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June 30, 2010: Photo Number 9

An evening with the camera (glad I got my camera back)


June 29, 2010: Sunset on the farm :)

Nice sunset this evening!



June 27, 2010: Some flower photos from Alaska

I took these photos while we were in Alaska.  Click for larger image 🙂

Hot here again today.  90s.  Blah – not a fan.

I have been watching the riots in Toronto – hate to see the city tore up like that.  A few vandals have caused a lot of problems.  Some dramatic photographs on some of the news wires.  Hopefully things will go a bit more peaceful today.



My mom in Victoria, Canada earlier this month 🙂


June 26, 2010

The world is now so full of multi-media sources that everyone is looking but nobody is seeing. Sensory overload will rob many of the visual art around them. The world needs a pause button.

Well, it was an eventful week up here on the farm.  Between the snake and the rabbits – the snake didn’t really bother me.  I like to have a natural mouse trap around.  Although I will say that crawling under the house to plug up those wire holes was a bit sketchy.  I tried not to look around too much – that way if there was a big snake under there I would not see it.  What I don’t see can’t hurt me – right?  Well, maybe.  🙂

I didn’t see or hear anything while I was under there.  Plugged the four wire holes and got out.  Nice and quick!

Joey had two tomato plants growing, but it appears the rabbits decided to eat them.  I didn’t think they would last long – but Joey was insisting that he could take care of them.  Even though I was the one watering the plants.  He went out last week and one of them was gone.  Just a stub left.  Then our friend Reese came over to visit and she spotted a big rabbit chewing on the second plant.  Now it is gone – the plant not the rabbit.

We did capture a big rabbit on the trail cam.  Daddy said he saw some baby rabbits.  I think the "big" rabbit was actually a pregnant mother rabbit.  Now there are baby rabbits running around.  I am fairly certain Eek (our big snake that is wondering around) is probably stalking the rabbits.  Poor rabbits.

Daisy is heading out today for Levi’s.  Her cousin – bigger dog but scared of Daisy.  Daisy is excited, but I don’t think Daisy realizes we will be gone a month.  I am sure she will have fun – she will be missed, though!

We leave for Europe next Sunday.  First Sweden and then Germany.  Going to explore and see what interesting museums we can find.  Should be a lot cooler than the weather here.  Supposed to be in the 60s.  I can only hope.

The hot weather here continues – day after day after day after day of 90s.  That gets old after awhile.  Looks like it will continue into tomorrow – then a bit cooler next week.

First tropical storm of the season is impacting the Caribbean.  My forecast has been for a Mexico or south Texas hit.  That appears to be on track.  🙂  Models were taking it into Louisiana and Mississippi – they have slowly changed their tune, though. 

Art class is going great.  I am really enjoying it.  🙂  Few more weeks left – another month or so for that class.


June 21, 2010: Snake!

OK – well it was bound to happen. 

I was spreading chemicals for ticks – you know to protect Daisy the little pug here from ticks. Then I came across this critter – it was in my path. What was I supposed to do. So, I got on the cell phone and called Reese – who is visiting from the big City of Murray. I called her and told me to bring me the camera – quick. Next thing I know she See Moreis coming out the door bouncing down the stairs with a smile and a camera. Then she stopped and noticed the big creature in front of me and just about had a heart attack. I told her not to worry – just bring me the camera. Meanwhile a hummingbird was buzzing my head – so I was swatting this "bee" and noticed it was a bird. It hovered over me for a good minute – kept buzzing me. So between the bird and the snake – I did have my hands full.

All of my good camera’s are in the shop being cleaned – so I didn’t get good photos.  But – I did take these – it was a big one!











Happy Father’s Day – to my dad today!  He has been my dad for as long as I can remember!  Which by my count is quite a number of years!!!!

We are also celebrating Tony’s birthday today – Mariah’s birthday – and Joey’s birthday!!!!!  Meeting at Tony and Deena’s to spend the afternoon.



Saturday – June 19, 2010: Project? HEAT!

