Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

May 26, 2009: Hot tub arrives – electric going in – thunderstorms!

  We picked up 1.02" of rain over the last few days.  We had a nice dry spell that lasted about a week.  So much for dry weather.  Looks active for the next few weeks.  We could start to see a severe weather threat in the Central United States after day 4 or 5.

  We had a nice electrical storm last night.  Knocked out the cable internet for a bit.  We had a ton of cloud to ground strikes around Lone Oak.

  We are getting more thunderstorms today.  Fun fun.  Dry weather would be nice.  Some of the windows won’t be in for another two weeks.  So, we will be trying to keep the rain out.

  We got to see Mariah’s car this morning.  It was pretty messed up.  Looks like they will total it.  Maybe sell it for scrap metal.  Mariah is recovering at home. 


Reed Electric is installing the electric wiring.  They will be there for 3-4 weeks.
Making the photos clickable now.  So, for most of the photos you can click
on them to make them bigger.  Hopefully this works!


Crowell Pool brought the hot tub today



Don helping to move the hot tub to the pad



Putting it in place


Placing it on the pad


And it is in place!


Dark clouds rolling into the area – thunderstorms


Thunderstorms moving into the area


Looking west towards Mermet


All farm photos here – from start to finish


Mariah’s car wreck


Click for larger






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