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May 31, 2010: Memorial Day Weekend

  We had a great time at Tony and Deena’s for the Memorial Day weekend.  Tony made hamburgers – the kids and adults went fishing – took the paddle boat out for a ride around the pond – and just hung out.  I think everyone had a nice and relaxing day.

  Daisy stayed home – but I guess we should have brought her down.  Sparky and Bubba were there.  Daisy stayed home, though, and slept!  She is heading to visit Levy later this week as we head to Alaska with Jason, Jess, and my mom.  Should be a fun trip – I am sure it will be a whole lot colder than here.  We have been having daytime high temperatures in the 80s and 90s.  Not the best weather.  I would rather have 70s!

  John came over today and we watched the Cardinals play the Reds.  Of course the Cardinals won because they are a MUCH better team (although John won’t admit this).  We stopped by Dip’N’Dots and talked with Dione for just a bit.

  Thunderstorms are moving in this evening – guess we will have a bit more rain.  It has not been an extremely wet month here at my place but Jason over i Benton, KY has had almost 7 inches of rain.  Of course Nashville and areas down in TN had severe flooding.


Daisy relaxing today with her toy.  Protecting it I guess.

Tony and Tommy making hamburgers


Mother and I out on the pond at Tony and Deena’s house

Tony’s mom watching the kids play in the pool

Tony’s mom and Tyler

Family fun on the pond

Taking my mother out on the paddle boat at Deena and Tony’s house.

Mother and me out on the pond – enjoying the day

Dylan chillin


My dad hanging out at Tony and Deena’s enjoying the day

Deena chillin


Lots of good food 🙂

Tony with dinner in hand 🙂

Flashback to last week when we went to the Paducah Lowertown Arts Festival 🙂
My mom.

Lowertown Arts Festival – Downtown Paducah

Julie and me at the Lowertown Arts Festival – Paducah (last weekend)

Julie and me – arts festival

Joey and Dione hanging out at Tony and Deena’s for the holiday

Miss Daisy – hanging out

Tommy and Dione out on the pond – Memorial Day Weekend

Fun on the pond


May 31, 2010: Mariah’s Graduation Photos :)



For all the images go here


The very large sizes can be found on that page – just right click and save it to your computer or you can order a print right off the site.  They have really good prints.  I don’t get anything off of the sale – just an easy way to order photos.  That is how I order mine – from that site.

You can also click on the photo and it will bring up a larger version – you can save that image and then print it wherever you like (for family)  🙂









































































May 29, 2010: Congratulations Mariah! Graduation 2010.

Congratulations, Mariah!!!!!  Class of 2010 🙂 

Will have to work on the photos tomorrow!


May 27, 2010: TEDDY BEAR DAY!!!! Time to deliver bears

Well, we spent the last couple of months getting teddy bears from Russ Bears.  But, they are all here now and they look great.  Nice and soft!  But – they have been here at the house long enough.  Time to move em out – I am sure there are plenty of kids that are in need of their hugs.  These bears will be going to the Purchase Area Sexual Assault Center in Paducah.  They are one of two places that we give bears to. 

We have a mixture this time around – cats, dogs, frogs, lots of bears, and a few other animals.  We learned that kids like to choose their animal.  From what the staff has told us.  We never get to meet the kids of course.  But, I am glad to hear some stories today about how the bears are being used and loved by a lot of kids.

Getting the bears ready for their trip across the river

Scoot over –  I get the front seat

Joey loading the car up

Carrying the bears in

Time to show the bears their new home 🙂

The staff – holding some of the animals


May 25, 2010: Countdown to Alaska

Counting the days down until colder weather – in Alaska!  Another week.  Won’t be long now!


May 25, 2010: Mariah’s Graduation Invitations

So, I got an invitation from Mariah for her graduation. It was handmade (which I guess is always the best – something from the heart). Joey and I both were excited to see that we were invited. I don’t take anything for granted in life.