Wow – it is freakin hot.  90s every single day – high dew points.  This is getting old and fast.  I believe we have had more 90s this year than all of last?  I would have to check.  Seems that way.  No break in the heat for the next week or two.  Let’s hope this pattern doesn’t hang on into summer.  It is still spring you know!

Went to see Toy Story 3 last night – funny movie.  Enjoyed it! 

Maybe a new project?  We shall see.







June 18, 2010: More storms!

We had more thunderstorms yesterday – some severe.  Some nice clouds up here on the phone.  Poured for about 30 minutes – picked up 1.30" in a short amount of time.

Looking out the window




Shelf cloud ahead of the storm





Storm damage from the storms on the 15th – Massac County



June 15, 2010 – Severe Thunderstorms

A series of severe thunderstorms moved through our region this afternoon and evening.  Numerous warnings were issued by the Paducah, Kentucky National Weather Service Office.  They did a great job!  Lot of wind damage reports scattered over the region.

Some photos I took from the house here in Massac County – beautiful cloud structure.


Mammatus clouds


Severe storms over western Kentucky


Mammatus clouds



Looking east into western Kentucky – severe storms


Looking at Mammatus Clouds over the house here in Massac County




Mammatus Clouds

Cumulus clouds towering over west Kentucky – Tuesday evening

Western Kentucky



Rain shaft over Mermet, Illinois




Mammatus clouds over southern Illinois and western Kentucky


Severe thunderstorm over western Kentucky



Mammatus clouds




Rain shaft over Vienna, Illinois.  Damaging winds were reported with this cell.



Thunderstorm moving over the farm








June 12, 2010: JUST WOW :) Alaska was BEAUTIFUL – best trip ever

If you get a red X on the photos below – hit the REFRESH button or RELOAD the page.  That usually fixes it.  🙂

Okay – I have been a lot of places in the world.  I have seen some beautiful sights – but I have to say that this Alaska trip was probably the best trip I have ever been on.  INCREDIBLE beauty – everywhere.  The mountains were amazing – the glaciers were spectacular – the ocean and rivers were perfect – the weather was awesome – Victoria, Canada is incredible – seeing mother enjoy all of it was awesome.  We had a great time with Jason and Jess.

Best trip ever!  Hands down.  I am going back – especially want to go back and explore Victoria.  It is going on the list!!!! 

Took a lot of photographs – will post them below.  Put many of them on my Facebook, as well.

Temperatures were in the 40s at night and 60s during the day.  It only sprinkled on us a couple of times.  We arrived back home late last night – everyone is worn out.  Temperatures are in the 90s here in southern Illinois.  I am not a fan of the heat and high dew points.

Mihai is coming to visit from Romania next weekend and then we are heading to Europe for a month.  Going to explore Sweden and Germany.  Hopefully the weather will be nice!  🙂  Looking forward to leaving the heat behind us.  At least we hope.  Temperatures tonight are in the 50s in Sweden. So, that is not too bad.

OK – some photos from the trip 🙂

Time to say goodbye to Daisy – she is going to visit her
Cousin Levi for the next week 🙂 while we are away on the ship

Ready to go!!!

Where are we going????

Someone is falling asleep on the way to Levi’s

Mother ready to board the ship

Joey – heading out from Seattle, Washington – on the Rhapsody of the Seas Ship – Royal Caribbean
Seattle is in the background 🙂

Mother and me 🙂 with Seattle in the background – heading out!

Seattle, Washington – leaving port


Joey with Seattle in the background 🙂  Time to head out to sea!!!

Leaving for Alaska

Mother and me on the Rhapsody of the Sea – ship
They have formal night twice during the cruise.  Dress-up
time 🙂

Mother and me – dinner on the ship – I am pretty sure we are all done with food for awhile.  No
shortage of food on the boat.

Joey on formal night

Getting ready to head to dinner

Mother and me – getting ready to go to dinner on the boat

Out at sea – near Alaska – it was actually chilly out there!  Temperatures were in the 40s at night and 60s in
the day.  Local people thought it was hot.  🙂  They should try living in our region for awhile.  I don’t think they could
make it!

Some music on the boat – they had music playing a lot.

