  I still can not hear out of my left ear.  It is going on seven or eight days now.  Now everyone is making fun of me because I can’t hear anything.  Something about "pa use your good hear."  Now, at the birthday party last night I was having to concentrate on what everyone was saying because the music was playing and then someone talking to me.  I suppose when I could hear out of two ears that I could listen to two things at once!!!!  Not so much right now, though!  lol  When I talk it echoes back to me – so it really isn’t much fun to lose your hearing in one ear.  At least I have one ear still up and running!  Hopefully whatever is causing the problem will be resolved soon.  If not then I guess I will go back to the doctor.  I will give it until Wednesday!

  I am supposed to speak at a severe weather conference on Saturday.  So, it would be nice to be able to hear by then.  I promise to never take my hearing for granted again!  Something you don’t think about when you can hear.  I guess the same can be said about eyesight!  We take a lot of things in life for granted, I suppose.

  I went up to the farm this morning in Massac County.  It appears that they are ready to start building.  I was thinking they would start on Monday, but Tony informs me that they won’t start until Tuesday.  Hopefully we have some nice weather in the coming days.

  They are also supposed to put my emergency management radio tower up on Monday morning.  That is/was the plan.  I am waiting for a phone call on that subject.

  I have not heard from Sue in a couple of days, however, I did see some wonderful photographs she posted on her web-site.  So, I know she is alive and well!  Clicking away on her camera.


  Some photos from the weekend 🙂


Jennifer’s Birthday Cake


Lighting the candles





Jess – Jennifer – Me – Jason (not sure who took thjs photo)  🙂




Dione and Tommy celebrated Dione and Ashton’s birthday




Ready to build 🙂


Ready to build!


Tony sent me these photos of the kids 🙂  Trampoline!

Super Tyler 🙂


March 13, 2009: Another funny story

  Since we are on the topic of funny stories (see several posts below).  I went to the doctors office yesterday afternoon.  I figured I had been stubborn long enough and it was time for me to go.  That and my little sister made me go.  Anyway. I walked into the doctors office at 1 PM.  I knew they were closed for lunch from noon to 1 pm.  So, I walked up the lady and could hardly talk between the cough and the ear problem.  Could also hardly hear her.  Anyway, I asked her if my doctor was in – she then said "no, he doesn’t work on Wednesdays."  She then said "do you have an appointment" and I said "no, unfortunately I did not."  So, I asked if there was another doctor in the house.  She looked at me and said "are you sick".  Well, of course I am thinking (and I am sure I had the same expression on my face – whether I wanted to or not) – Captain Obvious has struck me twice in two days.  How could she have known and why else would I have stopped by?  lol  🙂



March 13, 2009: Political Cartoons…



March 12, 2009: A flurry or two – house on the farm

  Well, our little winter storm produced a few flurries in Paducah.  We had a small dusting on the lawn chair!  That is about it.  West Tennessee had more snow, again.  Looks like they are the snow winners this year.  Spring is getting closer and closer with each passing day.  The flowers are even starting to bloom.  We have a ton of "Easter Flowers" blooming in the front yard.  🙂 

  I am having to make a fire plan for our Glenn Argo apartments.  The fire marshall said we had to have one.  So, in the midst of drawing everything out (well Joey actually drew it out on one of his programs) I had to add arrows.  The arrows are supposed to tell people where to go in the event of a fire.  So, I put an arrow on every door and then arrows guiding them down the stairs and out the front or back door – I also put arrows on the windows.  This seems like a fairly obvious thing, but that is what we were asked to do.  So, anyway – in the process of drawing all of the arrows I had a totally blonde moment.  I asked Joey – "so these stairs do they go only up or can you go up and down them".  😛  The words had barely escaped my mouth when I realized what I had said.  lol  I guess I can blame my cold medicine or that I was so "into" drawing the arrows that I didn’t even think about what I was saying.  I told Joey that he probably shouldn’t tell anyone that I asked that question.  (I know Sue is laughing at this post) 😛

  Speaking of my cold – so I went to Oklahoma last week and felt okay when I left.  By the time the first night had come and gone I started having a few sniffles.  Then before I got back on the airplane I had a full blown cold.  Felt terrible at the airport.  But – we pushed forward and made it on the plane.  Well – at some point during the landing in Kansas City I couldn’t pop my left ear.  You know how the pressure difference makes your ears pop.  Well, my left ear wouldn’t pop.  I didn’t think anything about it at the time.  However, now it is a week later!  Still can’t hear out of my left ear.  I went to the doctor yesterday and they gave me some antibiotics.  Upon calling my sister she said I should try Sudafed or the swimmers ear stuff.  The guy at CVS said to skip the swimmers ear but to try the Sudafed.  So, that is what I am trying – that and my antibiotics.  Hopefully I can hear again soon.  It is a very weird feeling.  If I tilt my head upside down then I can hear.  lol  I guess I can walk around with my head upside down.  Might look weird, though.

