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Saturday, October 4th, 2008

October 4, 2008: Dylan’s Football Game…

  Well, it has been a long few days.  Seems like everything is either quiet or busy.

  Dylan had his homecoming game last night, at Massac County High School.  They almost won.  Just a point or two shy.  They played a great game though!  I took a few photographs.  Posted below.  I needed a longer and faster lens.  But, anyway.

  I have finished my two quizzes for this week, two quarterly tests, and that just leaves the BIG midterms.  30% of my grade is based off of the midterms.  I can take one on Friday – that is when it opens.  Then the other one I will take the following week.  They close on the 15th.  So, that will be the big "thing" to do this week.  Study on and off and try to prep for them.  Can’t wait until they are over and we move into the second half of the coursework.  I believe it will be easier.  Hope so at least.

  Helped mother move a piano this morning.  Someone she works for had one in a house they had for sale, so they gave it to her.  I guess they wanted to get rid of it.  Mother likes to play piano, so hopefully she will have one to play now!  Dylan and some football friends of his helped move it.  Joey said I supervised, but I think he was the supervisor.

  It was chilly last night.  Some rural areas were down into the lower to mid 40s.  I know it was chilly at the ballgame.  Glad I wore a sweatshirt.

  We may actually get some RAIN this week!  Finally.  Could be some heavy downpours from Tuesday Night into Wednesday.  I will have to take a deeper look at this tomorrow.  Not sure on the severe weather threat.

  David is returning on Monday evening.  He is flying into Paducah.  That is the last I heard at least.  So, I assume that is the plan. 

  Don has sent me a new set of blueprints.  A smaller/revised version of the houseplans.  I have been trying to get the square footage down.  We will have to take a look at this new set of plans and go from there.



Danielle at the football game last night in Massac County.


Mr. T


Marching band


Dylan is number 31 🙂
















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