Joey all dressed up and ready to go to dinner

Joey on the deck of the ship

Don’t blink because you won’t see me dressed up very often 🙂

Mother trying the snail 🙂

Joey and mother – at sea near Alaska – planning the day out

On the ship Rhapsody of the Sea

Enjoying the view!  The Pacific waters were an amazing blue color.  Pretty!

Out at sea – watching the waves off the balcony

Some art on the boat


Time for some BINGO on the boat.  We did not win.  🙁  We played three different

Joey loving the model ship

My mom found someone to dance with on-board 🙂

At sea – heading for Alaska

Enjoying the view from the ship

At sea

Rhapsody of the Sea – Royal Caribbean ship

Mother watching the water go by


Joey had a birthday while we were away at sea 🙂 – we ordered
this cake and thought it was a real cake.  It ended up that it was
a cake made of flowers.  Now what are you supposed to do with
a cake made of flowers????

While in Juneau, Alaska we went to see the whales – they were jumping out of the water – we were able
to see their full bodies.  Quite amazing!!!

Whales in Juneau, Alaska!!!!

Beautiful creatures.

Joey in Juneau, Alaska

The views were INCREDIBLE – to say the least.

Watching for whales in Juneau, Alaska

The trip of a lifetime – Jason and Jess in Juneau, Alaska


Jason and Jess Darnall


Joey on the whale watching tour

Mother and me – whale watching tour in Juneau

Jason and Jess

Mother – Juneau, Alaska

Juneau, Alaska – beautiful to say the least


This is where we had lunch – during the whale watching

Near where we had lunch – Orka Point Lodge

Orka Point Lodge – lot of Eagles around

Orka Point Lodge – boat out on the water

Where we had lunch – during a break in the whale watching – Orka Point Lodge

Jason – Orka Point Lodge – Juneau, Alaska

Juneau area

Jason out on the whale watch tour

Watching for whales


Juneau area

Whales jumping out of the water 🙂

Beautiful Alaska

Glaciers near Juneau – Mendenhall Glacier


Mother and me with glacier in the background – Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier

Whales!  Near Juneau, Alaska

Joey with glacier in Juneau area – Mendenhall Glacier

The glacier is melting about 100′ per year.  Mendenhall Glacier

Joey broke the glacier – well at least part of it.

Spectacular sights – Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, Alaska

Juneau, Alaska

Whale 🙂 – rare to see them jumping out of the water like this.  It happened three or four times while we were
there.  The tour guide on the boat said we should never go whale watching again because we would never
see something like this.

Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier

Roar – be careful there – might bite.  Mendenhall Glacier area in Juneau, Alaska

We did not see any live bears 🙂

Waving 🙂  Juneau, Alaska

Juneau, Alaska

Enjoying Victoria, Canada – Butchart Gardens

Enjoying Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada


Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada

Tea in Butchart Gardens


Jason and Jess Darnall – Tea in Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens – Victoria, Canada

Mother with Jess in the Butchart Gardens



Mother – Buthcart Gardens – Victoria, Canada

Tea in Butchart Gardens


Butchart Gardens – Victoria, Canada

Mother and Jess


Butchart Gardens – Victoria, Canada

Mother and me- Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens

Jess taking photos of the beautiful flowers

Butchart Gardens


Butchart Gardens – Canada

Butchart Gardens


Butchart Gardens

Joey – Jason – Jess – Mother


Joey in Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada

Mother in Butchart Gardens


Butchart Gardens




Butchart Gardens


Skagway, Alaska


Skagway, Alaska


We went for a train ride in Skagway – the train took us to the top of the mountain – we crossed into British Columbia
by the train – INCREDIBLE views




