August 13, 2009: We made it back home! Latest house photos.

  Well, we made it back home.  I don’t know if it was a long week or a short week.  So much going on.  :)   Seemed like it went by fast.  It was so nice to meet all of my friends that I have talked with for the last three years.  One more test to go and then I am finished.  Looks like that test will be on Monday morning.  Hopefully it goes well.  :)

  Congratulations Deena and Tony – looks like they found a house – it is further north almost in McCracken County.  Several acres with a pond.  Pictures that Tony sent me look great! 

  We went up to the farm this afternoon and the house is coming along nicely.  Looks like the decks are nearly complete.  They were working on the weather observation deck – and sheet rockers were finishing up their work.  Everything is moving along.  The electricity should be turned on tomorrow.  That is the plan.  :)  

  Some photos – click for larger images

All photos are here

Looking northeast towards the house



Second floor deck – off of the master bedroom


Second floor deck.  The master bedroom window is there on the right


Looking east – the weather observation deck is almost complete on top
of the house.



Deck on the second floor – should be some awesome sunset views.




Joey standing on the second floor deck


Ground floor deck – hot tub is covered up.  Cover blew off during the last
wind event.


Master bedroom.


Master bedroom


The weather room


The weather room




This leads out to the weather observation deck on the third floor roof


Bar/counter on the third floor family room


Bobby and his crew were working hard today


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