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Januar 31, 2010: Building a snowman!!!!

Well, we had a very cold morning!  ZERO degrees.  Not the first time this winter we have been in the single digits or near zero.  Probably won’t be the last.

Tony, Tyler, and Danielle came up today to ride four wheelers and build a snowman.  We also made some snow cream!  I had a whole bowl of that.  I think the kids had a lot of fun.

Not the first snowman that has been built on this property!  Defin won’t be the last.  🙂

We might get more snow later this week – depending on storm track.


Some photos from today





Tyler and Beau


Tony and Tyler





Tyler eating some snow




Danielle making some snow cream




January 29, 2010: Big winter storm hits the region :)

Cam photo from tonight 🙂 out front here

January 19, 2010: Tuesday

Well, it is a Tuesday.  A beautiful day outside.  Temperatures were in the upper 50s and lower 60s.  Pretty amazing.  Feels like spring outside.  I don’t think we will get used to that – not just yet.

Watching on my Canada shows tonight.  Makes me miss Canada.  Miss my friends in Canada.  Going to have to try and get up there as soon as I can to see them.  It has been way to long.  Maybe soon.

Doug has been traveling a lot.  That is good.  Sounds like business is going good – and that is good news as well.  Hopefully he has a good year.

Have not heard from my friend David lately – hopefully he is doing well and we can see him soon.  Others, as well up there.  Need to visit.

Life has been a journey – the last ten years have been quite incredible.  It was in 2000 that we left the United States and went to Canada.  That is 10 years.  Amazing.  Scary – how fast time passes.  Life is different now than it was ten years ago.  Quite different.  But yet life never really changes.  More like the circumstances in our life changes.  The people around us change.  We make different choices.  We figure out who we are.  We figure out how to be true to ourselves – or as true as we can be to ourselves.  I am not sure we are ever really true to ourselves.  Are we?

All I know is that right now life is going along pretty good – I miss some of my closest friends and hopefully we can figure that out before long, as well.

In some ways I feel home sick – from Toronto.  But, I am happy down here.  I guess I just miss a big portion of my life.  Doug, David, and some others.

We will get there.


January 17, 2010: Appearance on WPSD :) for the weather observatory

WPSD did a story on the weather observatory and emergency management 🙂



Weather Observatory Streaming Emergency Management Information Online

By Meteorologist Trent Okerson

Massac County native and McCracken Co. OEM Meteorologist Beau Dodson has always had a passion for weather and for helping others.   He grew up on his family farm near Round Knob, and spent much of his free time studying and observing local weather.  He even made an appearance on Sam Burrage’s "People Beat" segment in 1984 talking about his love for weather.  Fast forward 25 years, and in 2009, Beau built a brand new home on that same piece of land that he grew up on….a house equipped with a state-of-the-art weather center, an observation deck that provides him with a view of incoming weather, and a network of webcams that allow weather conditions from his observatory to be displayed online.  It is from this in-home weather observatory that Beau tracks developing weather and relays information to local offices of emergency management and the National Weather Service, providing forecasters and the media with valuable real-time information. 

For most people, hearing those emergency management conversations is as easy as turning on your scanner, however, in McCracken County, a switch to a new radio system a few years ago has made getting information more difficult.  But now, as part of Beau’s new website, he is providing streaming audio of what you would hear on scanners for Ballard, Calloway, McCracken, Marshall, & Massac County, as well as live NOAA weather radio for all of Western KY, Southern IL, and Southeast MO.  Beau’s hope is that the more information that can be provided, more people will remain safe during severe weather situations. 

To visit this new website and to listen to streaming scanner information, follow this link:  http://weatherobservatory.com/scanner_feed.html

January 14, 2010: The World Mourns



To help




January 9, 2010: Farm sunset and making a cloud!

Beautiful sunset tonight up here on the farm – it is also cold.  At 11 pm it is 4 degrees.  So, Tyler is staying over tonight – we made a cloud out of boiling water!!


Making a cloud out of boiling water – 4.5 degrees outside.  Flirting with zero tonight.






Weather instruments


Cold balcony this morning

The rooster is shivering









January 7, 2010: Snow!


Snowing out back 🙂

January 3, 2010: Wow it is freaking cold. Single digits and lower teens.

  We had a nice New Years Eve here at the farm.  Most of the family came over and played games – hung out.  Nothing major – just a peaceful evening.  🙂

  It has been extremely cold.  Low temperatures here at my place have been in the upper single digits to lower teens during the early morning hours.  We even had a snow flurry or two on Friday night.  🙂  Looks like some real snow is heading our way for Thursday.  Maybe an inch or more.  Will see how it plays out.

  Still a lot of little things going on at the house – painting, landscaping, fixing the rails on the stairs, painting the garage floor, and so on.  Maybe another week or two before everything is finished.

  Need to get things wrapped up soon so we can go on our trip in February – to warmer climates.

  A few photos from the last few days…

House from the back with Daisy’s fenced in area.  Daisy returns on Sunday night.

Patio is finished


Daisy’s backyard area


Friends and family for New Years Eve



Thinking about snow!!!!  Doing a snow dance, as well.


Front of house landscaping is coming along

Daisy’s backyard area



January 1, 2010!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


I can’t believe it is 2010.