Waiting to get on the train in Skagway, Alaska


Skagway, Alaska – White Pass Scenic Railway Ride


On the train 🙂 – White Pass Scenic Railway Ride


Mother on the train – White Pass Scenic Railway Ride


White Pass Scenic Railway Ride


White Pass Scenic Railway Ride



View from the train – White Pass Scenic Railway Ride


White Pass Scenic Railway Ride


White Pass Scenic Railway Ride


White Pass Scenic Railway Ride – heading into Canada – British Columbia


Train view 🙂 – White Pass Scenic Railway Ride


White Pass Scenic Railway Ride

White Pass Scenic Railway Ride


White Pass Scenic Railway Ride


White Pass Scenic Railway Ride – near Skagway, Alaska and British Columbia


Mother enjoying the view on the train!!!!!!!!!!  White Pass Scenic Railway Ride


Train ride up into the mountains – pure beauty – White Pass Scenic Railway Ride


Arrived at the top – in British Columbia.  Mother – me and Joey


White Pass Scenic Railway Ride – my mom


Skagway, Alaska – getting off the boat


White Pass Scenic Railway Ride


White Pass Scenic Railway Ride


White Pass Scenic Railway Ride


Once the train stopped 🙂 – this is where we arrived – British Columbia.  Way up on the mountain!  Above Skagway


Mother – White Pass Scenic Railway Ride


Jason and Jess – White Pass Scenic Railway Ride


Joey Dillon – White Pass Scenic Railway Ride


Skagway, Alaska – our ship in the background


Mother – White Pass Scenic Railway Ride


That would be me 🙂  White Pass Scenic Railway Ride



Top of the mountain – at least one of the mountains.  White Pass Scenic Railway Ride trip.  Fraser, B.C.


That would be me in Fraser, British Columbia


Mother in Fraser, B.C. – Canada


BEAUTY – Fraser – British Columbia, Canada


Mother looking out over the lake in Fraser, British Columbia


Fraser, British Columbia



Rhapsody of the Sea – Skagway, Alaska


🙂  Beautiful


Skagway, Alaska


I found WALDO in Skagway, Alaska!!!!  I have looked forever and a day for Waldo!!!


White Pass Scenic Railway Ride – on the way back down the mountain we stopped here – border of British
Columbia and Alaska


Up on the mountain 🙂


Jason and Jess


The train we road from Skagway up into the mountains.  White Pass Scenic Railway Ride


Skagway, Alaska



Skagway, Alaska – can you imagine living here???



Ever wonder how they remove the snow from the train tracks?  🙂
Skagway, Alaska


Skagway, Alaska.  The snow removal equipment for the railroad tracks


Skagway, Alaska


Skagway, Alaska


We just had to stop in here 🙂 – Skagway, Alaska!


Monument in Skagway, Alaska


This is where we had lunch in Skagway


Skagway, Alaska


Which way should we go 🙂


Skagway, Alaska


We had some ice cream in Skagway 🙂


Fire station in Skagway – nice 🙂


Skagway, Alaska


Jason and Jess ready for the train ride


The cars in Skagway are nice 🙂


Skagway, Alaska



Glacier near Skagway, Alaska – amazing!!! 
Tracy Arm Fjord the Sawyer Glacier


Tracy Arm Fjord the Sawyer Glacier



Tracy Arm Fjord the Sawyer Glacier



Tracy Arm Fjord the Sawyer Glacier



Tracy Arm Fjord the Sawyer Glacier



Mother in the Tracy Arm Fjord with the Sawyer Glacier in the background.



Tracy Arm Fjord and the Sawyer Glacier



Tracy Arm Fjord with the Sawyer Glacier – mother and me 🙂







Mother in the Tracy Arm Fjord with the Sawyer Glacier



Tracy Arm Fjord with the Sawyer Glacier


My mom Judy – Tracy Arm Fjord with the Sawyer Glacier in the



Tracy Arm Fjord the Sawyer Glacier



My mom and me – glacier in the background!!  Tracy Arm Fjord the Sawyer Glacier



Sunset at sea 🙂



My mom and me – formal night on the boat



Mother and me



My mom had a great time



Joey and me on the boat – formal night



Formal night on the boat – as formal as I get 🙂 



Happy birthday Joey – this cake you can actually eat – unlike the
other one




Happy birthday Joey


Joey had a birthday while we were away 🙂


On the ship – they had music












June 6 2010: Alaska is beautiful! Just wonderful. Having a blast.

Everyone is having a GREAT time in Alaska.  No dostractions of anything – just fun.  The weather has been AMAZING – so far.  Lot of  sun and mild temperatures.  It was even a bit warm today.  Mother is having the time of her life.  So is everyone else we.

