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Archive: June 6th, 2008

June 6, 2008: The Cap

  So we have been capped for weeks now.  This means that thunderstorms have a very hard time forming.  There have been a few scattered storms over the last five weeks – but not many.  We were actually near a record low during the month of May in the severe weather department (at least for West KY and South IL).  We went from flooding rains in March and April to dry hot winds in May.  Go figure.

  The CAP has held today across most of our counties.  The tornado watch to our north and west has proven to be active – esp around St Louis and Mt Vernon.  Numerous severe thunderstorms with hail and heavy rain.  Several tornadoes also reported.

  On the house front…

  We are currently working with the architect and coming up with a house plan.  I don’t have a copy of the plan but it is coming along.  It may be a few more weeks before we have something in print.  The excavator was going to start this week but it appears that it will end up being next week.  He was going to have to pull his equipment from one job site and move it to ours.  I told him not to waste the gasoline.  We are not in a hurry as we are still working on the footprint.

  We are trying to find some green solutions.  One item we are looking at is a solar hot water heater. 

  David is in Paducah today and tomorrow.  He was staying down here in Mayfield but the place he was staying was all booked up for the weekend.  So back to Paducah he went.  We will meet up again tomorrow.

  🙂  I think summer has arrived.