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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » March 21, 2010
Sunday, March 21st, 2010

March 21, 2010

So, in an attempt to get Beau to blog more…we (his family) have taken over his blog and are now doing it for him.  So today I (Dione) am blogging for him.


Well we all came up to his house today (which was a bit chilly inside, he could have turned the heat up) to eat lunch.  This was the entire family coming up to the house today to enjoy company and food.  So it is cold, wet and miserable out today and as we pull up we notice that we cannot pull up in his driveway because it has just be concreted.  We now have to walk about 1 mile to get into the garage in the cold wet rain.  We all get here and then wait about an hour or more before anyone can eat because well, we don’t really know why… after eating we all go upstairs and in different rooms so we don’t have to be around each other too much as to not upset one another with annoying habits or stories.  I also have to do double duty and babysit Danielle and her boyfriend Hay….whatever his name is.  I have to climb 20 or more steps just to get up into the attic to make sure that they are not snuggling too closely.  After going up 2 to 3 times I am tired and my legs hurt so I am abandoing the babysitting and leaving it up to her baby brother Tyler to watch them.  Now I am sitting in the computer room and blogging while listening to men hollar and cuss about a basketball game that doesn’t matter.  I am really should there be a winner and loser in basketball games.  Aren’t we all winners.  Don’t all of these boys deserve a trophy for trying their best.  Can’t we just all forget about who is better then someone else and have a good time.  There isn’t any real desserts here either…just some pies (which I don’t like pies) and a pan of not done brownies (Thanks Tommy) anyway so here we all are together at the farm doing nothing but feeling a little irritated that everyone is getting a little loud and breathing.  Maybe we can do this again sometime.

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