We saw a large number of whale today – first for me.  🙂  First for mother and Joey, as well.  They loved it.  The whales could jimp out of the water as if they were dancing some sort of song.  he then waves at us as he went under one last time.

It was cool – to say the least.

I have been upoading photos to Facebook.  So check them out over there – under my name Beau Dodson.

Got some whale video to turn in, as well 🙂  Joey took the video while I did the photos.

Having a GREAT time and look forward to the coming days.

June 3, 2010: Heading for Alaska!!!!!

Well, I think we are packed.  Less is more on this trip.

We are meeting Jason and Jess in Paducah – leaving from Barkley Airport.  Hopefully the plane will be on time – should depart around 2:50 pm for Chicago – then we fly into Seattle.

Hope for a safe and smooth trip!


June 2, 2010: Evening thoughts…

You know, I found a nice place in the house hill on the hill near Round Knob.  A place to sit down and relax.  To look out over the living room and dining room.  I just fall into the chair – it takes me somewhere that I can’t explain.  Relaxing.  Quite.  Peaceful.  I can see across the room and into the kitchen.  I look over everything I Have – how beautiful it looks to me.  Everything is in its little place.  Nothing is crooked or out of place.  Perfect.

Just to way I like it – I think to myself.

It is so quiet in the room now.  I feel at peace.  I take a deep sigh and then another.  Thinking back over the years.  Gosh, there was a day when I didn’t have anywhere to stay.  Back in the 90s.  Sleeping in a tent outside of the old youth center.  First a big tent – but it flooded and nearly caught on fire one night.  I actually had moved a couple of pieces of furniture into the tent.  A place to sleep and keep some of my clothes.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  I just needed a place to lay my head.  I was too proud to ask others.

Then I got a smaller pup-tent.  It slept pretty much just me.  Although one of my friends stayed with me once or twice.  I had a sleeping bag in it.  It was cold – winter.  We had a huge snowstorm near our region one weekend and I literally thought I was going to freeze to death.  But, I didn’t.  It was a challenege to me – of some sort.

I was trying to pay bills.  Trying to save money.  I had several jobs at the time – 2 or 3 jobs.  One at Wal Mart and one at Southern Seven Health Department – and oh year the hotel.  Don’t forget the hotel job.  Worked midnights there and Wal Mart.

Those were long days.  To say the least.

Then during the late 90s I had the most profound identity crisis.  I had no clue as to what direction I was going.  Where I was heading.  What I would do next.  Talk about hopeless.  I really felt hopeless.  I thought it was all over – many days and nights.  But, I help on – barely.  But on none-the-less.

That is what I am thinking about while I set in this chair in the middle of this room – in the middle of this beautiful house.  I think back to the day that all I had was a tent.  I can’t say I was happy living in the tent – but I can’t say I was sad, either.  At the time that was the only thing I knew.  So, I guess I was happy just to have a place to sleep at night.  I didn’t think about the obstacles that were being put before me.  I just thought about surviving and get to the next day.

Which I did.  🙂

Life is funny – you never know what tomorrow might bring.  You never know what might be around the next corner.

We all sleep below the same moon in the dark sky.  We all sleep under the glittering stars that are sprinkled above by some rhyme that we can’t understand or fully grasp.  We may sleep in different houses, we may sleep in different cities, but we all sleep under the same sky, the same moon, and the same stars.  Even as we change, some things never change, thankfully.




June 2, 2010: Packing for Alaska – big storms today

Well, we are packing for Alaska.  We leave tomorrow – mother hopefully has packed!  I know she is usually a bit slower to pack.  She keeps calling me and asking me questions – so I guess that is a good sign.

We have someone watching the house while we are away.  So, that is taken care of.

We had big storms today – wind gusted to 52 and 53 mph up here on the hill.  Pea size hail and lots of rain.  The wind sounded horrible on the house – really hit it like a wall.  Just went from nothing to 50+ in almost no time.

Looks like the oil spill continues – BP is in a lot of trouble.  Terrible for the Gulf of Mexico.