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February 26, 2010: Heroes!

My nephew Dylan graduated white I was away last week 🙂

Congratulations Dylan!  Very proud of you.

February 26, 2010: We have defin come a long way

Went to Frankfort, KY yesterday and today – the Transportation Department worked with the state legislature for this presentation – see below.

Was a lot of fun – never been to the capital 🙂 – so that was cool in itself.  Lot of people are involved with handling severe weather in our region – I do a lot of work covering the weather invents in our region – but really there are a ton of other people that deserve to be thanked – from the NWS to our local WPSD, WSIL, and KFVS stations – our weather spotters (which put in a lot of work on helping keep track of weather that hits our counties) – to Jason and Jess Darnall (keeping things running up here) – and a lot of other people who put a ton of volunteer hours into weather.  So – this presentation is really for everyone who is involved with keeping our counties safe during not only winter storms but severe weather, as well.






Me in the Governors Office 🙂



A RESOLUTION adjourning the House of Representatives in honor and recognition of Meteorologist Beau Dodson.

WHEREAS, Beau Dodson began studying the weather at eight years old and was chasing storms by the time he was a teenager. He continued to follow his passion for the weather to Mississippi State University, where he earned a degree in Meteorology; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Dodson uses his life-long study and interest in the weather to provide timely and accurate severe weather forecasts to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet free of charge. He also serves as a severe weather technician and meteorologist for the Paducah Emergency Management Team. In addition, Mr. Dodson is a prolific writer and lecturer on severe weather forecasting, as well as a trainer for effective storm spotting; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Dodson has received numerous awards across the nation for his skill preparing the general public for severe weather, and for his promotion of the NOAA All Hazards Radio System. In 2004, the National Weather Service honored Mr. Dodson with the Mark Trail Award for his efforts following the 2003 tornado outbreaks that struck the Ohio Valley. In 2009, he received the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety Award for Excellence and was honored as a Kentucky Colonel for providing state highway officials with critical information about the coming ice storm several days before it hit; and

WHEREAS, Beau Dodson’s contribution and commitment to public safety has helped save the lives of many Kentuckians by adequately preparing the Commonwealth for the dangers of severe weather;


Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

âSection 1.   The members of the House of Representatives, both individually and collectively, honor and recognize Meteorologist Beau Dodson for his contribution and commitment to public safety in Kentucky.

âSection 2.   When the House of Representatives adjourns this day, it does so in honor and recognition of Meteorologist Beau Dodson.

âSection 3.   The Clerk of the House of Representatives is directed to transmit one copy of this Resolution to Beau Dodson, 295 Charlotte Ann Drive, Paducah, Kentucky 42001.

February 9, 2010: More snow

We had more snow.  Looks like 4-8 inches across most of the area.  I had 3 or 4 inches up here.  🙂  Looks like a cold few weeks ahead.  Probably going to be some more snow.  Winter!

 The drums are beating…

February 5, 2010: National Weatherman’s Day

Well, never underestimate Denise and her little helpers. 

Mother, Julie, Joey and myself went eat out this evening at Jasmines.  We also met one of Julies friends there.  After we finished eating we went to see a movie – downtown Paducah.

I was supposed to buy three extra tickets and give them to Denise after the movie.  They were going to a late show.

Once the movie was over we headed to the lobby and Denise was sitting on the bench holding a great big sign that said "HAPPY WEATHERMAN’S DAY" on it.  Along with some other things.  I don’t think I have turned that red in a long long time.  I also don’t think I have laughed that hard in awhile.  lol  It was a FABULOUS sign – I have to say that when Denise says she is going to do something she goes ALL out.

I am sure Deena and Denise’s daughter must have helped. 

Denise – you are CRAZY!  But – I LOVE CRAZY.  So that scores BIG points in my book. 😉

Now – I just have to figure out how to convince Julie that you are not nearly as crazy as she probably thinks.  I will work on that!

This is the sign that Denise made for me 🙂  Everyone coming out of the movie theater was able to see it
because she was holding it up high above her head.  lol 

THANKS DENISE!  And helpers.  🙂

Also did I mention Dione stubbed her toe?  I was supposed to add that information in there.  Tony also has some ailments but he didn’t ask me to include those.  I can come back and do that later upon request.  😉

Had a great lunch with Caesar and Geri yesterday.  They brought lunch up here to the hill and made an awesome coffee cake.  It was amazing.  Saw Sue the day before.  She is doing great down in Nashville.  Getting settled into her place.


Daisy sharing in the excitment of the day – it was snowing outside