Then it dawned on me that the reason the invitation was hand written was because someone didn’t order invitations. Now, I am not going to play the blame game (this current administration in the White House does that and does it well) but I am going to have to say that someone dropped the ball here (and I am not talking about the recent dodge ball game – although there were plenty of dropped balls at that time, as well – but I digress).

Anyway – here is the wonderful invitation. Click image for full size.




I would like my response posted on your blog in response to your pointing fingers about the invitations.

First of all, I am one of the busiest people in the world.  If you don’t agree then all you have to look at is my family and my house to see that.  Ok…so Mariah did ask me about the invitations about a month ago…and I told her at that time…that we didn’t need invitations because everyone in the family already knows when the graduation is.  Invitations are very expensive and take a whole lot of time to write out (see sentence one) I told everyone in the family about the graduation…time, place etc.  (I left out the money part though)…though this is very nice of everyone to help with the car situation.

Tommy has already given me the 3rd degree about the invitations.  So in the mist of everyone getting onto me about them all I have to say is a little help goes a long way with me.  I also told Tommy that when we have our baby and they graduate that I will indeed buy graduation invitations ok ….so leave me alone. He just gave me one of those looks that I know very well….

May 23, 2010: Holy smoke – May is almost over!

What the heck – May is almost over?  ALREADY?  How can that be?  The month just started.  We JUST celebrated my birthday.  🙂  I just don’t understand.  Is there some button we can push to help time slow down a little bit? 

We turned the heat on earlier last week.  It was in the 40s at night.  NOW it is in the 90s.  We went straight from cool weather to HOT weather.  Not only is it hot but it is also HUMID.  Go figure.  Feast or famine.  That is how it always is in this region.  Too hot.  Too cold.  Too wet.  Too dry.  If there was such a thing as normal weather I would imagine we would never experience in this region.

Classes started this week – some meteorology classes.  This will be followed in June by Art Appreciation.  SOOOOO excited.  The Art Appreciation class does not even have a DVD.  I think I will be bored.  However, I will give it a chance.  😉

The meteorology class is easy – so far.  It is sort of a basic class.  But, something to do 🙂

We are getting ready for our trip to Alaska.  Mother is trying to figure out what to pack.  From what I understand it might be cold.  Temperatures were in the 30s this week at night up that way.  Hope we have at least 60s in the day.  I don’t want to freeze.  Looks like we will have to pack both warm and cool clothes.  It is what it is!  As long as we see some whales. 

Mihai is coming to visit us in June.  I am not sure what dates.  But, he is coming.  He received his U.S. Visa earlier this week.  He is trying to get one for Canada, as well.  Hopefully he will be able to get both.  We will have to show him around the area.  Maybe show him St Louis, as well.

After Mihai leaves then we will be getting ready to head to Europe for a month.  Sweden and Germany.  Joey is trying to learn some of the language.  Then he is teaching me.  I know how to say a few words.  Prob not enough, though.  Guess we will have to study a bit more.  🙂

By the time we get back from Europe then we will be almost through summer.  Fall will be upon us.  Then winter!  Already thinking about some lake effect snow photography this winter.  🙂  That is the plan.  Also a visit to Toronto to see our friends up there – later in August and September.

It will be a busy few months.

Good news on the lawn front – the grass is finally growing.  I suppose adding some water has helped – both from mother nature and some from our sprinklers.  Still quite a bit to still grow – but it is turning greener.  That is a start.

Still no snakes – not that I can find at least.  I keep looking but they keep hiding.  I figure I will stumble upon one when I don’t want to.  🙂

I posted a cool video of a thunderstorm – you can see into the storm


OK – that is all I know for right now.  More later 🙂


May 20, 2010: Bit of rain…

Well, we had a little bit of rain today.  Enough to wet the grass – that is trying to grow in my yard.  We picked up about .60".  Not a lot – but more than we have had in awhile.

It is going to get hot this weekend – would not be surprised to see a 90 degree reading.  Go figure – from 40s to 90 in a week.  Sounds about right for around here!

