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September 29, 2010: Beautiful weather

Wow -the weather is amazing.  Low temperatures in the 40s and high temps in the 70s.  You can’t beat that in the fall.  🙂  Feels great outside.

We do need rain.  The drought continues.  At least we did receive some heavy rain from Hermine a few weeks ago.

Class is going well – I have to make a C or higher in the class for it to count.  So – guess I better make a C or higher.  This class is defin harder than some of my previous courses.  Perhaps because it isn’t weather!  lol

Dylan had a birthday yesterday!  21 years old.  SO – HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN!!!!!

September 27, 2010: Well – it was a great visit

Well, I guess summer is over!  I will have to start updating my blog more often.  Winter will soon be here and with it will come snow.  Right?  🙂  Well – we hope so at least.

David came down to visit and we had a great time.  The BBQ festival, a trip to SIU to find more out about the arrowheads we find up here, lot of driving around and looking for other local sites, a trip to Kincaid Mounds, and about 10 tasting tours of local restaurants.  Hopefully David had a nice time, as well.  🙂

The weather has been warm warm warm for months on end.  But, that is about to come to an end!  Cooler weather has already filtered into our region.  Tonight we will be in the 40s!  Tomorrow night, as well.  The cool weather should last for the next 7-10 days.  We should start to see warmer temperatures beyond that time period.  Most of fall should be above normal in the temp department and drier than normal.  We will see how the fall forecast ends up. 

School is going okay – this class is a bit more difficult than most of the ones I have taken the last few years.  But, I will get through it.  Just a few more months – it ends the first week of December.  I will be happy for the "end" to arrive.  Then just two classes left for my GeoScience Degree!!!!

Some photos from today – we visited the Kincaid Mounds (they are 1000 years old).  Located in Massac County.


David and Joey at the Kincaid Mounds


Kincaid Mounds in the background



That would be me in front of the mounds


Joey in front of one of the mounds


And I saw this sign in Metropolis – I thought it was sort of funny.  Does this food go together?


September 12, 2010: Photo from Canada

We did not take many photos in Canada.  But I did get a photo with Norman.  🙂  Had a photo with Jay – but it did not turn out.

Beautiful day here – weather could not be better.

September 12, 2010: Beautiful day outside!

Woke up this morning to beautiful sunshine!  Woke up a bit earlier than I would have liked.  Thank you Daisy. 

The kids stayed over last night – Danielle and Tyler.  Then Reese was here, as well.  It was pretty late when the kids went to bed.  Something like 2-3 am.  🙂  That is not what time I go to bed.  😉  But – I finally made it under the covers around 2:30.  🙂  Then Daisy decided she was ready to go outside wayyyy earlier than I would have liked.

So, it was so nice outside that I decided to mow the yard – Daisy’s yard and around the house – in my pajamas and high rubber work boots.  I am sure that would have been a nice camera spectacal.

We went to the Paducah Symphony last night.  My mom went with me.  Julie also went and she brought her mom.  We had a great time.  The music was wonderful.  I love to hear all of the instruments.  🙂

David went with us to eat out before the symphony – the kids and everyone else, as well.

The weather looks nice this week.  Maybe some showers late in the week.  Also watching some tropical activity.  The tropics have been quite active – thankfully we have not had many U.S. hits – at least not big hits.  A few small ones.

Waiting to get my grade back from my first paper in this new class I am taking.  I have not written a paper in over 15 years.  I hope he goes gentle on me!!!!



September 11


Photographer unknown

September 8, 2010: Happy Birthday’s

Lot of birthdays this month

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN!  21 years old!  Yeesh – time sure does pass quickly. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIELLE – 🙂  Hope you have a wonderful year ahead!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!  That is three D’s in a row 🙂 – Obviously September is a popular month for birthdays.

Then we have John Logeman – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Sue Henry – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Now I need to figure out if I forgot someone.  🙂

Going out to eat tonight with my family to celebrate the birthdays – then I am off to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Rain is finally moving in – should rain tomorrow into Friday.  Perhaps 1/2" across the region – some heavier amounts especially as you go north and west.  We need every drop we can get.



September! Oh dear -fall is here!!!!

OK – it has been one of the warmest summers ever.  Paducah has tied for the number 1 warmest summer on record.  Their records go back into the 1930s.  So – HOT – it has been!

I am looking forward to fall – we have already had a few nice days.  Loving it!

Have not updated lately – everything is going great.  I have started my new class – Elements of Persuasion.  I really have no idea what to expect.  Hope it goes well.  Then I am down to just TWO classes – both foreign language.  No secret – I am not looking forward to the language classes. 

We had a great time in Canada – visited just about all of my friends.  Missed a few, though.  Hopefully next time around.  I have some photos that I need to post.  Will do that later.  🙂

My fall forecast is out – for those who care 🙂


Above normal temps – go figure.