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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » February 15, 2009: Emergency Kits – get one
Sunday, February 15th, 2009

February 15, 2009: Emergency Kits – get one

  Ok, I have preached for years about why everyone should have an emergency kit.  This recent disaster proved that having a kit is of value.  I don’t know how many people have told me that they ran out of batteries, gasoline, food, WATER, and other misc items that we take for granted.  People that should have known better.  Just read the Metropolis Planet to see some of the people that ran out of water.

  I have also said for years that the downfall of this system is that if your neighbors don’t prepare for a disaster then you are not going to have enough food and water.  Why?  Because they are going to be dependent on you.  And you will not have enough supplies.  So, everyone needs to prepare for a disaster. 

  You can not depend on government to save or rescue you.  It is obvious that the rural counties are not going to get assistance in the immediate days after a mega disaster.  Who do you think is going to help you in a pandemic?  Nobody.  There won’t be anybody to help you.  You will be on your own – your family will be dependent on you and you alone to protect provide the water and food.  It is up to you to have enough water for your family to drink – enough food to feed them.  In a pandemic it is very possible that utilities will not be kept up – if enough people get sick who do you think is going to run everything?  If a disease has a 50%+ death rate what do you think that means for food supplies?  Who is going to ship food into your cities?  Who is going to drive the trucks?  Nobody.  Most cities and towns have 1-2 days worth of food supplies on hand at any given time.

  In a major earthquake how many water lines do you think are going to stay up and running?  Electricity?  Food supplies?  You better hope you live near a big city in order to get supplies. 

  What could bring about such an event that we would need a supply of food and water?  An earthquake – pandemic – to name just two.  What are the odds?  100% – just a matter of when – not a matter of if.  There will be a catastrophic earthquake hit our region in the years to come.  There is a 100% chance of another pandemic striking the world.  They come and go every so many years.  Now the worlds population has exploded and it will be worse than any pandemic in the history of the planet.  Not a rosey picture?  Nope.  The potential for a mega-disaster is higher than most people realize.  They just don’t want to think about it.  And why should they.  They only happen every so often.  But when they do happen they bring everything and everyone to their knees.  It would be best to prepare ahead of time than wish you did later.

  How much food and water does everyone need?  If we ever get hit by an earthquake or panedmic?  I would say 15-30+ days – depending on where you live.  How much water does a family need?  Google it.  It can be readily found online.  You should also buy water purification kits.

  Want some suggestions?  Here you go!

Preserve your water in your barrels and pails for 5 years! Use this Water preserver to eliminate the need to rotate your water every 6 months to a year.

Found here

This 30 gallon water barrel is perfect for storing water in smaller spaces. Because it is made from food-grade plastic, your water will store safely. All barrels come with O-ring seal and can be safely stored outside even in freezing temperatures. Allow for expansion space in freezing temperatures. Weights approximately 250 lbs. when full. Don’t forget to add a siphon pump, bung wrench and water preserver!

• Holds 30-60 day water supply for one person.
• 100% non-toxic food-grade HDPE.
• O-ring seal permits outdoor storage even in freezing temperatures.
• Trusted quality from The Ready Store brand.
• Opaque material prevents bacterial growth.

Found here

This 72-Hour Kit gives your family the essential items needed to survive the first 72 hours of an emergency. Two daypacks stuffed with food, water, shelter, warmth, light, AM/FM radio, comprehensive first aid kit, hygiene kit and much more!

• Includes food & water, light & communication, warmth & shelter, tools, and first aid.
• Sturdy and portable enclosure provides convenience and ease-of-use.
• Trusted quality from The Ready store.

Found here


For those who want a 100% COMPLETE year’s worth of gourmet tasting foods, this superior year supply was made for you. You get 3 meals per day plus vegetables and fruits each day for 365 days for one person! Nothing was held back, in fact, we included some of every main course entree available. Now you and your family can enjoy fast, delicious tasting meals anytime with no preparation or cooking! Just add water and eat. Like all Saratoga Farms™ and Mountain House™ #10 cans, this unit will store for up to 30 years. This Ultimate Year Supply comes with 126 #10 cans packed into 21 easy to store cases.

● No cooking or preparation! Just add water.
● 126 #10 cans that come in 21 easy to store cases.
● 100% Freeze-Dried food for the highest quality and shelf life available.
● Up to a 30 Year Shelf-Life!
● Trusted gourmet quality from the Saratoga Farms and Mountain House brands!

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Our ULTIMATE Dynamo & Solar Powered Survival Radio is both dynamo & solar powered and is rugged enough to help you through any disaster! This unit has everything you need in an emergency communication and lighting device including ALL of the incredible features below packed into one extremely useful device.

• Includes Light, radio, cellphone charge and more.
• Perfect for power outages and emergency situations.
• All-in-one solution with lighting and communication options in one unit.
• Trusted quality from Kaito brand.

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