We have been working on our plans for Europe – trying to get everything figured out.  Someone has to learn how to speak Swedish.  I did learn how to say hello and goodbye – thank you – and yes/no.  🙂  It is a start.

Mariah will graduate next weekend.  We are excited for her!!!!  🙂


May 16, 2010: Where is the rain! Tyler’s baseball – Joey’s mother graduation

  Well, we have been waiting ALL week for the rain.  It has been forecast to fall every single day.  But – it has yet to fall here!  The joy of trying to forecast for a small area.  It has rained alllllll around us – alllllll week long.  Even severe thunderstorms with tennis ball size hail.  But – just not here!  PERHAPS tonight it will finally rain?  We shall see.  I have just about given up on the subject.

  Joey, mother, and I went to Tyler’s baseball game on Friday night.  He won!  So, that is good.  We uploaded some video to Facebook.  So – you can catch that there.

  Joey’s mom graduated yesterday – she had gone back to school.  We went out to eat afterwards.  So – CONGRATULATIONS to Joey’s mom!

  Dione is going back to school this summer.  I am glad to hear this news!  She is leaning towards social worker classes.

  My school starts tomorrow I do believe – some more weather classes.  My Art Appreciation class doesn’t start until June.  Thought it was earlier.

  We are going to Alaska the first part of June – my mother and Jason/Jess/Joey (Judy as well).  Hmmm all J’s!

  Waiting to hear if Mihai might be coming to visit in June.  He is looking at getting a Visa.  Might hear some more on that subject in a week or two.  Going to visit Toronto at the end of August and first part of September.  I asked Doug to order up some snow.  We will see if he can deliver.  Hopefully so!  That would be WAY early for snow.  lol

  Not much else new to report – staying busy.  Waiting for the rain to arrive. 


May 9, 2010: Birthday party!!! Mother’s day! Fun times!

Well, WOW – a surprise birthday party on Saturday.  🙂  I will say they got me this time!  My dad and Tony kept me busy over in Paducah – as a distraction to what was going on up at my house.  While I was in Paducah my friends and family were decorating and getting ready to surprise me with a birthday party!  There were a ton of friends at the party – Sue and Jack came all the way up from Tennessee!!!  They braved all the flooding – I think I even heard Sue say she had to take a boat half of the way here! 

My family had a painting made of the house in the snow – of course what else!!!!!  It looked just like this past winter up here.  🙂  Bill Ford is getting it framed up for us. 

Then they made a birthday cake that looked like a weather map!  Very nice.  🙂  The Artisan Kitchen in Paducah put the food and cake together.  They did a GREAT job!!!!

I took a few photos – but I think some of my friends have more photos – they are starting to trickle in one by one!  So, I might add some more photos over time.

I can say that I really felt loved yesterday.  So many nice people – smiles – family – friends.  Just made me feel good!  It was sort of surreal being up here on the old farm place – with the house finally finished – the blue sky – birds chirping – cool breeze – surrounded by family and friends.  Celebrating a birthday!!!  First birthday back on the farm. 

You just never know what life will bring your way next – good and bad.  It is all a journey.  I just sort of let the flow take control at times and see where it takes me. 

I think the hardest part of the last few years has been trying to figure out how to enjoy life without overthinking everything.  I don’t know why this is a problem – perhaps it has just taken forever and a day to really feel like I can actually live life.  Sometimes I think they need to have a class in school on how to live life and enjoy life – at the same time!  Somewhere in between everything it becomes complicated.  However, I am learning.  Still! 

I think everyone had a great time yesterday – even saw  a few faces that I have not seen in awhile.  🙂 

Today we went out to eat with mother – went to Mayfield.  Then mother came up here with me to read through Kay Comer’s blog and photographs.  Had a great time – looked at a lot of old photographs – well some not so old!

School – meteorology classes – start hmm this coming week or early next week.  I believe the 15th.  Jason is also taking some classes – so we will take them together.  I found out that my art class does not start until June.  They originally said May – but that isn’t correct.  🙂  Guess I will just wait a bit longer.