  I was at the farm today – they have delivered wood!  Looks the framing will begin next week.  🙂  That is the plan!!!!


The "stairs" and yes you can go up or down them 😛 😛 😛



March 11, 2009: Winter storm approaching region?

  Say it isn’t so!  A winter storm will impact the region over the next 24 hours.  It appears that several inches of snow (ground temps are warm so really not sure that much will accumulate) will be possible over northeast Arkansas, southeast Missouri, West Kentucky, West Tennessee, and perhaps South Illinois.  If models trend much further north then more snow will fall.  If the storm tracks further south then it is a no go!  Will have to keep an eye on storm track!  A late season winter storm!!!


Predicted snowfall – ground temps are warm, though – should help limit snow amounts.


March 11, 2009: Paducah Sun article

  The Paducah Sun ran an article about our new weather instruments 🙂 for the county.




March 9, 2009: Tornado shelter finished…Dione’s Birthday :)


  I was at the farm today and the tornado shelter is finished.  For that matter the foundation is finished, as well!  So, we are ready to start building.  Looks like they will be ordering the wood this week and will start building next week.  🙂  Lot of decisions to make in the coming weeks.  I am sure things will be busy busy!

  Some photos from today…


Tornado shelter







March 8, 2009: Severe storms today…tornadoes in MO/IL/IN/KY

  Severe thunderstorms rolled through the region this morning.  Paducah had heavy rain and high winds.  Some damage was reported near Cape Girardeau.  Several (17) tornadoes were reported over the Ohio Valley.  Looks like our spring severe weather season is starting off with a bang.


Storms roll into Paducah – earlier this afternoon




  More showers and storms will be possible on Tuesday.  I think the severe weather will stay to our north.  Will have to keep an eye on it, though.

  I assume everyone has ordered their emergency supplies????  I made this post a few weeks ago!  Always need to balance the paranoid with the sensible.  If an earthquake hits this region (which it will) then there will be little in the way of food and/or water supplies.  Depending on the size of the quake.  It could be a long recovery.  Everyone should have food and water on hand.

Old post about where to order supplies from…

March 5, 2009: Oklahoma Severe Weather Workshop

  Some great discussions today at the Severe Weather Workshop.  Topics included the possibility of the NWS issuing probability warnings, how people respond to tornado warnings (or don’t respond), how the news media plays a role in distributing information before an outbreak, the importance of GIS and deciding what a storm may or may not impact, ensemble SREF forecasting, and much more!  Fun topics and interesting!  Interesting for those that love weather!!!!  I would imagine a lot of people would be bored.  lol


Severe Weather Workshop


Warnings based on probabilities instead of a polygon.


Bought a new book "Tornado Watch"


March 4, 2009: We got the apartments! TORNADO SHELTER GOING UP!!!!!

  We have arrived in Oklahoma for the Severe Weather Workshop!  Flew out of St Louis this morning – the temperature was 32 degrees.  When we landed an hour later it was 66 degrees in Norman, Oklahoma!!!!!!  Nice temperature change.

  The Severe Weather Workshop runs tomorrow through Sunday.  We are staying until Saturday.  Then back to Paducah!

  They are trimming the BIG tree on the farm today.  It had damage during the ice storm.  They are going to shape it up.  Looks like it is going smoothly – Tony sent me a few photos.

  The foundation is now days from being finished.  They are putting in the tornado shelter today and tomorrow/Friday.  Looks like we will have a FEMA tornado shelter by the weekend!!!!!!  Should withstand an EF5 tornado.  Let’s not try it out though.  😉

  I got a message last night at 5 pm that our offer was accepted on the apartments in Murray.  This will be our first Murray property.  Looks like we will close by the end of the month.




Trimming the tree.


Tree trimmers


FEMA Tornado Shelter


FEMA Tornado Shelter


FEMA Tornado Shelter


Tree trimming









Murray Apartments – March 2009