Our trip to Alaska is in June, as well.  Then home for a few weeks and then off to explore Europe.

Mariah graduates at the end of the month!  That makes me feel a bit older.  I don’t know where time goes – but it goes.  As I keep saying.  It isn’t slowing down.

Some photos from yesterday – see if I can get these in some sort of order 🙂

Some of these photos were taken by Sue Henry, Jennifer Rukavina, Geri and Caesar –


Arriving at the house – I almost tripped over the wheelchair ramp 🙂 – Denise no doubt trying to sabotage the
entry point 🙂

My mom

My dad!

Jack and Sue came up from Nashville 🙂

The surprise 🙂

Family and friends

My dad with Sue and Jack


My friend Gil


Umm Dione – always trying to hijack the camera

Denise made me a book – covered my whole life from start to finish 🙂  THANKS DENISE! 

My weather map birthday cake!!!  Nice weather map – even some storms in Missouri.  Jennifer even gave the
weather report.  I am sure she was happy that we did not have any severe weather to deal with.  Last year
we had the derecho – did not make for a good birthday!

Birthday cake weather map

Happy Faces!!!

Birthday 2010

Joey – lighting the cake 🙂

Some of the gang checking out the view from the rooftop

Geri – Bill Ford – Caesar 🙂 all made it to the party!



My sisters – trying out the cake a bit early it would appear

Joey, my mom and sisters put together a bunch of photographs from over the years – there were
defin some umm nerdy photos mixed in.  lol

Quinton checking out the snow painting of the house


Birthday 2010

Birthday 2010

Unveiling the painting of the house in the snow 🙂


The house on the hill – where we live!

Birthday 2010

Julie Kohn 🙂 – now she is a neighbor as well as a friend!

My sisters 🙂  Deena and Dione

Caesar and Geri came to the party 🙂

Jennifer and Brian 🙂

Gerren 🙂

Jason – Jess – Gerren – Jennifer – Brian – Kyle

May 7, 2010: Storms today – Alaska soon – Europe for summer!

Well, it is almost my birthday and that means thunderstorms!  Usually.  No different this year.  Severe thunderstorms are likely today across our region – not a huge outbreak, but a line of storms.  Expect gusty winds and some high winds.

Dry tomorrow and most of Sunday.  Heavy rain possible Sunday night into next week.  On and off chances – won’t rain all the time.  We don’t need any rain.

The region is still cleaning up from a huge flood over the last few weeks.  Parts of Kentucky and Tennessee will likely have damage in the BILLIONS of dollars.  Terrible flood. 

We will be leaving for Alaska in a few weeks.  Taking my mother – we are going with Jason and Jess.  Should be a nice trip.  Hope the weather is okay.  Prob be some cool nights and warm days.

We are going to Stockholm, Sweden in July – then Berlin at the end of July and first part of August.  Going to explore and see what we can discover over there!  No real plans – just go and explore.  Hopefully the volcano won’t blow up.  🙂  Airlines don’t mix well with volcanic ash.  (I had to bring science in there somewhere)

We are going to try something different – in Sweden at least – renting an apartment instead of staying at a hotel.  Julie got us hooked on www.homeaway.com 🙂  Will give it a try and see what happens.  An adventure I am sure!!!!

Need to figure out when we can make it up to Canada to visit Doug and others.  Maybe later in the summer or fall.

Art Appreciation class will start in a few weeks – meteorology classes start next week.  Signed up for another class in the fall.  That will leave me just two classes away from the Bachelors Degree in Geo-Science.  🙂

So – some busy weeks ahead of us.  Hopefully we don’t get too much severe weather in the coming weeks.  Would be nice just to slide into summer without a huge severe weather event.  Will just have to see how it goes.


May 3, 2010: Lightning photos…

Nice lightning show tonight – took these photos from our deck – looking south into McCracken County, Kentucky

Large images (look better go to this link)